Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beijing Olympics Spectacular

Thanks a million Derrick! How did you know that I missed the Grand Opening of the Beijing Olympics? I was driving somewhere along the highway heading to my hometown and got home rather late for dinner. My mum's eyes were shooting fireworks then, so she ordered the TV to be turned off! I believe many others could have missed the TV show too as the highway was packed with cars. Special thanks to the good photos brought by Mr Alan Taylor of Boston.com!


Lovely fireworks exploded over the National Stadium during the opening ceremony of Beijing Olympics 2008.


  1. I missed the live broadcast of the opening ceremony. My senior recorded it down and watched the recorded broadcast. It was simply spectacular... I never see such an impressive opening with tons of fireworks they put in. The performances were great.

    I impressed with the way they do the countdown. I like that part a lot.

  2. What were you doing that you could miss it?