Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas @ Red Box Pavilion

We had our annual office Christmas party on Saturday night at Red Box. 
I guessed it was the first and last visit for everyone! 
It was kinda expensive and the buffet spread was so little compared to Neway Karaoke @ Puchong.

The waiters were all dressed with Santa's hat and the service was prompt & good as we were a bunch of fussy earthlings!

We took the VIP suite so we demanded so many things. We drank hundreds of glasses of beer, wine and whiskey. I think everyone drank their 1st sip of alcohol before 5 years old. No one admitted they were drunk as usual.

We also got this fabulous view of Twin Towers by the big window. So much merry making, contests, singing, bitching and several beer gulping contest. My colleagues love to fun & camwhored in groups - over 1000 photos! Crazy lah!  I heard they took 3ooo photos when the company trip went to Korea. Siau lang!

... Sing! Sing! Sing! ... Can we bet on which one will walk up the aisle in 2009? 

They both seem to be a lovey duet in every karaoke session. I am just an inquisitive rat.

4 Hunk Hotties.... Still virgin and available upon request. Just ask me coz I am pimping for them! 
Patrick - He will forget your face the minute he zips his pants.
Stanley - He will sing you 4 + 4 Chinese songs without reading the lyrics coz he's banana too.
Tyler - He's a Chippendale dancer & voted the Best Performing Staff tonight! He won't disappoint you in bed coz he will write you HIS job brief first.
Melvin - He kena buang to Singapore office coz he's too hardworking. He will sunat soon as he can eat Malay Ikan Bakar 7 days a week! What a Gila Babi!

They only drank whole night and didn't sing at all coz they forgot they were inside the karaoke!

Since no one sang, this HKG Boss sang the whole night~!! He croons like Leslie Cheong but looks like Alan Tam after photoshop. Ha Ha!

Haaaiiiyah! There are 10 hard core smokers in the office. These 3 Pollutants of Mother Nature just polluted the whole room like cancer exhaust pipes. Cheh! Cough! Cough!

We have a Massage Corner for the aching ladies! They really did a marvelous job as if they graduated from Wat Po Massage School in Bangkok. If the offer B2B, I am sure there will be a long beeline & stampede!

OMG!!! Twilight won the GRAND PRIZE!!!!!  

I went home happy with a bag full of Christmas pressies! 
My Grand Prize is a Nintendo Wii.
I can't believe that whole night several fellas bargained and offered to buy my prize! What will boss think if I sold my prize for cash offers?


  1. Waaaa.... you're a man of many talents. Perhaps you could proffer your pimping services when I'm in-the-low. lolz

    Have a good week ahead! ^_^


  2. dude, can i borrow your Wii for testing... just wanna to test out with my new flat screen TV :)

  3. Wow! sound like your have a great great party!

    love the pimping part:), LOL!

    So many photos but didn't see your handsome face one?

  4. i went to Redbox+ in Pavilion, that was the first and the last time too.. lucky you can get the grand prize, you can then do your bollywood steps with it already!! vanakam vanakam vanakam nade~~

  5. haha, u are so fast post it on ya blog... I'm even havent update last few weeks punya XD... congratulation, you draw a GRAND prize^^, we can share games^^ I got a nintendo Wii cooler (which under our xmas tree) as x'mas present... hahaha...

  6. aww~ y u didnt bring me to redbox \
    :( next time will be u treat ok :P

  7. Wow...Wii + 4 hot hunks = lucky bastard. Hehe. much shall I offer for Stanley. And how much for the Thai massage, guess I need 1 as damn tired after the trip.

  8. I wan, I wan... I wan Wii

  9. this is one big party!!

    how much r u selling that Wii?

    maybe i can consider letting you pimp me in exchange for the console..

  10. congratulations!! so, any x'mas present for me?

  11. Good luck to start the new year? Wuahh

  12. I need to be knocked on my head for replying SO LATE! Many thanks for giving me comments!

    Anton - Send your resume for me to pimp! You will fetch good bucks!

    AJ - Just when i thought my luck was dwindling, I won lah!

    TZ -Why don't you loan me your Flat Screen for testing coz I have old boxed TV at home. So fugly looking one!

    Lifebook - You want? You want? The mantra really worked lah! U know what I mean!....

    Daniel - I am so ugly that's why you couldn't see me. Look back at my earlier post about Jackie Chan, my face is there.

    SK - Please warn me next time not to go. These days I rely on blogger's reviews on the food and movies. So reliable! Vanakam!

    Vincent - Wanna play?

    Fable Frog - I am lucky bitch? Muahahahaha!

    Jammy - Waah! You seem to own sooo many things wor. I will go bankrupt if I keep buying like you. Have fun ok!

    LeuMas - Honestly I loathe karaoke with my colleagues. It is more fun with friends BUT I cannot sing lo.

    Benedict B'ng - Thanks for coming! Merry Christmas!

    KEENYEE - I think Tyler is better choice. He's smart and rich too! Massage? Better go to Senjakala!

    jamie - You greedy lah! Last year you won the Grand Prize, didn't you? Heh heh!

    A Common S'porean - Woi! Everything is cheaper in Singapore lah!... I wish I am living there instead.

    E.T. - Thanks thanks thanks! Didn't you check you mail box? I posted your gift over.

    Bengbeng - I couldn't believe my ears when my name was called out. I hope next year is BETTER!

  13. YOU DID NOT!!!!!!

    oh.. i figured u dont need it in a year's time so can i have your wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii next year christmas? or nvm la.. my bday is coming up lol.

  14. sorry about it....ya,ur snowman looks nice.actually i want to blog in bilangual,bt i didnt hv time to write do so.....sorry about it.
    anyway wish u happy new yr n hv a nice day....
    ya,now i feel more better, didnt andry with them already...