Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Canine Treadmill

The dog lovers in Bangkok would invest over RM1K to buy a special treadmill for their dogs to run indoors. Outside is rather polluted with traffic congestion and lack of proper space. They would sip beer and watch TV shows while their canines ran on the gym equipment. I won't be surprised there will be pet animal gymnasiums in Bangkok someday.

They often pampered their poodles and chihuahuas in finest canine attire complete with perfume sprays. OMG! It would be nice to be dogs in Bangkok with such loving masters!

I never kept dogs but I was bitten by countless of neighborhood dogs when I was a kid. I was being chased and bitten by Alsatian, Dalmatian, Bulldog, Doberman, A Shaggy Mop Looking dog and several pariah dogs! Each time the canines sank their teeth onto my bums, my dad would take me for rabies jabs at the hospitals. Wah! I have had so many injections and I guess I have the side effects today as I am so crazeee...

I think I got stitched by the doctors once but I couldn't even remember as my body is full of stitch mark and accident scars.

Dog attacks have proven fatal to helpless victims in Malaysia too. Those terror dogs were Rottweilers which could tear one's eyes and neck apart! Have you ever got bitten by anjing gila too?

Prevent Regards In Your Life!


  1. wooohoooo..am d first...lol,yeah i think the side effect that you mention still in you...lol... nvm, that makes you more fun...lol...

    i got bitten by a dog once too, but never check the doctor for rabies, well, i'm still alive until now, which proves i'm clean..i guess...

  2. ooo.... lucky to say i only have once when im young... but that is the minor bite.... no stiches... just went for the jap jap....

    twilight becareful of nicholas... he might bite your bum one day...
    i believe the virus is hiding deep inside him... hahhaha

  3. Nicholas - It still not too late to get your rabies jab. No wonder your mouth often frothed for no reasons. lol

    william - I thought I was a cat in my past life as I was the only family member who got mauled so often.
    Hey, you know this cutie Nicholas??? He is a loaded Indon Chinese student in KL.

  4. twilight: ah... Cat Man... haha i dont know him....

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  6. poor guy, why u always been bitten by dogs when u were young? i dont remember i have been bitten by any dogs, but once been bite at my nipple from my cousin when he lost his fight with me... haha and that hurts!!!!

  7. et: can i have a bite too .. hahha :P

  8. So many cats and dogs affair today. I very scare of dogs when I was small in fact now also although I born in the year of dog. I once being chased by a dog when I was small walking back from school. I ran like mad people. Luckily it didn't bite me.

  9. E.T. - My mum said I must have been a cat in my past life hence got chased & bitten by many dogs! Those days, dogs roamed free and gates were left open. I even lost my 2 front milk teeth when I fell the stairs.

    William H - I will sponsor you some honey & peanut butter, if you wish.

    Bruce - You must have been chased by a puppy!

  10. This is one of the reasons I hate dogs! They can be unpredictably vicious! O_O

  11. hamsap - I still love dogs even after being bitten by them countless times. Have you been gigit by anjing?