Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crystals Galore

I was born with this hyper sensitive senses towards the frequency that surrounds me. Over the years, I read up books and got guidance from spiritualists who explained what I have been 'seeing' and feeling those presence of hi-lo spirits, wandering ghosts and good/bad frequency. It was scary when I had no idea of those unknown dimensions. Today, I am more relaxed and contented with my life. We just need to have good energy all the time! You can even inhale good energy in those good feng shui areas where many posh homes are built. Wealthy friends have rich and bright aura which emits wealth frequencies too. Go and rub shoulders with them is better than hanging out with bad luck fellas, as all our grandmas had advised so.

Good crystals are really powerful and can definitely do wonders. Their magical usage has been discovered since thousands of years ago in many countries. The past China's smart emperors knew that good jades could provide positive energy even for the spirits, therefore they often buried many trunks of jades and precious stones in their royal tombs. Many psychics who visited the tomb in Beijing could see the ghosts of the dead emperor and his concubines inhaling the pieces of jades for energy! Please read up about crystals and see how they can improve your general well being which includes your health and wealth too.

When I heard that our agency would be handling the advertising for this Amber Hill's development at the hill top of Taman Melawati, I went crazeeee to know that hill contained so much natural crystals! I could not believe what I heard! I had to see it with my own eyes to be convinced! 

I drove excitedly like a desperado in the rain across the usual jam along MRR2 and reached the peak of Melawati before sunset. It was so damn cool, misty and the frequency was calm & nice! I stepped into their big 3 storey show house and saw many pieces of crystals collected as displays to show off! There were colourless, purple and clear yellow ones too. My jaw just dropped down in greatest disbelief!

This posh looking house with the lovely panoramic KL city view starts from RM2.2 million. I knew I have to visit the TOTO outlet this weekend.

Living in a posh hilltop home is definitely grand and you could relax in the serene ambience. With the natural crystals in the ground and rocks, I imagined myself taking evening strolls with a basket to go crystal picking. It's like a farmer plucking strawberries but mine would be Crystals!

Look what I found on the ground! Pieces of clear Quartz crystals! They are good for enhancing almost everything in our bodies! I picked them and displayed on my office desk. Yay!

If I have the cash, I would buy a house on this hill for sure! I better stop dreaming now.

Have you ever heard of any place with lots of precious crystal rocks?


  1. "Many psychics who visited the tomb in Beijing could see the ghosts of the dead emperor and his concubines inhaling the pieces of jades for energy!"

    Wow, I did not know that the reason that crystals and precious stones were buried with the "royal bodies" to provide them with positive energy.

    I have got goosebumps when I read that part. It gave me an eerie feeling. :)

  2. crystal.... hmmmm....

    when im in college... crystal fever was just started...

    this crystal for what la... that for what la... of course as usual i bought one pinky for me....
    but i think it bring bad luck so i thrown it away... why?

    senses.... hmmm... me ar sometime can feel it, only that thing is very very strong....

    but i got other senses that i hate... :(

  3. Really? I must consult you on those positive aura then, I want to be rich and carefree.

  4. Nowadays there is a lot of fake crystal. Have to becareful when buying one.

    I personally got wear crystal. I went to a crystal shop in Midvalley to take aura picture and the staff there helped me to see my aura and recommend me what crystal I should wear.

    After wearing for few months, I went to take aura picture again and my aura changed to the better. But of coz you must cultivate your kind heart.

  5. I think you better scout the places more before the people start moving in, by that time, all will be gone.

  6. i for once have no knowledge of crystals, for me there are just stone~ :P but seeing the ghost of emperor inhaling the pieces of jades~ now that is creepy! yerrr, if i have jade, then there'll be those *a-hem* inhaling it off of my body lor~ scary!

  7. frog: LOL... now u got a point why i should not be wearing jade, LOL

  8. It's like a farmer plucking strawberries but mine would be Crystals!
    -->I can definitely picture you in farmer's attire and wearing the triangle straw hat, carrying a basket and picking the crystals! Lol!

    My mom's crazy about crystals. Me, not so much. I prefer to spend my money on food hehehe ;)

  9. wllooi - It's all about frequencies. Our souls, text sms, crystal energies, air and smell are all frequencies but overlapped on different waves.

    william h - Pink crystal attracts love and good relations, makes the wearer extremely popular. Why throw it away? Tell me which dustbin you buang...

    legolas - Visit the crystal shop at MValley & take the photo of your aura RM38. I brought over 10 friends & their colours were explained by the expert. So accurate & match their lifestyle character. Want $$, they will tell you when & how.

    bruce - You should go again & see how low your luck has reached. It might show in the latest.

    pikey - I'm not allowed to scout or take. Their staff went home & I sprang into action.

    fable frog - You're so artistic. I'm sure Poh Kong Jewelry would be happy to hire you & spread all their jades gemstones on your half nude body. LOL

    perky - I think your mom & I can be good friends. Can I date her for tea over crystals?

  10. dont know thrown where jor...
    i heard that too... but when i wore it... it became worse....

    so... bye bye...

    and also i bought white before... same thing happen... bye bye again...

  11. This is what they say "chau kai tou hei" (read this in cantonese)

  12. What crystal represents luck?...

    I think a 10 carat diamond means luck... hahaha