Wednesday, September 3, 2008

BALI - The Unseen

Many friends asked me about my trip to Bali. Many friends joined tours to Bali and didn't visit many places. I went on my own, hired a friendly driver cum tour guide who took me places at our own pace of time. It was great and I spent less than RM1200 for 2 persons which included everything - Airfare, 3 nights X Hotel, Food, Driver and Small Souvenirs only. 

At sunset, I could see the tip of a high mountain above the clouds! That was just before landing at the Ngurah Rai International Airport at Denpasar, Bali.

I found out the tip belonged to the highest Gunung Agong. I could see it from Gunong Bator where we had lunch. That day it was very windy and cool like Genting Highlands!

These are larva rocks from Gunong Agong. They can be used for mud spa, cosmetics or even amulets. I just saw 2 diners on Saturday night wearing these black volcanic amulets almost as big as 50 sen!

You must visit the typical homes in Bali which are open to public for free. Just walk around their neat compound and see how the folks live! A typical Balinese home has many rooms housed individually all over the compound and not connected at all. That means you have to use an umbrella to run to the kitchen or toilet from your bedroom when it rains! It was a strange & interesting eye-opener to me.

Their rice grains are stored in this raised house, next to a closed bedroom, all separated.

Every Balinese home has a 'piggy bank' corner where they rear piglets till they grow into big fat adult pigs. That is their investment savings to sell the pigs when they need cash for weddings, education or buy a car. They will always be rearing pigs all their lives. Oink! Oink!

Lovely rice padi fields in terrains. How could my friends miss them? They must be asleep or passed these places under moonlight. Sigh!

This is the scenic Tanah Lot, viewed from nearby hills. There is a Hindu Temple atop the rock.

This is the close-up shot of the temple in Tanah Lot.

It is perfectly okay for guys to hold hands tightly in Bali.

This is the unique arched cliff around Tanah Lot area.

This cute small girl has luring eyes that conned me into buying the whole bunch of pencil with colourful carvings. Oh dear, I don't need so many pencils at all when I woke up. 

The lovely private pool outside my room at Wina Hotel. There is another huge swimming pool near the lobby. This hotel is the CHEAPEST along the stretch at the famous happenings of Kuta Beach. You need to walk tru a narrow lane from the beach to reach this hotel.

This is Kuta Beach, so wide and long. The Bali Bombings have scared all the Mat Salleh tourists away to Phuket. 10 years ago, you might not find a good place here to lie down & suntan.

Can you spot me in this photo??...

I was holding the camera, so you can't see me lah!


  1. Legolas - Everything is cheaper in Bali now esp hotels. Bring me along in your suitcase!

  2. You have a keen eye for esthetics like a photo-journalist! It's as if I were there!

  3. In KL also can hold hands ma... just follow the Bangladeshis. :P

  4. William - yeah hor, i didn't realise the Banglas also peluk a lot. In Korean, guys also same. The world need to change, ppl getting too narrow minded. Cheh!

    Mr Kenneth - Sawasdee! I will bring u along next time. Pai dai mai krub?

  5. Wow... Bali is so nice. Next time I want to go there as well. RM 1200 for 2 is not that expensive.

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  7. Hi TM!

    Visiting your museum.

    Wah your profile pic look different compared to the one you have now (or the previous one) kekeke