Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Stink Bombed Food

What the hell is this stinking food? I have avoided it for years in
Hong Kong and Taipei but not able to do so at Sri Petaling
pasar malam last night.

It is Chao Tau Fu! Bluek! Bluek! Bluek! The pong was unbearable lah!
When my honey asked me to try, I had to try lah!  

Poured chilly sauce over this fried sponge that costs 60 sen each.

Tossed the pickled cabbage over it.

Look at my bastard pig friend Bruce Lee eating so yummy like 
a bloody glutton just being released from Pudu Jail. He ate
4 pieces and I tried just 1 piece for the 1st & last time. It was
horribly stinking like a sponge having cleaned a public toilet. Urgh!
Today I shit in the toilet and it smelled so awfully bad!!! I knew it was
not my usual fragrant shit aroma. It smelled like dog shit. Yiaks!

Do you love to eat them?


  1. are damn funny la...

    yeah, good description, like sponge just finish cleaned toilet....


  2. Although it stink when you smell it.. but when you put in your mouth and eat it.. it is a totally different smell. It is so yummy and juicy.... try it out.. you never try never know.

  3. Bruce, your horrible stinking person matches this smelly food. No thanks, no more.

  4. Bruce, i tried it b4 ler and its taste *yiaKs*..Not nice at all, wasting $$$$..How can u take so much leh? OMG!!

  5. Emily - So you are my gang who also dislike this fried sponge. I heard anything smelly is bad Feng Shui, so better avoid this food!

  6. yes i do try before last time...really sucks!
    but our colleague Tiff like it very much...

  7. Oh really Tiffany loves them? No wonder the ladies toilet stank like shit on tuesday nights. Muahahaha! She is so white like Tau Foo, no wonder she loves Tau Foo.

  8. Is nice...i start like to eat this becos of tiff too.haha...