Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good Pillow Wanted

I am a 6 footer guy with broad shoulders and you thought it was nice. I have a lifetime problem when I went anywhere to sleep, away from my own bed. I often suffer from stiff neck and shoulder cramps due to the soft and flat pillows! I always bitched the hotels to give me 3 pillows so that it could support my neck when I slept sideways. The 3rd pillow is for me to place in between my legs. My didi also need to breathe.

When my neck and shoulders ached, my migraine would follow up soon. Then my mood gets cranky like a whore having period pains!  Stay away from me!

I respect the inventor who created this ancient Chinese porcelain pillow. Once I bought an antique porcelain pillow for a song and it dated back to the Ming Dynasty. It was so shiok to sleep on and supported my neck well. I had lots of weird dreams of myself being a Eunuch or a concubine. Never ever sleep on such pillows again! No wonder many friends complained that they often had bad dreams while sleeping in hotels. We share the same pillow with so many strangers lah!!! Bitches, whores, murderers, mentally retarded or even Bangla had slept on your pillow. OMG!

I was so damn happy to find these cute and hard pillows at IKEA. I think they got the idea from the old porcelain pillows. Their pillow is shaped well and supports my neck after a hard day's work. It is so firm and compact. When I lie down and arch my neck backwards, I arrive in heavens instantly! I saw my grandma in the clouds playing Erh-Hu music.... LOL


  1. I thought is peanut. Looks like peanut to me. Just joking. Next time if I go to Ikea, I will find out about the pillow.

  2. wa... you really need many pillow ar...

    didi also need ar?!!! must be having alot of activities... haha...
    i wonder what le....

    i only need 2.... 1 for my head... 1 for me to hug...

    but the best pillow still is someone shoulder.. hahha...

  3. My late grandpa used to sleep on a piece of wood.

  4. Bruce - You must be a monkey in past life to see it as peanuts..... LMAO

    William H - Not everyone is so lucky to have shoulders like you to lie on.

    William - This is the first time I heard of wood as pillow. Poor grandpa! U sure not kidding?