Friday, October 10, 2008

Holiday Mode

When you read this, I will be on the plane to Hong Kong for a week's vacation.

I know many fellas have been sending me sms about my promised ghost stories. Hey, even when I post them, I would shiver as 'they' might read what I typed too. I am not kidding.

Anyway, I will write when I have found the photos.

1. Female Ghost in Banana Tree (Penang)

2. I Visited Hell (Bukit Jelutong)

3. Hell Officer Talked To Me (?)

Many more.....

Have a good weekend.


  1. enjoy ur vacation!! remember to buy some gifts for me! haha...

  2. Bestnya! Ghost Stories? Tamar Jalis' "Siri Bercakap Dengan Jin"

  3. Enjoy your vacation in HK! :)

    Can't wait to read your ghost stories when you come back!

  4. Gasp! Please put warning at the beginning cause I really cannot read those!

  5. Enjoy your vacation in Hong Kong.Hope you have a great time there. Wish you win lots of money from the casino in Macau and dont forget to buy some gift for me too.

  6. yaya ... i like ghost stories very much ... faster post the ghost stories lah ... wait for ur post oh_...

  7. sound so good... got trip to HK... I havent been there yet ><

  8. e.t. - I brought this blog of photos for you lah!

    william - Hey you like to talk Melayu? Funny man, you sunat liao izzit?

    perky - I am getting ready to pen some hantu tales soon

    legolas - I'm sorry you got faint heart. How to put a warning sign? (L-OK)..... means Legolas okay to read?

    stephanie - I went with 1 suitcase & returned with same sized suitcase. I bought nothing.

    shelly - why don't you take a walk at the cemetery at night? You can see real thing.

    Jammy - You will go there soon!

  9. Jammy don't be like him soo stingie fellow. soo kedekut go with 1 suitcase come back with the same. atleast you buy something for your love/close ones.