Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Disneyland HKG (Part 2)

Next year, I hope to visit Euro-Disney in Paris. Hopefully I can board the Air Asia to Manchester and then take the train from England to France. It's just my dream.

We must have dreams and aim for it using our mind power which will steer our fate towards it. Without dreams, goals or ambitions, our lives would be aimless and meaningless.

This is the "It's A Small World" place and I really enjoyed taking a boat ride inside to see thousands of miniature characters singing and dancing in very vibrant and colourful settings. You must not miss it, ok?

These are the miniature dolls in Japanese costumes.

Chinese costumes of the Ching Dynasty.

Aloha dancers shaking their belly to the beat of the drums!

There are so many arcades and souvenirs stalls everywhere to milk your money! So clever!

It was drizzling lightly in cool temperature. The mood was perfect Autumn to enjoy Disneyland.
Weekdays is the best time as it would be less crowded.

This is the best thrilling ride that I would never miss! In LA or HKG, they were exactly the same. You will end up screaming your lungs out in the space.

Even old grandma enjoyed driving the car in UTOPIA.

UTOPIA sound familiar to you?

The Halloween Party was the theme in Disneyland this Autumn, so the vampires & ghost came out to dance after sunset.

Trick or Treats? Pumpkin Head dancers were shaking like silly bumpkins of course!

The many floats were lavishly decorated to their best! It was fun watching them all till I forgot all my life's problems.

The whole night, the castle changed colours and patterns! They were amazing & grand!

Every minute the colours created different settings. You need to bring extra camera or batteries to shoot so many lovely photos there.

To be continued to Part 3


  1. wah~~~ my favorite character - Jack Skelington from Nightmare Before X'mas (*directed by Tim Burton)... I like it... so colorful and happy in disneyland wo... make me feel wanna go there now... >w<

  2. Jammy - You so clever, to tell me it is Jack Skelington. I didn't know his name. Ask your BF see my blog and pester him to bring you there to propose to you on his knees. Many couples did that in HKG.