Monday, September 1, 2008

I Love Aromatherapy

You better believe me that aromatherapy is good for our well-being esp to relax ourselves after a stressful and tired day. The smell could lull me to sleep like a baby and my dreams seemed sweeter too. I have read about them for years on how it helps to uplift the body, mind and soul. Some claimed that it could cure 1001 sickness. I don't have evidence to their remedy cures but I do know that it helps to purify the air in my living and bedroom. I even believe that getting rid of stale and damp air could perhaps indirectly enhance the feng shui too. It's only my belief, ok.

Aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine that uses volatile liquid plant materials, known as essential oils (EOs) and other aromatic compounds from plants for the purpose of improving or uplifting a person's mood or health.

The direct selling company Lampe Berger has approached me a couple of times and I love their products but not their PRICE! They are so bladdy costly and to sign up as their distributor need 5 figure sums deposited. Niaamaah! I rather smell my fart for free! You can share my fart too!
Their bottle to store the essential oil could buy you a diamond ring from Poh Kong Jewelry.

I went to a second hand shop and saw a replica bottle that works similar for only RM24, almost brand new. I took home and it works the same, just that my flame is bigger.

I would light it up for about 15 mins and the air in my living & bedroom would be filled with the aroma from the heated bottle. It uplifts my mood instantly. Good bye my migraine & headaches.

I wanna tell you my best kept secret! I bought the original Lampe Berger which is imported from Paris for just 30% the cost of their original tagged price!!! Whoooaa! Unbelievable?? 

Nah! You can buy them from any Cash Converters in Klang Valley. They stock up many bottles of these French essential oils of different aroma plus brand new crystal bottles if you are lucky to see them. I was told that many fellas who signed up as members could not sell them and had to dispose them all Brand New at Cash Converters at below the earth price!

2 Litre (Original RM428) = RM129 (Cash Converter)
1 Litre (Original RM244) = RM73 (Cash Converter)
My bottle is 300ml at RM20 only.


  1. I think direct selling really made a lot of people suffer and lost a lot of money. But some of them still very stubborn and believe the miracle of earning fast money. The funniest thing is that they tempt you with Rolex and BMW. I don't care if they have those.

  2. I think most direct selling have helped many with extra income except this LB. It was widely reported in newspapers by parents when their children had to borrow so much to sign up. The choice is really ours, so to blame the Direct Selling is not right. It shows how easy humans get "psycho".

  3. This LB famous for sucking "blood" out of you. The way they do business is like scam. They can ask you invest few thousand to tens of thousands if you want to earn more... If you can earn fast money using this method, then I think everyone is rich by now.

  4. Actually LB business is totally not ethical but yet they are still legal in Malaysia Law. Why? Some humans are greedy to make fast money and some prefer to earn money the hard and honest way.

    Who are we to judge? Just be careful of unethical MLM like LB because more MLM are popping in Malaysia and Asia.

    PS: Hi Tan. This is derek. We used to meet each other at the gym.:)

  5. Bruce - You sound like a victim of LB?? I wonder if they are still operating. They are just different yet managed to convince many fools.

    Hi Derek! I was just thinking of you after knowing that DBKL came in 2 bulldozers to tear down that famous Curry Mee house. We must meet up for lunch soon!