Sunday, August 10, 2008

Let's Go Bananas

I have not come across anyone who dislike eating bananas.
It is such a lovely fruit that even monkeys love them anytime.
Having seen an area in Air Hitam, Penang which used to be a 
huge banana estate infested with the most notorious triad
societies and gangsters, I decided to share some banana tales.

During my student days, when we guys heard that we had to send
some gals home to Kampung Pisang after late night parties, we
would toss them to other drivers. That area was pitch dark at night
with no street lamps but occasional hungry pontianaks lurking at
banana groves! Those gals happened to be some Ah Liens whose
Too Kau brothers were tattooed notorious gangsters! 

Today, that area is brightly lit with many rows of concrete houses
mushrooming all over with no more banana groves or pontianaks.

Bananas are very rich with Vitamin B6 and are used to treat
many health problems! Today, India is the world's largest
exporter of bananas to United States and Europe. 

Banana Village

It was believed that bananas originated from Malaysia
4,000 years ago and grew its way to India and Philippines!

Banana King

I am a frequent migraine sufferer and discovered recently
that bananas could help suppress or overcome my migraine
attacks. In another word, it could also relieve most stubborn
headaches. Good bye to Panadols.

Banana Horns

In India, they use bananas to treat jaundice as well as kidney
and eye related issues. Elsewhere traditional folks used this
fruit to treat stomach ulcers due to its high potassium content.

Your Banana Road !!!!

Well guys, take care of your bananas always!


  1. Malaysia government really like to use banana as names... I love banana too :p .