Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Friends Till Eternity

It was our good buddy's belated birthday tonight. We decided that TGIF was the best choice as they could help me with my sweet revenge. Few years ago, I was awakened from my sleep with screams that burglars broke into my condo, early in the morning. I ran out of my bedroom to find a bunch of friends instead of burglars. They held my lighted birthday cake and smiled. I was very happy but also very embarrassed in my pajamas!

We ordered a Mojito to make him tipsy.

The birthday boy, a familiar face yeah?

The TGIF birthday penalty, sing or speak out on the chair. He was not allowed to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star".

Blowing the candles from the sky.

The Golden Hat - Symbolize his surname "Wong". It is very rare that I value a friendship like GOLD. This is a true story of mine. Happy Birthday, once again!


  1. Gasp! You know him! Well, he's really a nice person. I hope his wishes will come true!

  2. Yes I do know him since 2002. He's funny and like a loud alarm when triggered.

  3. Happy Birthday again!

  4. You sure you weren't sleeping in the buff?

  5. William, you're almost correct, so smart eh.