Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Black Food

I saw a packet of black food in the pantry and had to ask its owner 1001 questions. Finally Jammy offered me a bite. I was reluctant but I like to try anything under the sun. At least I can blog and bitch about it here.

On the label, is written Bamboo Charcoal Sandwich and it was so bloody Blaaaacccckkk! It reminds me of those black kampong chicken or stray pariah dogs.

See! It's really black like shit and it contains Bamboo, Charcoal and flour etc. I nibbled it bit by bit like a mouse and finally dipped into my hot nescafe. It was heavenly nice and unusual. Costs only RM3.80 and you can get it from Pavilion's Lavender Bakery. I will buy them soon. Have you ever eaten something so black?


  1. errr.... like eating charcoal!!!

    i never tried that.....

    you go buy and save a very very small bite for me .....

  2. I thought I can be the first one, didn't know got people stay up even later then me...

    I got so many friends like to eat black food! --> chocolate la...haha

  3. Yo! Jamie is your girl friend?

    She appeared in the front page of your post twice!

    Yo! Yo!

  4. Blang! blang!

    My heart broken into pieces.

    I thought Twilight doesn't like girl.

  5. I know that thing! But I thought they sell it in The Gardens. Hmmm. Can't remember, senile already. But I haven't tried before.

  6. laverder always bake nice stuffs... worth a try!!

  7. Is this suppose to be organic and healthy bread?

    One piece of bread gives you 175 calories, not really fattening

  8. Jealous! Jealous!

    Why never put my face and talk about me?

  9. You like bread, girls or guys?

  10. yee... looks so black and soft too.

    im not sure i would try it even if it taste good.

  11. alamak!! so black.

    izzit overheat & burn the bread...

  12. Wah.. so black like niggers. I also want to try one next time.

  13. Hello Guys - I've exchanged my colleague Jammy's photo as she has a boyfriend who might read this blog too.

    william h - I will email the small bite to you. I thought you frequent Pavillion? Have a good weekend!

    ken - We eat lots of black food but not bread like this. So geli looking. Have a good weekend!

    alan - I've answered. She got a darling, very handsome guy in overseas. Have a good weekend!

    edward - I love everyone, my mum, dogs & cats included. Have a good weekend!

    legolas - You hardly update yr blog & got me worried. Now you're not sure Pavillion or Gardens. You aint old & senile yet. Have a good weekend!

    e.t. - You're a creative guy, I can see. Try it ok. Have a good weekend!

    bread brain - Whoaa! 175 calories? You must be a nutritionist. Please advise more often. Have a good weekend!

    god - Oh dear, I will talk about God soon! Smile! Have a good weekend!

    brandon - I love all beings & bread include you. Have a good weekend!

    stephanie - I don't think they sell it in Pg. You can soak yr bread in kopi-O & dry it. Have a good weekend!

    melvin - I bet they sell it in S'pore. First thought I had was CMYK & K 100%.... LOL... Have a good weekend!

    bruce - Nigger? You so racists meh? Thanks for the car! Have a good weekend!

  14. William - Yeeeee! Why you ate twice? Your shit must be real black......LOL