Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Met The Stars In Hong Kong

Recently, I met so many famous celebrities in Hong Kong. They gladly posed photos with me and I didn't even say thanks as I had to pay for it.

They were all staring blankly and muted.

I just had a good time molesting them anywhere in their bodies, searching for marbles.

The stars were made of wax at Madame Tussauds. It was smaller than the one in London but I had more fun & laughter.

This is Aaron Kwok. He is so short lah! I think he is 5' 5" only but cute.
I just submarined my hands to check his nipples! It was hard like stones! LMAO!

Korean heartthrob Bae Yong Jun. He looks alive and very realistic!

Aha! Look at his super star palms! His fate is really good.

The sides even showed his marriage lines.

This is Leslie Cheung standing alone sadly. So eerie as got spirits all over floating around him. Eeeee!

This Pavoratti also looked so real and fat.

Deng Xiao Ping was cute and I was checking his fever. No, I had the fever.

Look at this another realistic Chairman Hu Jing Tao.

Again, they carved real exact lines like on his palm. His fate shows he is really very powerful. So you better believe in your own palm lines. Invest in getting it checked by 2-3 palmist and you will be amazed by what they all might tell you in common. You can change your fate if they are not good. Make merits!

I found Leon Lai riding his bicycle and jumped behind for a free ride. I grabbed his crotch to find his candle but found nothing! Guess what he had?

Hong Kong is truly a shopping haven and holiday paradise!


  1. OMG! you molest them!! wakakaka... but their palm all looked the same lor... got difference meh?

  2. WARNING alert!!!

    Guys BEWARE of him, might grab you from behind.....
    Girls don't feel DISAPOINTED. we are safe for now... heee heee

    the others Hip.. Hip.. HurreySss..


  3. OMG. Now I know what happens to the wax models.

  4. Where's Yao Ming???

  5. Haha.. it seem you been labeled as molester here... The "Wax Doll" there is so real. Sometimes give you goosebump especially when you saw those who already died.

  6. You did that?!!!!!

    You are so cruel!!! you should take off their cloth and show us what is actually inside... haha

    anyway, inside it is as real as outside? :P hahaha

    welcome back

  7. art_tom, i think i know what you thinking. im thinking that way too.... heee hee....shhu ;)

  8. fable frog - Yeah I molested one by one to get my money's worth. Surprisingly, all their individual palm lines were copied & carved on the wax precisely. They looked similar as they all had same good fate & celebrity status. I'm trying to carve my lines too. heh heh!

    stephanie - Hey I just play play only lah.

    savante - Just like you doctors caressing patients, I only enjoyed the lifeless dummies.

    art_tom - Me sense what arr? Yeah full of ghosts inside the wax museum as many idols were dead ones.

    e.t. - If you were there, you would do the same. All tourists molested all the statues! We legally paid to molest them, didn't we? hee hee!

    melvin - Yeah I forgot to post Yao Ming's shot. He was so bloody tall! I will specially email to you ok.

    bruce - You bastard. You screwed Madonna's tit. So obscene!

    william h - Yeah hor! Why I never thought of stripping them all and take photos. Maybe they might charge me extra 'stripping fees'. Where is your blog???

    GG - HKG sure looks good for shopping king & queen like you & wife.

    stephanie - How come I cannot guess what art tom is thinking? What did he think then? :)

  9. wa... u hamsap tu... >_<
    i wanna go there also ahhhh~~~~~