Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Bangkok Violence

This is Amazing Thailand.

Now look at the no end of street protests and ugly fights against the government. My several friends are caught in a dilemma whether to fly to Bangkok this weekend and next weekends for shopping!! 

I found out that even the Thai English newspapers are not reporting all the exact truths and they would not publish the photos of protestors' legs being BLOWN OFF!
Thanks to my forever busy body character to dig out the photos from Thai bloggers who used their mobiles to snap. I must share, right?

Angry protestors blocking the road leading to Parliament. They don't seem to like the new PM. They never seem to like any PM at all. Even my own uncle who was once the first elected PM was overthrown in the coup, back in the 90's.

The police have to use tear gas to disperse the unruly crowd. No choice! We prefer water canons here. How nice they add Ribena syrup into it next time. I am sure Fable Frog and I would drink & dance under the water canons slurping Ribena.

Oh shit! Smells bad, he ran away!

This poor victim's leg got blown off. They blamed the police's tear gas bombs! So scary!

He cried and shook in terrible agony. I felt so sad for him. The police blamed him for carrying a ping pong bomb. What is a ping pong bomb? 

Policemen came to help him.

Many protestors came from all over the country and claimed that they only used hand clappers, nothing more.

Another leg has been lost. 2 died and 400 injured.

I feel sad and worried for all my relatives and friends in Bangkok but one cousin went to play golf without slightest worry. Sigh! What a bastard he is!

I think humans should discard their greed and anger always.
Peace will prevail.


  1. actually everywhere also got violence ... juz bcoz that our situations is different so cause that when we watch other countries' violence and we will feel the country is terrible messy_. for example_: look towards our country also terrible messy and y we will find out juz normal case for us... juz bcoz we know our country very well and we feel nothing on it ... if we know more on the other countries' culture more so as a result that u will realize that ' EVERYWHERE WAS THE SAME ' ... juz [BE COOL] oh...!

  2. Dude, when is this happened? Sorry i don't get much Asian news over the other side... hehehe :-p I'm in Kampala Uganda Africa now.

  3. well,shelly that doesn't happen in singapore,at least. Ahhh. Sg is so peaceful.. I pray for the injure in thailand. But i really wonder why do they wna get involved when they know their protest prob wouldn't make such a substantial change? If i were them,i'd use my brains to challenge the govt then using violence and physical cos in the end,the ultimate loser is them anyhow. The rich govt bodies will continue their business,play golf and be protected by their entourage! Brain power overpowers physical strength=)

  4. errors *pray for the victims & *ultimate losers are themselves afterall

  5. shelly - Quite true, human problems are everywhere just in different mode & forms. They are still problems at the end of the day. The Thais are Buddhists in majority but they don't behave like one.

    tz - The violence broke out this week in Bangkok. Much of the tourists have fled! Uganda? How nice! It was where Idi Amin once ruled.... any souvenirs for me?

    anonymous - I would pray for them to have wisdom instead. They didn't expect the govt to fight back with tear gas, for the 1st time. You talking about S;pore and shelly??? Hey, do I know you arrr?...

  6. So horrible. Not dare to see those victims who lost their legs. This is even worse than the protest held in Malaysia last time by Hindraf.

    Hope the situation in Thailand will get better.

  7. Sigh....another ugly side of human.

    No ending of problem.

    all because of selfishness....

  8. is so sad to see all these, isnt it??

  9. Bruce - Why don't you pray for peace in bangkok instead of playing PSP?

    Michi - When you just thought that the world is beautiful, the humans showed their ugly colours.

    e.t. - Yes it is sad to see people fight so much over nonsense. Where have you disappeared? Your blog site growing fungus......... lol

  10. yoy,its full of violence and bloody scene.......hope that wont happen in msia.....

  11. The pic of the guy w/out his leg freaked me out really good. I always hear how violent the situation is, but it's a whole different story when it's accompanied by pictures.

  12. nice to meet u at here, anonymous , actually we also dun know who is the person who make this kind of violence that make the country messy , the possibilty is the government i think or maybe others VIP as well . something done unfair to the citizens so that cause the violence appear . or maybe some people want to messy up the country . who knows ... !?!? we must not use this kind of method to solve the problem , it was not right as well . anything must bring out for discussion not abuse anyone . GOD BLESS THE WHOLE WORLD ...

  13. The sad thing is,

    They don't even know who they're fighting against. Or rather, who they should be fighting against.

    The protestors are beating the crap out of the police, while the police are blowing protestors' legs off, while the real culprits are laughing their @ss off somewhere in their luxury mansion.

  14. art tom - I hope you won't read news too much. It might disturb your studies. Be happy while we still can.

    perky - I myself freaked out on seeing the photos. Good and bad photos, i must share yeah.

    shelly - You flirting with this Anon guy here? You know who he is, do you?

    GG - Hello man! What a surprise to see ya. You shared some sense with me today as I never realised that the protestors and police are fighting like clowns. I hope the problems will end fast. It hurts the tourism and economy. Overhere I have some 10 fellas unsure whether to board their planes to BKK. I told them to just go & enjoy! :)

    Sawasdee GG

  15. Violence will only begets violence. No one will win, it is always a lose-to-lose sad ~

    Pretty scary, the guy's leg was blown off!

  16. the pic of leg blown off is horrible

  17. hamsap - Eye for an eye thing. These Thai morons never learn. I am glad to live in KL.

    bengbeng - It's our technology that allows everyone to snap pixs from mobiles. Otherwise much scenes go unheard. The press didn't even have the chance to get these pixs.