Thursday, August 14, 2008

Divers Take Shower

If you have been following the Beijing Olympic's diving events, you might have noticed that the divers often headed to take a shower in the full open view in between dives. Well, many had no definite idea pertaining to their showering routine. It was highlighted in the Yahoo news today whereby it offered an interesting summary to this mystery. All guesses were wrong!

Guess #01: The divers wanted to have fun showering.
Guess #02: They had to wash away the chlorine.
My Wild Guess #03: They had to advertise for ADIDAS Swim wear!

The answer quoted from NBC's diving analyst, Cynthia Potter -
Divers shower in between each dives to keep their muscles warm after getting out of the pool. The temperature of the pool and the air are usually different (The pool temperature is usually 80 degrees, with the air temperature between 68 and 72 degrees) This difference can cause muscle tightness. To combat this, the divers warm up in either the showers or hot tub.

Mystery solved!


  1. I didn't know that ... ...!

    They are so detail until like this?! Seize every opportunity to win...Amazing for the person who found this theory to keep the muscle warm.

    How much effect it will bring to the result? I mean, if they don't keep the muscle warm, and if muscle tighten, will it affect their performance so much?

  2. Interesting Facts...