Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Sunday Morning

At the crack of dawn, I woke up and decided to go for a run around the lovely park at Bukit Jalil. It has been a long while as I normally head for the gym which offers no fresh air or greens!

So many young and old folks were ready to exercise! Goodness! They must have woken up at 5:00am!

How nice if I lived at Greenfields Condo, so that I could go jogging everyday! How much is this condo? Aarrgh, it was built by Berjaya!! FORGET IT!!!! Vampires!

The lake was so peaceful and serene with fountain shooting.

Alamak! Some idiotic morons threw so much rubbish into the same lake. Even the Tong Sampah was swimming in this lake. Malaysia Boleh!

There was a big banner by Guolin Qigong. They claimed to be able to prevent cancer & chronic diseases.

It was so motivating to see them forming many groups doing their slow motion exercise. I am sure they have lots of proven testimonials. Join them to stay alive longer!

Hey! What is this??????

There are so many wild boars roaming there! I don't think the authorities breed them openly. The Malay joggers ran away of course. I also ran away when they saw my camera's flash!!

This kind lady brought warm food from home to feed them. How kind & nice! 
Now that is BIG MERITS for her.

I was looking at them & imagined the piglets on my dinner menu for Wild Boar Curry! Yum! 
Now that is BIG SIN for me lah!

There are lonely & quiet paths. You might be lucky to meet a ham-sap wild boar or rapist instead of robbers.

So Cool!
 They have added  a very huge play station for the kids! I am so huge & long now, so I got stucked in the tunnel. How nice if we are kids again.

Many people took a walk around the reflexology paths. I screamed as the stones were so bloody painful & fucking sharp on my soles. 
That means I have got lots of serious internal problems!! I must go often until the pain disappears. By then my health should be robust again. Yay!

This Indian Thambi is so innovative & smart to sell newspapers here. His container was filled with so much cash!!! I think I will set up a stall next to him.

Any suggestions what I should sell? I think the most profitable stuffs could be fake brand sports shoes, sweat towels, porno VCDs and VIAGRA pills!

This old buddy will be my 1st client, I am sure!

(Forgive me if he happens to be your dad or grandpa!)

Exercise will keep our mind & body happy!
So just do it buddy!


  1. hmmm.... this park is ok...

    i prefer the one at penang, it call botanic garden.... much more nicer.....

    at least i dont see the big junk of rubbish there.... it really destroy the whole scene!!!

    me too... still searching for my lovely studio... yet to find a reasonable one and nice view... hoho... sound so impossible.... if you manage to notice one, please let me know ho....

  2. How dare use my photo?

    BTW how much would u sell Viagra?

  3. william h - I bought a condo suite and it is studio unit. You want?

    The Penang's Botanical Gardens is nice after the rain. Sometimes the monkey's shit so smells bad. One old lady got killed as the branches fell on her head there. Most Penang folks head to the many hills around Air Itam to jog and hike. You should try jogging the Air Itam Reservoir! Never seen any place so heavenly like this in Malaysia.

    old man - Yikes! How did you get my blogsite?

  4. Air itam reservoir? hmm.... ok... next time in penang wait for you to bring me there la...

    you make the botanical garden sound like one of the criminal place!!

  5. william h - The only criminals there are the monkeys who steal handbags, cameras and food.

  6. Wild boards can be aggressive towards humans right?

  7. How on earth the wild boars can end up in the park... weird...

  8. las montanas - Wild boars will attack humans when hungry. So the old lady was wise.

    bruce - I thought the boars were your friends! You didn't bring them?