Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Price Of Anger

I had a good laugh to see this notice below being posted on the bulletin board at my condo. I felt sorry for the victim but instead his screams tickled me to bits. My condo block has recently become a very popular choice for many tenants from Korea, China and Middle East, due to its convenient location & affordable rental. The waiting list of potential tenants are high, so I should consider renting out my unit and upgrade. Any suggestions? 

Someone threw rubbish from his window and that is rare to me as the tenants here are somewhat educated ones who drive flashy cars like Alphards, Fairladys and Benzs! So who says such people do not have bad morals? Well, anyone is capable of committing crime or have filthy immoral attitude. I have heard news of small children and even a fat Indian woman being tossed out of other apartment windows. Shit Hell! So easy to dispose anything like that? The world is truly getting sick with such people.

This victim had to scribble in 3 languages just to make sure we heard him, alright...

When you are angry, just walkway from the situation or call your honey!


  1. It's frustrating to have inconsiderate (or uncivilised) people doing things they shouldn't do.

  2. Throwing an old lady out the window?! Which building is that!

  3. My home back in my hometown is a 4-storey shophouse. The people stay upstairs also like to throw things. My parents told the person many times not to throw but they still throw. Really cannot stand them.

  4. Legolas - I think there are more sick humans than sane ones today, more poor than rich.

    savante - I forgot which KL apartment but I am sure it was a drunkard Indian who came home raging & tossed his lady off the balcony in front of her screaming parents. It is not new that humans have been tossed. I managed to salvage some links here & you owe me a drink, hah!

  5. Bruce - You should help your parents to stop all their nonsense at once! Go upstairs and toss that fella off his balcony! By then I can post your photos & news in my blog! Heeeeeee!


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