Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Loved Hospitals

When I received Sherene's email with exotic hospital cafe photos, I was like feeling amused with its concept. I was thinking whether I could cough up the capital and ask Nase, Savante or Sbanboy to start one right here in KL and quit their jobs. No lah, just dreaming, I have no money now. It is okay to dream and it costs me nothing, right?? Just like Fable, we have this bermimpi-mimpi habit.

When I was a kid, I think visited the General Hospital in Penang & Thailand more than the playground coz I was always so damn sick. I was always having fever, flu and coughed for 100 days per session! All family doctor friends who treated me at their clinics also gave up! I was so frail and thin like a chocolate stick until the misi nurse was scared that wind could blow me off any minute. However, I managed to build my immune system after I started my primary schooling. Today, I am a 6 footer healthy twilight and shining like a star. Thanks to mum, she knows best. Thanks to the doctors, they never gave up trying.

I was being warned by some medium fortune tellers and even a Thai psychic in California that I would land into the hospital when I reached the right age. I was horrified and worried like shit. I begged them for a solution or anything to repay back so that I could escape. No way, they said it was my bad past life's karma! I was so brave, put the nonsense worries aside and still partied like an animal, clubbing nightly. Weekdays were clubbing and weekends were recuperating from hangover, by the beach at Batu Feringghi. Years later & just months before my birthday, I called my AIA agent in KL and told her that I wanted to buy Hospitalization Package to the maximum. She was shocked by my sudden decision after knowing that I had checked the VIP room rates at Pantai Medical Centre. 

To cut my story short for future blog, my intestine ruptured and I collapsed on the office floor, rolling in great pain and agony! Before that I had Curry Chee Cheong Fun  for lunch and I vomited all out from my nose and mouth. Yiaaakss! Some beancurd and the Chee Cheong Fun pieces were dangling out from my nose. 
My brother rushed me to SJMC in his car which was raced through all the red lights. I was screaming in agony at the back seat that he was supposed to take me to Pantai Medical Centre instead. Anyway, I was operated on right away and the poor surgeon who was in the golf padang had to be summoned back on a Saturday evening. 

When I woke up, I was told by the surgeon that I nearly died and showed me the photo of my ruptured intestine which was probably kept in their Hall Of Bizarre Fame today.

A Hospital Concept Cafe.

Look at the tongue served as finger food.

Yummy food with needle and tongs.

Nurses cum musicians.

I respect all doctors everywhere who put in all their hearts to help patients recover. Yet, many patients returned abusive words and legal suits for simply not getting their wishes. The patients seldom believed in their bad karma that directed them to seek a doctor's help. After staying in the SJMC room with a lovely lakeview for a week, I became a changed person eventually and believed that God gave me a second chance to live because I begged & prayed for it.

Let's stop complaining that medical fees are high and killing. The choice is yours and you can get insurance to help you like how AIA had to foot my hefty bill in just 2 months signing up! This is just my 2 cents story.

Stay Healthy & Happy Always!



  1. Never liked hospitals! Never liked going to the GP! Never liked going to the dentist! Like those pretty things in white robes tho! Keke

    Have a great new week ahead. ^_^


  2. I like the toilet with mirrors on all sides. Ahhh

    Glad that you are fine now! Get some rest and chillax!

  3. wah try to start your own hospital with the three doctors ah~ then it should be named "Fabulous Medical Center"... with each ward named after a movie starlet~ :P

  4. HOspital!!! Very scary place... admitted once...horroble, scare my myself and scare family and friends too...many soul hang out there ...waiting. at least i ok now.. beware what we eat...

  5. Hey man, great to see you around again. And I like your exotic hospital cafe concept. Let me know if you happens to open one.

  6. I don't like hospitals coz they have a weird smell & filled with all sorts of bacteria & virus. Once I pergi hospital 4 a short visit, tapi lepas tu I kena fever 3 minggu okeh!

    But yeah, it's important to have life insurance becoz the bills can really kill u, no pun intended ;).

  7. for a moment I thought this post was about the "things" you have seen when checked into hospitals, I cannot say it is my favourite place in the world but I do like the old fashion where everything is white (walls, uniform, floors) cum to singapore and I will take you to the Clinic for a drink where you can sip your coctail from a drip while seating on a wheelchair....

  8. look like d hospital in Inspector Gadget movie..

  9. that is one nice hospotal. i would not feel that sick if i were to warded in a hospital like that...

  10. What a funny concept they can think of for a cafe. If admitted to hospital equals something bad gonna happen.

    I better clear my karma before i being "transport" into hospital

  11. Exotic hospital cafe? served patient or non-patient?

    Seem like people really sick ah?:P

  12. Lol, firstly I thank you for thinking of coughing out the huge capital to come up with this concept. Then, Fable for suggesting naming it, 'Fabulous Medical Centre' and giving each ward a starlet's name! that ws hilarious!

  13. Anton - I hate dentists more than devils! They caused me severe pain and get paid! Sadistic people!

    Joshua - Hey, it happened to me many years ago. I am fine and kicking well. Thanks for coming dude!

    Fable - I will hire you to be my PR Manager! You will know how to make everyone happy with your kinky & fabulous ideas!

    Jazone - I didn't know that you landed in hospital. What did you eat then??

    KEENYEE - I know that you would bring your whole family to any exotic places for breakfast. I might bump into you someday.

    Perky - Actually I dread going to hospitals too. So many suffering faces and groans plus lots of ghosts.

    sgboy - Thanks for the kind offer man! I bet everyone would love to drink with you.

    kenlin - I didn't know about that movie. Lend me your DVD ok.

    SK - choy Choy ??

    Stephanie - Most hospitals are boring and eerie so a new exciting one is needed.

    Bruce - Anyone can stay in hospitals regardless of karma. Everyone will die someday mah.

    Daniel - It is for cuckoo people and guests to visit.

    nase - You are most welcome to head this Cafe Hospital. I hope it will come true someday.

    Vincent - Saying prayers.

  14. agreed with sgboy!! u come to sg and we will bring u to the clinic bar at clark quay for a drinks!

  15. we got one sex club here with decor theme like this...muahahaha!

  16. E.T. & Seefei - Both of you must be having the same thoughts with Sgboy!!?? I will check it out one day but is that really a sex club at Clark Quay? I am confused lah...

  17. i seldom go to hospital but i really often go to clinic as well bcoz i sick badly in those past times ... doctor also know me very well lol ... i had been staying in hospital twice lol ... haha ... maybe i am too naughty lol ... haha ... those hospital's pictures that u post on ur blog is very funny and eerie lol ... really hard to put in my mouth larrr when i see the food display lol ... haha ... u must be very enjoy on this food lol ... rite ... ? hehe ...