Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy 13th Anniversary

Arturn Advertising Hong Kong Pte. Ltd.
set up our agency in Kuala Lumpur 13 years ago. Our boss Kevin Chiew had a very tough start with just a team of 4 staff in his condo. It was a SOHO agency, I recall. His strong determination & hard work has paid off. We celebrated our anniversary at the karaoke on Thursday 4 Sept 2008. It was a trip down memory lane for Kevin, on hearing the old songs. He asked Sherene and I whether we had expected his agency to grow to this size today.

 Kevin taught me many valuable things which a father might not teach his son. Our boss has the heart like GOLD. I learnt to have passion in our jobs and take things easily. Always forgive and forget everything. 

We headed to Neway - Puchong for the best karaoke session. Jammy welcomed me at the door. I thought she works there part time, does she?

They serve a wide variety of delicious buffet from 7pm till 11pm. You can eat all the yummiest curries, gourmet food, soups, Japanese Sushis, Raw oysters and many more. Their bloody waiter shooed me off rudely for snapping photos. I am giving him free advertisement here, am I not. That is what we call KNNCCB to this kind of waiter!

Neway is still new and class. Look at their ceiling. So many UFOs came to hear us sing and they reported back to MARS that they spotted Arturn Aliens.

5 Aliens celebrated their birthdays with a bomb cake. Happy Birthday to Stanley, Connie, Eugene, Siew Fei and Samm. May You All Conquer All The Planets!

"Dancing Queen" by Team E - The Hong Bao Group.

Solo Tiger Show by Anton Lim, from Bangkok's Patphong.

The Chinese Red Army with Mao Tse Tung 2.

Pop Diva Rachel belting out her hit songs. Her screaming voice broke all glass windows in Puchong.

Team D by See See, Patrick, Siew Fei and Mega. They gave a great song and dance number.

 Stanley, you squeezed her hands so tight!!!! After she pregnant how? You both did a good job!

Team C - Looks like Oreo Bisquits & a Zebra singing. L to R - Lian Lee, Alycia, Pheng & Sherene.

Judge Tyler giving his score.

And the winner is TEAM A. Congratulations! Share your prize money ok? Don't be so kedekut la!

The Loser is TEAM B..ooooooooo! I think you guys sang well. The judges were just tone deaf! Try harder next time, don't put numbers on back side. Bad feng shui lah! LOL...

One for the Family Album. 2 Fellas missing that night.
Koi Lee went to North to collect Si-Ham at Krabi Beach, Thailand.
Melvin went South to make more Money for us.
So, they both must Sing & Dance for us during our coming year end annual dinner. Is it Bollywood Night?

Kevin with the team of AEs. Work harder yeah, we are going to ski in Sapporo for our holidays!

Mirror Mirror On The Toilet Wall...... Who is the prettiest gal of all?

Amazing Jammy Ho, crooning the oldies to entertain us. Next day, take MC pula. Oh dear, rest well.

Charlie & His Angels. Lucky Calven.

Jamie was so bloody drunk! She just drank lemon juice only! Walau eh!

See You Next Year!!!!


  1. Hey... guess I'm the first one to comment... heheh! Cool MAN Lee Kim. You really Pro le... like reporter... read your already know what happen that day!

    Its a fun day!

    See See

  2. ai ya... spelling mistke pula... read yours already know what happen...

    heheheh! sorry!

    See See

  3. ooooooooooohhhhh no, guess I'm still sleepy... this time around "mistake" pula....

    See See ^_^

  4. Hello See2 - I re wrote the text as I missed out Melvin & Koi Lee..... Thanks for coming in so EARLY. Everyone still asleep? They still have hangover meh?... Hear me, judges all tone deaf!

  5. Wow... that is a big group of fun going on.... has been long time never did that...

    my last group fun was wow.... 10 years ago.... haiz.....

    lucky you... hahah jealous me...

  6. Legolas - It was a fun night using their biggest VIP room which could seat 40 fellas. It has a nice toilet for you to puke in case someone sang terribly.

    William H - Hey, you should sing more often as it can de-stress and release all our negative feelings when wanking don't work.

  7. haha_ ... that night is my unforgetable night_ that night really extremely excited_ this kind of party is best to have it frequently_ i like crowded so i really enjoy on that day although i feel tired during late at night_ mooncake festival is coming this week_ dun know got any party or not boh_ ?!? haha ... i really a playful gal le ... juz ask only de_.

  8. Hello Ms Liew, everyone enjoyed a lot like you. I thought that was Mooncake party too, was it? Old hens like us have lots of happy memories from Kevin. I am looking forward to Bollywood Night where we can eat on banana leaf and you wear Saree! Haaaaaaaaaa!

  9. Seems everyone enjoy tat nite... Yeah!! i m still making money here for the coming annual dinner... cheer!!

    Happy Anniversary Arturn!

  10. its really have fun that night^^
    after i received ur sms, I'm straight away login ur blog via my PSP... but every one look fat... then i only realized that my PSP is wide screen =_=... beside childhood singing perfomance, i think this is the 3rd time i'm singing like tat in front of all of u >< the 2nd time is during my college time, there were mooncake festival, not singing but telling story using mashimaro, lol... after that night, i find out there are many talents in our office...^^

  11. No!!! We couldn't have lose! The judges are tone deaf!!! And they have no rewards for creativity! How sad!
    And yes! You'll get pregnant if you hold hands too tight!
    Refrain Stanley!!! Get a hold of yourself. Take a bath or something!!

  12. Melvin - Th gals missed you but the guys didn't. Come back quick will ya?

    Jammy - You should train to be a singer since you have courage. Maybe start from pasar malam stage first.... LOL

    Jamie The Drunkard - Stop crying dear! At least you're not tone deaf like the judges. Stanley is too horny & cold bath won't help. He need to shave his bushy eye brows which makes one SO HORNY!