Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Disneyland HKG (Part 1)

It was my 2nd visit to a Disneyland and this one in Hong Kong was so small. However, I really enjoyed just as much as the one in Anaheim, Los Angeles which was where the original Disneyland started. The Hong Kong's Disney will be expanding soon as they have so much land and hills around the present site. So be patient lah.

I am happy to note that the quality and fun was still the same, so size doesn't matter, RIGHT?
Many friends went to HKG but didn't visit Disneyland because they complained it was expensive! Where got expensive eh? Go on weekdays like I did and it's only HKG290 for whole day's unlimited rides and laughter!

I'm only posting 3% of my photos below as I do not want to spoil your future fun in the Happiest Place On Earth! See I am so kind!

Their MTR trains are also special to bring you there with "Mickey" windows. So happy!

Even the hand rails are "Mickey" theme. They have display shelves in the whole train showing Disney figurines.

The big arched entrance greets you!

The Mickey Mouse made of flowers and shrubs. You will see the same in L.A.

They have many lively parades during the day & night, to keep our spirits happy & young again!

The many colourful floats on parade.

Film Reels of Dancers, spinning like bimbos.

Plants coming alive! It was so funny!

I guess she must be Alice In Wonderland.

Take a river boat cruise to see 'live' safari animals living in their habitat. The elephants even sprayed water from its trunks.

To be continued to Part 2.


  1. Alice? not snow white meh?

    haha..... was chatting with et just now in msn and was talking about you....

    what about you? hoho.... all bad things!!! :P
    joking joking la.... just wondering how are you? has been few days no blog...... hope you are ok.....

    cheers... have a nice day...

    P/s: Asam laksa? :D

  2. I really enjoyed my time at HK Disneyland ... brought back alot of good memories

  3. william - I was sure I saw snow white elsewhere, so this bitch could be Alice.
    Hey you & ET gossip my bad things??? (Feel shy)

    sbanboy - How come didn't share your good memories? How about share your souvenirs?

  4. eeerrr..... how about sleeping beauty?

    you shy? sky drop lo... haha...

  5. I really had a great time there, Disneyland does brings back sweet memories everytime i recall back...

  6. william - You are right, I think it is Sleeping Beauty. You must be reading lots of fairy tales.

    Stephanie - How come sweet memories? Mine was fun memories lah.

  7. :D i love fairy tales...

    love the happy ending... hoho...

  8. SURELY YOU JEST! she's cinderella. :D


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