Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Ghost Tales!

When I was a small kid, I used to ask my maid innocently why there were shadows floating or smoke passing the walls? There was no fire or burning anywhere. My maid had goose bums and fearfully questioned me "Where, What & How" about what I saw. Then I realised she didn't see a thing of what I saw every minute! I started asking my neighbourhood playmates & they also saw nothing. It never struck me that I was seeing spirits or wandering ghosts. They didn't scare me nor made me bothered at all. They had no faces or forms then............. until my adulthood years. OMG! They were so damn scary at times.

I do not know if it was fate that I ended up furthering my studies in Pennsylvania state instead of New York City. My family objected my choice to study in NYC as my older brother knew how wild I was! He told my mum that I might come back in a coffin if I lived in Manhattan where the nightlife never sleeps. Back in my Penang hometown, I was a frequent face at the old Juliana's London Club, later Cinta Discotheque, The Cinnamon Tree and Babylon Boom Boom. I could go there to party and booze 7 nights straight in a row. That's wild isn't it?

Okay, what's so great about Pennsylvania? They are well known for many haunted old mansions & buildings especially in Gettysburg which is located between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. I had to live in the the all male dormitory floor at Point Park College. Hell, my building was once an old hospital and I shared room with a Japanese guy. Our floor was once the Mental Ward and I was told some patients committed suicide in my next right rooms! Oh shit, I was often bloody scared to shower in the common bathroom which had no doors but just plastic curtains! My classes started very early, so I always had to shower alone. Oh dear, I knew there was always a ghost playing behind the plastic curtain ! It would blow the curtain to stick on my whole body! I often shivered terribly and turned on the hot water's temperature to maximum! It worked! It kept my chilly fear away and ghosts are 'yin' spirits, so they won't like too hot water.

I have 1001 stories to tell you about ghosts, spirits and deities but they are too damn lengthy. I even had harrowing experience where an angry ghost almost strangled me to death while I was asleep in Bukit Jelutong. I just gasped for breathed and held my neck trying to free but I almost gave up. Then "something" above signaled me to chant mantra but I remembered nothing as I was not religious at all. Haaa! I recalled seeing on the back of someone's car sticker & quickly mumbled it. Just one mantra and it was SO Forceful to toss the ghost away! So powerful! It was OM MANE PADME HUM!

I was amazed to see this internet photo by someone who claimed about orbs or spirits in his photo taken in Gettysburg. Whether it was a hoax or not, this is so similar to what I see until today.

Sometimes flashes of white images like this could be a deity too. In Point Park College where I lived, the Korean and Japanese students often saw this type of female spirit passing through their bedroom doors or stood beside the beds and woke them up. Once the white female ghost spoke to the Korean and he screamed - "Oh sorry I no speak English!" and dived under his blankets shaking in terror & fear!!!

I often see such shadows too but in smaller & light transparent forms everywhere that is too "yin".

The "Yin" areas that are popular hangouts for wandering spirits or angry ghosts are -

Hospitals - Many lost or undelivered souls float there 24/7.
Mortuaries - Same as above while some are hoping to exchange bodies.
Cinemas - They love cool air-cond and dark 'yin' areas while enjoying good movies by sitting on the aisle steps or the empty seats beside you. Sometimes they would share & inhale your pop corns or coke. If not enough, they might inhale your body's good frequency & energy. You will come walking out dizzy and sleepy after the movies!
Public Toilets - Some ghosts love to eat or inhale the shit and this is no joke. The female's disposed sanitary pads are yummy to some.
Cemetery - It is their territory. What are you doing here? - they might ask.

We must truly respect and understand the spiritual world always. Someday we will be joining them too when we pass away. They are just different frequencies in other dimensions which overlap each other. Sometimes our beloved ones came back to visit our homes too, out of love and concern. Sometimes our creditors tagged along to revenge or lost spirits passed our house.

I often have to purify my condo when there's just too much passing spirits. They could stick onto our clothes or our friends to hop into your house. 

I have observed many Indians and Malays who are so smart to 'smoke' their homes with the 'kemeyan' herbs. I would buy those similar but more expensive and fragrant ones imported from Nepal or Tibet. They could be mountain weeds or grounded sandal woods. Usually the monks would have chanted over a thousand mantras into those incense ingredients before reaching us.

 You can buy those ingredients from many Tibetan Buddhist temples or Buddhist prayer shops.

Just place them on the burner, light up and carry them around every room including the toilets and under the bed! The 'yang' smoke will emit the mantra all over the house and the 'yin' spirits will just leave for somewhere else. If you can chant mantras while carrying the incense burner, it would be more powerful. 

When I had bad horrifying dreams, I knew some funny ghosts must be roaming inside my house. After smoking the house, my sleep would be so shiok and relaxing. with sweet dreams.

Have you ever had any Ghostly encounters?

to be continued..........


  1. this is very very very interesting~ do continue soon! i did have such experience before... luckily only a few times~

  2. nice! i like this kind of things...hehehehe..looking forward for the sequel..

  3. I have loads to share! Hehehe... Seriously, no joke. I'm quite sensitive to them.

    Since Halloween's coming up, u should compile some of your ghost stories.

    Hey if u have the time, check out a story I wrote sometime back about one of my encounters:

  4. no wonder when my husband came back from funeral or wedding dinner, he will have nightmares and there was once that he punched me in his sleep~~!!!

    I had to wake him up as he looked like having nightmare... true enough, he said he dreamt of he was struggling with a female ghost!

    May I ask, even wedding also full of spirits? Such an auspicious even woh?

