Thursday, August 28, 2008

Happy Holidays! Happy Holidays!

This morning, I went to pay my condo's maintenance fees where 1 lady attended to me. I complained about the recent house break-ins and the useless security system we have in the condominium. I paid her money in exchange for her scary stories instead of assuring me that all was okay. She updated me that the burglars today are very sophisticated where they engaged locksmiths to follow them to the targeted units in our condo. Not suspecting anything amiss, the locksmith just unlocked the padlocks, grills and main door within minutes! I wanna move out soon!

This weekend will be a long holiday and many are going away. Let me share my simple safety tips which works well.

Just turn on your radio whole day 24/7 and your electric bill will not cost you more than RM3 per month. I do that always and leave the radio in the room nearest to the main door. The burglar might think twice before breaking into your house on hearing the radio blaring away noisily. 

When I went overseas or out of town, I would leave the radio and lights on. My friend would leave his television on for his gold fishes to watch.

 I have seen 1 home which prominently  displayed "Beware of Killer Dogs!" sign outside when they actually had no dogs but only 2 small pussy cats!

Happy Holidays My Friends! 

A Prayer A Day Keeps The Burglars Away!



  1. Good tips you have here. I better go get a radio for myself in case I need to go away from home for few days.

  2. Hai hai hai... No holiday for me in Beijing...

  3. Bruce - you are so bloody stingy. The pasar malam could offer you one for less than RM30. What are you waiting for?

    Legolas - When China has merdeka day, I have to wok like shit here. I heard that China has more public holidays than us. Is that the reason you are there?

  4. Not many countries in the world have more public holidays than Malaysia. China only has 10 days.