Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Private Letter

Last night, I received an email from a close buddy Jason who returned to KK a few years ago. So relaxed being under his mummy's apron strings, he mixed with wrong KK friends of gamblers and hard core pub drinkers for shiok everyday, one thing led to another and he was hooked to drug pills just to get HIGH. This is another Sor-Haaiiii case, yeah? So mummy had to pay 4 figure sums to admit him into a private Drug Rehabilitation Centre. It was not a glamorous place as thought like those in Los Angeles where Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan admitted. Read below if you have time.

Dear Brother Twilight,

Now I am working with my dad, most of time I will either stay at the office or inside forest (camp). The life inside camp is almost same as inside rehad center.

During the time at the rehad, the programme was routine, wake up early, breakfast. Praise the lord then do some daily cleaning or work then lunch. Rest till 2 pm then start doing work ( such as KFC take away sources)till tea break at 3.15pm . Free time at 5pm and dinner at 6.30 pm. Praise the lord and bible study till 9.00 pm then having supper, sleep at 10.30 pm.

For beginner, when a person just admit to the rehad, he must stay inside a room surround steel bar ( lock up) for 2 to 4 weeks. If the person is serious to drug then he might stay inside much longer. For my case, I quite well behave, so I was release for 4 days. Start work hard in cleaning the toilet ( the toilet was so dirty and smelly before I admitted. Month later I start get myself involve inside kitchen. They have heirachy too, junior need to obey to senior or superior.

The founder or himself called pastor, he never went to study to become a pastor, he don’t really spend most of the time consulting, however he just like to act as pastor and praise the lord. To him, god is everything. There are about 30 people at the rehad. Half of them suffer mental illness, old folk, then 40% are drug user and the rest are those naughty kids. Even there are people wanted to start a gangster inside, so that they can enjoy people benefit such as good meal, bully others, order people do the dirty job and whatever. They even force those old folk to take off their pants and perform masturbation to others. They are crazy. I am just lucky to gain their respect, but most of the time I feel sorry to those old folk, I often tell those naughty kids not to have such intention to treat older people, that is bad, and sinful ( I can’t imagine I spoken karma to them). Most of them seem happy since I admit. Cos the toilet is getting cleaner, some time I purposlly cook more so all people can have enough. 

Those drug user are the most scary one, their mental and action are wild, unormal compare to others, specially those syabu (ice) user. I notice from the paster and my mum’s partner who do the backpack lodge business. Two of them used to be syabu user, both of them successfully quit, now both of them even have almost same action or thought even they are some different background. Example, both of them are forgetful of what they promising, some of the time change their decision. At last I am happy that I decide to change for better. And the some important was I learn so much from seeing and sharing with them. 

To be honest, most drug user who admitted are not intended to quit. Only those long time user will have the courage to quit, I even sate from HIV blood test from the health ministry for free. I had spoken to those officer, the biggest problem that Malaysia having now was increase of HIV and drugs. The fees of HIV was about 2k every month just buying the medicine. Hopefully this HIV awareness will open teenagers mind. 
After leaving rehad, pastor told me that I can come back anytime as volunteer, and I am the only person which he allow at the moment. cos most people choose to go back to their past since they left. It was sad. So I decide to leave kk now, just to ensure I am strong enough. The evil spirit is so strong, the society or friend that use to high together will soon contact me. So better leave kk first. I used to complain that keningau (town which I stay now) very boring, kk is boring too. Nothing much to do and lots of reason and excuses. Office lady was asking me why I prefer work at boring town. I told them that boring was just a part of life experience, once to decide and enjoy doing your work, you won’t feel boring anymore. Life was how you make it, don’t let your surrounding effect your mood or your mind. Sometime you will realize you save more money than work at the city.

Ok lah bro!, thats it for now.. how is ele? feel better?...take care lah... talk again... i had write some comment at your blog..


......................... Twilight punya reply .........................

Dear Jason:

I feel very sad to hear that you had gone through all this. However, I am happy that you have come out clean. I really hope that you will not fall back into your old ways. Life is so short and time flies so fast. You need to make use of your this human life to be a good human because it is very2 difficult to reincarnate as human beings.
We must make good use of our time to help other humans, otherwise if we have to reincarnate again, the fate won't allow you to be a human. Simple, when given the chance to be humans, they preferred to behave like animals. When they pass away, they will reincarnate as the same animal they had behaved. 

I plan to post your letter in my blog to serve as warning to others. It will be merits for you when people get moved by your experience. Nothing to worry, they don't know who is Jason Wong. Only God and your brother here know and still care for Jason Wong. Please remember this that I always care for you.

Warmest regards:

Thanks for reading my private letter. Must share good stuffs, right?
You have a Good Day!


  1. Thanks for sharing bro ... I am glad that Jason broke free... will say a prayer for him when he comes to mind. I am glad that he has someone like you to open up to ... where he can just be himself.

  2. OMG! those poor old folks~ But ya, glad your JW can clean up his act~ And thanks for sharing this letter~

  3. glad for yr fren he is able to shaqre his experiences. this means he is ready to move on

  4. kenlin - Amitabha

    sbanboy - Jason will read your comments here and know that there are kind people around like you.

    fable frog - My life is full of dramas. I wonder why I have friends like criminals, murderers, beauty queens, pimps and bastards too. I am glad you are like a jester to add spices.

    bengbeng - He has fled KK so he's moving lah. He is a good guy in reality.

  5. What a happy ending true life story. JW have taken one huge step foward and we are proud of him.

  6. Very touching ... thanks for sharing...

  7. glad to hear that Jason is living a new life!! all the best to him..

  8. Wow! Such an inspirational post. I would like to congratulate to Jason on turning a new leaf and here's wishing him to have a bright and good future ahead.

  9. If you have made mistakes, even serious ones, there is always another chance for you. What we call failure is not the falling down but the staying down.

  10. stephanie -It is not a happy ending story yet. Now is the evil tests period he is going tru. He has to flee elsewhere and get strong. Pray! Pray! Pray!

    *anton* - Welcome buddy!

    TZ - Have a nice workout!

    SK - Yeah a new life. Should we send him to Siem Reap?

    calvin - Wah you give a comment! I will kena 4D today. Thanks & update yr blog man, growing fungus liao :)

    melvin - You're always giving people lots of chances. No wonder so popular icon.

  11. Thank You everyone!!!

  12. Glad that he managed to save himself from the drug menace.

  13. Hopefully Jason will become a better person. Glad that he able to get rid of drugs.

  14. how lovely. hope you're friend's okay.


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