Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Traveling Habits

When I visited any foreign country be it Bangkok, Taipei or NYC, I must try to visit their 7-Elevens for sure. The calling is so strong that I must take a peek at their local outlets as if you could see their whole country inside 1 store. Being in the creative industry, I enjoy seeing their packaging's colours, designs and layout blah blah... I remembered spending a few hours holed up inside the 7-Eleven store in Bangkok, having a chat, drink and instant noodle supper as well. Those who sat with me just freaked out & screamed at my crazy interest.

I went to Taiwan several times and once had a Datuk's chauffeur drive me from the north tip city of Keeliung, to down south at Kaoshiung city, passing through Taipei, Tainan and Taichung. Wow! I had never seen so many 7-Elevens everywhere in my life!! 

Sometimes there were two 7-eleven outlets facing each other on the same street in Taiwan! I learnt that the Taiwanese patronize these outlets for all their daily needs which also provide extras like DHL services, Pay household bills, college exam booklets, free cab service & lots more.

I found out that Taiwan has the 2nd most number of 7 Elevens in the world if you calculate by its density of 8.5km2 a store. The leading is Hong Kong but then the total number in Taiwan is higher than HKG's... If you compare with US, they have more 7-Elevens which are located miles apart from each other. So in short, these outlets are plenty at sight in Taiwan. It's their way of life, to depend on 7-Elevens where it is a lucrative business and their size of outlets are sometimes very big! They even outsource their door mats to be changed by a cleaner service who changes them every morning. Amazing Taiwan!


  1. haha....
    ya... i understand these shop really attract me too....
    of course me not only look for packaging, the most important is still food..... :P

  2. I was amazed by the services they provides at the 7-Elevens in Taiwan too! You can even order books from some online bookstore and choose to pick them up at the 7-Elevens! Too bad there's no 7-Elevens here in NZ, only starmart, which is a far cry from 7-Elevens.

    Hello, first time visiting your blog. :)

  3. I love to drink beer with my gang outside the 7-11. The pubs close at 2am but 7-11 is 24 hours! Nice blogs!

  4. Really impressed with the business model that 7-11 has.

  5. Do they have more 7-11 than McDonald's?

  6. It serves travelers like me well when I arrive at wee hours. I thought am the only one who loves peeking 7-11s.

  7. william h - What packaging u looked for? Rubber things? :)

    cc - Welcome! How nice u're in NZ. So peaceful & cool place with sheep & greens all over. You've a beautiful blog esp the pixs.

    drunkard - What a good idea to drink & camp outside 7-11s to chill out! No tax & no fuss. Enjoy!

    bruce - Impressed? why don't you open one at your dad's shop?

    legolas - I can't even recall seeing a McDonalds in Taiwan. I fell in love with all their eateries & cafes which are so chic & trendy looking from floor to ceiling. I wanted to migrate!

    globe trotter - Now I've also found other 7-11 peekers like me. Happy flying to you!

  8. Checking out their condom selection leh tu...

  9. And here I thought we had tons of 7-11s!

    BTW if I changed girlfriends by the month, I'd be seen as a skank!

  10. i know that in 7-11 got nice commercials which got me hooked at the counter for a couple of