  5. Very interesting and "eye-opening" post!! Thanks for sharing.

    I'm a believer and that is the main reason why i prefer not to watch horror movies.

    Except for 1 occasion, when doing night duty, my camp mate brought this movie "Shutter" for us to watch ... Damn, had serious goosebumps and dread having to go toilet in the middle of the night.

    Looking forward to the sequel :)

  6. I don't really believe in ghost but this post freaked me out a little, taking a dump or watching a movie in a cinema will never be the same again.......

  7. Everytime I see ghost movie or listen to ghost story, I will feel scared to walk along in the dark and even alone in the lift. All my hair will stand.

  8. fable frog - May you have more ghastly experience so that you can share with me too.

    nicholas - When the HKG's 'Kwai Tan' team claimed that M'sia has most ghosts & kong thau, I knew they had erred. Your Indonesia has more, look at the size. Hoooo hoooo!

    perky - I read your post and it was scary. I will blog someday about the banana tree ghost in Penang. Pontianaks are not a happy ghost anyway & Thailand has lots of them. I like your blog, so loud and transparent.....

    your fans - Aiyo, ask your husband cross fire before enter the pintu. Sure weddings and funerals have lots of ghosts, both ancestors, creditors plus gate crashers. Next time ask him sleep on the floor la.

    homely guy - I must get this 'shutter' to watch too. Spirits are flying everywhere like the sms sent out. I thought you're an IT guy, how come got night shift?

    sgboy - You know why guys get so horny and hamsap? There's this hamsap-kwai that sprays all the urge onto them to get horny so frequently. Kidneys will give way when you F%@# too much. Not kidding man.

    bruce - you really chicken hearted

  9. Me still got reservist ma, have to go back serve army, then need to do night duty. LOL

    The movie is good ... It's a Thai production, about a photographer who captures mysterious images in his photos after he got into an accident.

    The ending is scary, man ...

    Heard that got a sequel "Shutter 2" but didn't watch it.

  10. i do believe in ghost. But luckily i didn't experience before...touch wood!!

    i also believe if we didn't kacau them, then they will not come to us too. They even much more scare us.

  11. i love "shutter"! have got to be the best horror movie ever [IMO]. and CHOI! i don't need more ghastly experience thankiuvelimux!!

  12. homely guy - I love Singapore so much! Thank your lucky star that you don't live here...

    Melvin - You should apply for PR and join Homely guy to watch ghost movies. Maybe he can show you the cemeteries at Chua Chu night...
    BTW look at his blog selling computers and stuffs. My friends loved them.

    fable frog - You want to watch real 100% Horrors, buy the 6 Volumes of HKG's "Kwai Tan". I have finished them all.

  13. hahahhaha..maybe the kwai tan team havnt explore indonesia yet? but i feel that indonesia got a lot more of black magic, so maybe in term of the ghosts, malaysia has more? am not sure..

  14. i will fav this blog of yrs. it is so interesting esp this ghost thingy post.

  15. I have ghost story to share too! I wrote them in my blog. simply go to my blog and click the "stories" label. I hope you like them! ;-)

  16. nicholas - I think Indonesia is 7 times bigger than Malaysia, so your hantu community must be ten folds.

    bengbeng - Hey! Thanks for sharing too. I've read some of your posts just now at 1.30am. There was a spirit floating infront of me, just as curious to read your post. I was calm outside but not inside me.....brrrr....

    kenny - OMG! You are so young and write so well. I am impressed. I will read all the pages you scanned soon.

  17. i want individual stories! now that you have many encounters, do share!!! makes up ur posts too. :P

  18. i like ghost movies ... ghost stories ... very much although i have fear in my heart . maybe i juz feel curious - 'how is the ghost look like?' ... 'is the ghost was a smoke?' wahahaha ... what if i meet up them one day ... what reaction will be _?

  19. Hi Twilight Zone, I found your blog through Fable Frog's blog and I found this article interesting because currently, I am writing a horror story and would like to know more about this topic.

  20. Hi Calvin - Thanks for coming by. I'm willing to share my spiritual stories with everyone but I need time to find photos to make them interesting. Then I have Legolas who is so scared to read my blogs now. How to be invited to read your blog?

    Have a nice day!

  21. Hey, it's hard for me to vouch what you said here is true or not but I would like to think so.

    For me I can't see what you are capable of but I do have uneasy feelings approaching dark damp places and I often tell my friends not to go there as I feel negative energy coming from there. At times I can even sense the scent of tepid stench even though it's just a place with no rotting carcass or anything like that. That you mentioned cracks and the likes, in fact reflect the exact pathos that I have. I used to think that I'm over reacting with my senses, now I trust my instinct completely.

    Every place where they have put up makeshift parlours for the dead, I can sense the negative energy from far and the air is indeed different for me.

    Also I want to ask you something. Once there was a period in my life when I was at a particular very low period as I was harassed in my workplace and yet dare not voice up until I felt like losing my entire self existence. I was totally lost and didnt know what to do. Then I noticed, everywhere I go, the crows seems to cried out manacingly at me but never attack me. Everywhere I went, when the crows spotted me they would screamed out threatenningly at me. I was terrified but I wasn't attacked by them. Then I decided I had enough of the bullies and the tormenting crows so I take action in my workplace ie. to stand up against the bullies and amazingly, the crows never recognized me again!

    Until this day, I still look for clues the crows signify when they threaten me with their meancing cries. Can anyone tell me what had happened to me?

  22. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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  24. Cool I used kemeyan to smoke shall look into getting those herbal stuff in Summit. Yup obs are real no hoax seen lots of them in Egypt & in Nepal, Kathmandu


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