Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cockroaches! Love or Hate Them!

I DAMN HATE cockroaches very much! These pests emit foul smell
and would destroy your papers & leftover food. They love to
chew your clothes and shit in your open mouth when you sleep!
They bit my father's head when he was sleeping. My old man
screamed as he felt 1000 volts electricity charged his head.

As I do not kill any living creatures anymore, I found a 100%
effective way to drive away cockroaches from your cupboards 
and kitchen. Just use the green pandan leaves & place them
inside your cupboards. Yes, pandan leaves and I SWEAR that
it works very fast. I put them inside my kitchen cabinet and
I saw 2 cockroaches came out in 10 mins and greeted me
HELLO Bradder!

All cockroaches HATE the smell of Pandan Leaves! If your car is
infested with cockroaches, just leave a handful of fresh pandan 
leaves overnight in the vehicle. They will open your doors
& run for their lives!

OMG! Cockroaches chill out in a leftover banquet.

Here is a real photo of a buffet dinner
 - Cockroaches, Maggots & Worms!

Fresh green pandan leaves! Cheaper & safer than

You can tie them nicely and place inside
your wardrobes and kitchen cabinet.


  1. I hate them... i hate cockroaches.... don't mention about eating them..

  2. I will go buy some pandan leaves tomorrow and put in my room. Chase them away from my room.