Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boy George & Dexter Wong

When a blogger wrote about buying Banana Republic & another complained about Hugo Boss & Emporio Armani's stiff prices, it got my brain reeling for days. I guess I need to share my opinion which will wake some idiot friends up like Hanson and Chester Lim. These 2 buggers could chalk up hefty credit card bills just to wear shirts from GUCCI, EA or whatever. The best thing was, they would have to announce to me that they were wearing those brands as I could not see any displayed logos on the pocket. Niamaah! I better wear a fake Ralph Lauren from pasar malam and no one knows. Would you?

I have been invited to attend many KL Fashion Weeks in the past and was really impressed with our local fashion scene. Our designers need to get a nice pat for their creativity. Trust me, you would agree that they are at par with the foreign ones, if not better. I will slowly dig out all the photos and post in my coming blogs. I am talking about Edmund Ser, Zang Toi, Jonathan Cheng, Khoon Hooi, William Liew, Melinda Looi and others.

Everyone loved Boy George from the Culture Club. He was driving his fans crazy during the 80s for his unique popular songs and fanciful, bold & daring costumes! I admired his weirdest personality & character which his kinky dressing cum garish make-ups completed his whole picture as a legendary pop singer.

I visited London during the 90s and a good friend took me shopping & clubbing to get high! It was a real experience I never forgot. On X'mas eve, I was stoned high with magic mushroom plus mixture of neat alcohol poisons. I was dead drunk & collapsed in the toilet of the host's flat, who owned a trendy hair salon in the up market South Kensington area. 

Next day, I was taken to Hyper Hyper, a fashion emporium at Kensington High Street, not too faraway from Chelsea Harbour where I stayed. I met a Penang born clothes designer at his boutique and his name is Dexter Wong. You know what? Dexter designed the gaudy colorful stage costumes of Boy George! Hell, who says our local boys are not great? Dexter is a very innovative, talented and daring designer whose designs were also worn by David Bowie, U2, Robbie Williams & others!

Boy George has bloated over the years with his drugs and eating binge. He was arrested in Manhattan for false burglary report and had to do the community work of sweeping the streets of New York City. Of course, he was still hounded by the media paparazzi after a long absence from the music scene limelight. 

Well guys, do take a walk at Sungai Wang or Bangsar Village to check out the collection of our local designers before you buy your next shirt. They are very nice, top quality and definitely affordable! 

Buy Malaysian! 


  1. I didn't know that Malaysia got so many good designers...

    I only know G2000 well because when it started selling in Malaysia, it was just medium and low line fashion. Now became high price boutique with tongue sticking price...

    Maybe we should have our taste to admire and appreciate nice design, regardless of brand.

  2. Wa .... your 2 friend is the slave of the brand... hahah...

    i dont go for brand but..... im a FOS person... ahhahah... and others asian brand....

    I think i should start venture in local designer outlet and check it out.....

    Bangsar village? i always there... but... never mind i go again today and really really go and check it out..

  3. Boy George has gotten scary, like MJ.

  4. I'm not into brands when come to buy cloths. I usually buy them when there is sales. As long as is nice, who cares about the brand.

  5. Michi - That is the problem with local designers, not many can remember them. Not enough publicity and branding effort. Many know G2000 instead of Edmund Ser who has been in the market longer.

    William H - You are smart & wise to head to FOS. It used to be my 2nd home! Bangsar Village has William Liew and others, upstairs. I will talk to all of them to give discount to Twilight readers!

    Wiliam - MJ look at his face in mirror & Beat It. That's why so scary now.

    Bruce - You are so brand conscious other than clothes!


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