Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Braving The Recessions

The economy is getting shittier each day and Malaysia will be sliding along further into the ditch. We should start blogging on tips to save and eat at home rather than helping to promote all the eateries. What happens if I kena pecat and retrenched? Will my fellow bloggers feed me while I wash your cars and toilets? No jobs, no money and do I have to prostitute myself ? Let's start thinking of cooking at home and cutting shopping sprees!

This is a delicious Japanese Curry Rice for my dinner tonight. So yummy and aromatic with carrots, potatoes and chicken slices. The rice was pressed into stars from the mould for overgrown kids like me. Hee! hee!

You can get one box of Ready-To-Cook Japanese curry from the Japanese store for only RM5.90. You can cook up to 5 servings or 5 single meals. The taste is as good as Kampachi Restaurant's serving.

This budget 100 YEN Shop sells everything at RM4.90 or RM5.90 for their Japanese goods. If you shop at Jusco, you will not enjoy this low price.

They have so many household items, pots, pans, containers and all the crunchy Japanese tidbits which are so delicious to munch in front of the TV sets while watching your equally favourite hardcore Japanese pornos!

They also serve Snow Ice Cream of multi flavours and that could temporary substitute my addicted pangs for Haagen Dazz or Baskin Robins.

Their nice lacquer Japanese bowls and plates at RM4.90 could make good Christmas gifts too. Tell the recipients the BOWLS are for them to beg for money in case they get retrenched.

They have imported Hello Kitty stuffs too and you could give the gals to store their chunks of tissues, kotex or assam sweets! Anything will do! They have so many little things that you can never finish counting till tomorrow.

Even the best quality kicap sauce and Meiji dark chocolates are selling at RM4.90 each. I would be glad if everyone could start teaching me to save money too! Maybe I should recycle Star paper as my toilet rolls and save my after-shower water to wash my car & brush my teeth too. 

Any brilliant suggestions?


  1. Any suggestions???? Errrr... bet you'll get a job at any booth promoting jap products sld you ever get retrenched! *choi choi choi!*

    Fyi, those star-shaped rice balls????? sure or not u got the correct mould? wakakaka


  2. "Maybe I should recycle Star paper as my toilet rolls and save my after-shower water to wash my car & brush my teeth too. "

    Dude, you are not only save money... you also save the environment, the earth :)

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  4. my suggestions is cut down all kind of drinks, coffee, tea, coke, beer...we spend lot of money on drinks..., just drink water. lesser sickness too. and cut down expensive food, try cook at home, more fun and save a lot, the best is go to wet market in the morning, lots more cheaper than super market. lastly is our bad habit loh, smoking, shopping, clubbing...hahaha dun be so negative man, recessions only, not the end of the world!!! life still move on...remember the secret? it is working...

  5. I have a friend who survived plainly on a slice of bread togther with a slice of kraft cheese everyday during his 6 mths unemployment. Personally I cant do that.. that is the highest attainment.

    To save up I suggest ecomomic meals like fruit salad every alternate day, and just eat normally on other days. U have your sve up days and u have yr normal days, that will keep u going for a longer time and keep u motivated as well.

  6. gosh~ u're really scaring me with all this economic thingy...

    choi!! dun linger ur thoughts on getting retrenched...always see the glass as half full occay~ =)

  7. Wah, tips for the recession :) Does that mean housing prices are gonna freefall?

  8. hmmm...maybe white bread with milo?
    white rice with chili sauce?

  9. here is my suggestion,
    1. change your lifestyle like what u and your friends suggested.

    2. Payoff some high interest debt like credit cards, personal loan..use balance transfer or switch to lowest interest loan if you can't pay off

    3. Reduce your mortgage
    You might want to restructure your loan or ask the bank to reduce the interest, so that u won't worry to serve the high installment

    4. Traditional way - started saving,even a few bucks a month into a savings account will mount up surprisingly quickly. sikit sikit lambat lambat jadi bukit ya!

    5. You might want to consider consulted me to help you for your financial planning...hehehe


  10. no no no, i think everyone is having the wrong perspective!! don't save during recession, instead maximize your spending power, let the cash flow in the market and that should help in regaining faith of our economy..

  11. Japanese curry, still luxury wo. Hehe. Try just plain rice next time ya. As those bloggers stated above, try to cut off some bad habits such as clubbing, drinking, smoking etc. And finally...YOU ARE HIRED...I need someone to wash cars and toilets..hehe. Prostitution? Wait for someone else to offer ya.

  12. did u fried the potatoes first b4 u put into the curry sauce?? it will taste even better....

    no more shopping loh!! :(

    eat maggi noodles every meal....

    or 2 meals per day instead of 4-5 meals

    aaarrrhhh.... nightmare to me!!

  13. Hey where's this 100 Yen Shop?

    I saw an episode on Oprah recently about Freegans. They basically go thru trash and see what items they can take home and use. It's very extreme but Freegans manage to live on a $10-$20 budget per week bcoz they use other ppl's trash.

  14. hmm... duno Japanese Curry Rice is nice onot but since u say is nice, then must be nice. ur nice :) don't eat too much of it ok bcos it's a lot of preservatives unless u wana preserve urself in the wake of the great depression. hehe...

  15. Anton - My face is very thick skinned and I can sell almost anything. My mould was correct but it aint look like stars? Bad photography mah with my Samsung phone.

    TZ - I know you are a real "Friends of the Earth". I am tired of our local recycling campaign which doesn't seem to work so well like in Taiwan or US.

    Lionking - Will you help me to cut down coffee drinking and share your home cooked food? I will be happy yo!

    A Common S'porean - I salute your friend on this diet regime. He must be thin like pencil by now. I need that pencil too! Are you on alternate salad diet too? You look so healthy & happy faced! Man, I will try to follow your suggestion!

    AJ - I always love your half glass & full glass comments. So original and true! Will heed your advice? You're still moonlighting at home?

    Savante - The prices have started falling now with higher rebates and packages thrown in instead. What are you looking for? Just ask me from my finger tips.

    LeuMas - LOL.... Toasted white bread with Milo used to be my kiddie breakfast. With chilly sauce, yet to try. I tried Tomato Ketchup with bread and they tasted yummy. You are so funny!

    Daniel - You're like my e-financial guru whom I would glue my ears to your blogs. You are a planner?

    SK - I think I will die if I follow you as I habis my salary every month!

    KEENYEE - You are another hilarious blogger. So should I report to work and wash your cummed toilet after your trip??

    ET - Hey, I never thought of frying the potatoes first! Sure that will be more fragrant lah! Great! You and me better STOP shopping after Christmas! Pull hand brake! Maggi Mee is always my easy favourite.

    Perky - There are several 100 Yen stores in KL but I'm tipsy now, so i recall Taman Desa & Taman Connaught. Freegans! They have become so famous now in the news! I salute them coz they don't complain like us. Aiks!

    Khao-lar-sexy-Press: What a sexy name you have! I never realised the Jap curry might have preservative too since I had to cook the paste! Tambah melanin inside and I will be lying in the casket. You can try the Jap Curry and they are nice without coconut milk & healthier.

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