Monday, August 11, 2008

How to attract Wealth & Money?

Wealth. Nice word, isn't it? We all wish we had more wealth
& money in order to have better lifestyle or to pay off bad debts.
There are many effective ways to enhance our fate and attract 
abundance of wealth. You could do long prayers & chanting,
practice kindness through charity or tapping the right Feng Shui.

I am not a Feng Shui expert but merely sharing some personal
experience which I found them greatly effective and logic. 
After reading William's blog, I saw the picture he posted showing
a Water Pitcher plant which I recalled that it is a very popular
Feng Shui plant which attracts wealth through its dangling pitchers.
It is also nicknamed "Monkey Cups" as wild monkeys often drank
water from the plants' pitchers. I drove to the nearest greens nursery
and invested an hour selecting my choice before haggling with the
old aunty over her butchering price. She finally agreed to sell me
at RM30. Yay!

Most water pitcher plants are believed to be grown in
Bercham, Ipoh or Cameron Highlands.

I hung mine at the wealth corner and lightly watered
them in the pot. Never use fertilizer and the best
would be river or fresh mountain water as the water
taps might contain harmful chemicals, she advised.

We need to pour some water into its pitchers
too as pitchers are believed to be significant as the 
cups hold water which means wealth or money!

I was a fool to believe that this Money Plant could attract wealth  
but I was very wrong. This plant is just nice to look at and it emits 
negative frequencies which is very BAD!

Be patient. Keep a kind and very generous heart always.
Your frequency will assist your wealth fate to change with the added 
help of water pitcher plants too. Many Feng Shui followers have 
been convinced. I have been convinced too!



  1. Wow....Does Robert Kwok's house also fully hang with this plants?

    No matter how rich a person is, amount of rice he eat is still the same, so...sometimes have to think twice why have to have extra money...

    When we have extra money, should think of doing charity.

  2. Where you get this plants? I also wannt to hang one in my house to attact wealth.

  3. I heard this Kwok Hock Nien hangs gold plated water pitchers all over his garden too.
    Yeah, we must do a lot charity always, not necessary using money. We should have kind and generous heart & thoughts.

  4. Bruce, I have said the plant nursery. Did you open your eyes when you read blogs? I'm worried the plant might die in your room which is so so hot.