Friday, October 10, 2008


There were 2 subjects that I dreaded most when I was in my final year - Art History and Art Appreciation studies! Yiaks!Yiaks!

We had to memorize hundreds of painters' names, their artworks and why why why why they painted them(?) How the hell I know why they painted? I knew I was going to fail as there were too many names and their dates from the Europe till America! Niaamaah!

Huh! I had to pass otherwise I won't graduate. The American classmates copied and I did the same lah. Ha ha! I was smarter as I translated all into Bahasa Malaysia & no way the lecturer knew what I wrote.

ART APPRECIATION - We had to do thorough evaluation & discussion on the paintings in front of the whole classrooms of Americans. I was the only Oriental guy with slit eyes & spoke pariah English which I only understood myself.
Before those tests, I would have sleepless nights and fever. I hated it as the negros and some kids with Texan slangs would ask me 1001 questions to debate with me! In between, I used to scold them Chiiibai and Tek-Tek! They heard "Cheap Wine" and "Kit Kat"..

This weird painting was done by world famous painter - Salvador Dali.

If I liked his painting I must tell the class WHY? If I hated it, I must tell them WHY? That is Art Appreciation.

Vincent Van Gogh painted "Starry Nights". 
I copied the year, name & painter in BM like this "Malam Bintang Tahun Satu Lapan Lapan Sembilan"

Vincent Van Gogh painted "Bunga Matahari Satu Lapan X 3"

The Art Appreciation changed me so drastically that I always went into trance starring at artworks. I visited the Metropolitan Museum Of Arts in New York City to develop my Art Appreciation! They had over 2 million paintings and ancient artefacts including a temple being shipped from Egypt to US!
My Korean & Japanese room mates took 45 minutes to tour BUT I took 4 hours! I did not even finish seeing everything and they all cursed me upside down. All because of Art Appreciation.... HELL!!

When I visited Washington DC later, I wanted to see the biggest museum - Smithsonian Institute which has over 9 Buildings! Nobody wanted to follow me, so I missed it. My friends boycotted me! Bah!

Take a look at this Abstract Modern Art on the pillar by unknown artist. So bloody red!

There is GAC in this art. What is GAC?

Gosh! This was the painting done FOC by the Ah Long's artists at YOGA ZONE.

I was so shocked to see them throw paint again after the owner TJ has cleaned it up!

I wonder what has happened to all my friends in Yoga Zone. The instructors and staff used to have supper with my gang at night. I miss those days!

Life Goes On. Let's Live Meaningfully.


  1. yoy i kena first i though it was painted by artist but the real was "painted" by ah long.haha...

  2. aaaaaarrrrhhhhh!!!! that subject!!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzz.......i dun like the history part, but the appreciation, sumtimes its interesting, to know why they paint or create such things...

  3. art tom - I just realised that we got lots of common interests. the same with nicholas from Limkokwing.

    nicholas - Art Appreciation subject will mould a person to become outspoken and critical. That was how I got hired by Kevin's team when they came from HKG. I will sponsor you matches to burn your Art History books.


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