Monday, September 29, 2008

BEWARE! Hidden Cameras!

Once upon a winter time, I was visiting Taipei again on a business trip. You should always fly with China Airlines which has lowest fares and their Oloong Tea on board is nice! One greedy Datuk's stupid chauffeur picked us up on arrival and checked us into a sleazy Motel in Tao Yuan which is nearby to Taipei.

Many Chinese newspapers in Taipei often reported about Taiwanese prominent politicians or celebrities being framed and blackmailed after being caught for having affairs in secret motels. I was wondering how they could snap the photos catching them red handed?? Is it a Chua Soi Lek style of blurry images? No, there in Taiwan, it's crystal clear images in hi-res format!

This was the popular love nest motel in Tao Yuan. Remember the name & jot down as I will remove this photo soon!

The rooms are upstairs and you will be given a remote control to park your vehicle in the total privacy of a single garage space. So canggih and hi-tech! It was damn freaking cold that night and the rooms occupancy was FULL.

The rooms are very big, complete with massage chair, Heart-shaped bath tub for 2, Playboy Condoms every 5 feet and a blinking vending machine that saves your time hunting for gadgets.

Nah! This was the Vending Machines that has blinking neon lights and screams of a recorded bitch slut's voice calling you to make purchase - "Aaahh! Ahh! lai lai lai"  It would go on screaming for 24 hours!! I was so pissed that I had to yank off the cable wire from its socket.

Whooaa! They sold almost everything a sex shop had - Motorized Vibrators, Cactus Dongs, Whips, Studded Dicks, Masks & Panty Sets, All Flavour Lubricants and macam-macam.

Believe it or not? A spirit's voice told me to look out for HIDDEN CAMERA!!!!! I went berserk hunting for a hidden camera everywhere until I saw a very tiny tip looking at me from the air'con's duct on the ceiling.

Bloody Bastard!! I was cursing the Datuk for giving me a shitty motel. I was going to skin the Datuk and turn him into pulp. I was too shocked.

The cable was thick and hung neatly with a micro camera wrapped in glass bud at the tip. So this explains how the victims were blackmailed by culprits.

The morning has broken and the prominent tycoon had just driven off in his Range Rover 4WD, looking refreshed, relieved and contented. He had enjoyed a night of fun with his concubine and wait till he sees his photo in the newspaper, in case they wanna blackmail him.

This is Amazing Taiwan!


  1. Woah..... eye opening~!

    Can make your photo sharp a bit, so that can admire the thing better? heh!

  2. Is all the hotel in Taiwan are like that?

    I heard my friend said most of their hotel room even got 2 porno channels for you to choose and watch 24 hours!!!

    Maybe my next destiny should be Taiwan

  3. I heard in Malaysia, Cheap hotel also filming couples making hot sex.. and produce it in DVD or VCD's.

    Ever heard of 'Asia Bagus'?

    ... You might be one of the movie star ...

  4. i am so impressed by them.... speechless here!

  5. OMG. What a scandalous place. How much does it charge per hour!

  6. Oh shit!! izzit only happen in Taiwan???

    Dunno the place i rent here got hidden cameras o not??? I better be careful...hehehe

  7. OMG... What a scary hotel to stay. Next time should check the hotel rooms for hidden cameras. You never know.

  8. Arghhh!! Not only hotels!
    I'm even worried when I pee in shopping mall's toilet.

  9. wowww..what too bad u end up doing nothing there...ahhahahhaha...

  10. Legolas - I thought they have similar in Beijing... No?

    Traveller - I always reduce photo size to smallest for easier viewing. Okay will make it sharper.

    brandon lee - I don't think all hotels are like that, maybe just a few. Yes they have hundred channels with pornos, XXX and buddhism channels side by side.

    emo-happiness - Asia Bagus? I will go and buy them. Were you in it?...LOL

    e.t. - Many Taiwanese are crazy and extremists. They like to host talk shows prying into ppl's lives. In general, many are loud mouthed and greedy. Anyway, I love Taiwan.

    savante - That love motel was a top class one though sounds sleazy and don't charge by hour. It was just over RM100 per night. It is very normal in Taiwan.

    melvin - S'pore where got such things? So safe la. they only instal CCTV to catch ppl who urinate and not love making.

    bruce - Don't worry, the camera will explode itself if ever caught you in the act.

    jamie - Are you in the Asia Bagus too?

    nicholas - I can make a DVD just for you to watch. LOL

  11. whoa~ so interesting~ whoever wanna get famous can just do wild things there and hopefully get their act posted on the internet! :P

  12. OMG! OMG! I'm darn shocked. Motels, public toilets have cameras? I'm dead dumb & naive. All yr blogs so damn colorful & exciting.

  13. Fable frog - Wear yr skimpy bra & panty under their cameras. You'll make a hot selling Asia Bagus.

    benedict - Public toilets? Ask Jamie who has probably exposed by mistake.

  14. so cool! I'd better run there to get filmed and be "famous." Like you say, if you cannot be blackmailed, you don't have to worry!
    But on the positive side, it can be useful evidence to the police if the sex workers murder the client.
    +Bangkok Dude+

  15. Bangkok Dude - I would love to help you get famous there. You made me spend 1 hour guessing which dude from BKK, so many! ....hmmm

  16. Thats bloody scary! O_O Hidden cameras! Remind me not to do anything *hamsap* when i stay in a hotel ~ hahaha..

  17. ah bong - Did you check the ceilings of the rented condo in One-U??.....

    hamsap - I thought off the light can have show time but a friend told me that they have infra-red cameras pula. The world is getting crazy. Maybe should check into better hotels like Sheraton or Holiday Inns.

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  19. oh dear...never seen that before..some might be caught in action

  20. In any case, always check your room when you check in


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