Thursday, October 2, 2008

A Farewell - Not Again!

I hate farewells because the feeling is sad, being left behind. Just when I thought the department has improved in workforce, some one will quit. What a jinx!

When they leave, they will show funny faces on their last few days. Guilty eyes, faked sadness & laughing loud inside their hearts like happy clowns!

This cat acted well in The Shrek, to get away.....

This stray cat didn't act well. She was biting her teeth hard, not to laugh.

Jamie knows when she leaves, the world will go upside down in her department. How cruel!

Good Bye Jamie! Hello Jammy!

All the fallen horses will weep when Jamie has left.

More fallen horses, all laughing like cock. Sigh!

Yeah! You should feel bad that we will miss you badly!

O Lord, thank you for putting dinner on my table. Thank you for bringing Jamie into our lives. 
O Lord, please bless her with same happiness she has brought to us.



  1. D word 'hello' a word we all love.
    It always rings a joyful bell.
    But 1 word we don't like to hear
    & that is d sad word 'farewell'.
    During the last days, memories and good times of the past shone, clouded our minds as we thought of leaving.
    Well, life goes on, they say.
    Gud luck, Jamie.

  2. Do you know that the hardest thing to do is say good-bye, but no worries... we will meet up again!!

    Take care & keep in touch JAMIE.

  3. everyone in this world also fill with sadness sometimes_. saying [GOOD-BYE] in farewell time_, i really feel sad and hard to say goodbye that time , juz feel something in my throat , cant say out_, want to hug Jamie and cry to say [GOOD-BYE] ... anyway , i will wish her all the best in her future although i feel sad that she is leaving us all friends in this company_.



  4. kenlin - Where you disappeared? Hope you are making tons of bucks.

    melvin - you know we often met the ex-s at weddings or funerals only... why not on normal days?

    william - Farewell? I just lost one William H and you better stay ok.

    shelly - wah! so deep thoughts & feelings you've. Jamie's home is just behind. Just scream & this stray cat will show up.

  5. wohhh, y she left? so if i go back there i wont see her anymore? sigh, no motivation to go, fare thee well...anything which has a beginning, will have an ending eventually, it is inevitable..

  6. again... moody monday reading a sadness post...
    Jamie... Miss You~~~
    Don't know what to say... I won't say "see when u free, we meet up again la"... like all this words.. coz most of the time, we can't make it... with sort of reason which "no time la", "recently bz ahh"... etc (cakap only ma, easy job la) But truely in my heart, i wanna say... I will miss you very very much ^^ (to another Jamie - my lulusan, kekeke)

  7. I really miss you guys! A zillion times (Godzilla Times)
    Hontoni! Hontoni!

    Arturn gives me the most memorable time ever in my life!

    Never had I been so happy. And it's all because of you guys. You guys make Arturn brimming with excitement.

    You guys make it happen! You make me look forward coming to work each morning.

    Each one of you is like a great friend to me. (Notice I didn't use the word 'colleague' coz that's what you are to me since day 1.

    I'll really trully cherish all those memories I have in Arturn.

    So glad that so many of you came to my farewell. *sob*sob*


    p.s: Sherry! My home is just behind. Just shout & I'll be there. (Mariah Carrey 'Just call my name and I'll be there' song fades off)

  8. jamie getting