Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My Ugly Butterfly Marks

I used to have dark pigmentation marks on both my cheeks.
You could see them from 1/2 kilometer away & they call
it "butterfly-marks". Everyone thought that I had been
sun tanning for hours under the sun's harmful UV rays. Some 
blamed  that I played long hours of golf. All rubbish lah! I always
avoided the sun and I don't play golf at all. I also don't take
hormone or birth control pills as reported by medical journals.
I was so bloody fed up with my face when I saw all my photos.

Nah! I had this dark butterfly glued on both my cheeks.

I invested in all sorts of masks & pearl creams but to no avail. 
A stupid friend told me fresh spermed-mask could help!
I asked him to sell to me his home made mask but he refused.

I even used natural & commercial bedak sejuk but
the butterfly just refused to leave me!

One day I got this valuable advice to blend just 4 types
of fruits to drink maximum 3 times per week. The
problem was due to the toxic & heatiness inside my
bodily organs! Haiyah, so simple! Just blend 1 carrot,
1 green apple, 1 yellow pear and celery. I drank for
2 weeks and the brilliant results started showing. Yippee!
My face started clearing up the butterfly completely after 2 months.
Please share this with all the fugly ladies around you!
Help to shoo their butterflies away too!

You may add bitter gourd and cucumber if you wish.



  1. Wah! Beauty secrets. I remember reading that Butterfly Marks are one of the side-effects of taking birth-control pills. :P

  2. Hey sure can work or not? I oso want to try. My butterfly stil small.

  3. Oi William, I took no pills as I cannot get pregnant no matter how hard I tried to..... LOL

  4. urgghhh!! I so need that.... been teaching swimming for too long that butterfly marks started showing on my face. Erm.. do you have anything for fairer complexion??? I'm beginning to look like Indon now!!!

  5. Jamie, for fairer skin, you need to consult Michael Jackson for the type of injections. Why hitam manis is nice mah, too fair is stale, pale and lifeless.

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