Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Let's Go Jungle Walking

Last weekend, I went to Penang to relax and for binge eating the yummiest sinful food. Finally I stepped inside & dined at the famed "32 At The Mansion" chic restaurant where Hollywood's film producer Ang Lee shot a movie part inside the cozy colonial mansion by the sea. The dinner's bill almost shattered the chandelier's crystals on the ceiling above my head.
Elsewhere, I also ate the Loh Mee, Assam Laksa and Mee Goreng. My saliva still drips & flood when I type right now. That is how greedy I can be by just typing about Penang's food.

I had to exercise a lot in Penang so that I would not feel the guilt of high calories and fat. I wore my old koyak addidas shoes and went for a jungle walk alone for the first time.

I had no idea where it led to but I simply followed this couple up the long flight of steps.

I reached the highest peak which promptly led me into the wild Amazon jungle of unknown species and tribes. I thought I heard Fable croaking by the gazebo hut.

OMG! It was such a long walk through thick greens of tall trees and ferns plus hundreds of cicadas calling. It was dark and so cool after the heavy rain. I was alone and kinda scared what if a robber or rapist hid behind the trees? Can I scream for Fable Froggie's help? He might be busy making tadpoles behind the bushes, yeah..

Safe at last, I saw light at the end of the jungle! I was being greeted by the infinity swimming pool at my dad's new condo which he just moved in. It was really amazing that a condo had its own private fenced jungle about 0.25km walking path! The whole brilliant concept was the brainchild of IOI Group's developer which is the richest & biggest developer in Malaysia!

Perched almost on top of a hill in Penang, you can see the breathtaking panoramic view below, 180 degrees wide. Far behind this pool you could see the sprouting high rise condos and entire straits seaview amidst the cooling breeze.

This Balinese fountain is a nice spot where you can view the Penang Bridge and mountainous hills running around like a Dragon, supposedly a good Feng Shui enclave.

The 4 block condo sits atop the hilly terrains and the slope upwards is so bloody steep. My tongue was sweeping the road as I panted my way up like a doggie, just to snap this photo to share with you guys.

In my bedroom at last, I could see the international airport's runway far below from my window. I would count the planes taking off and passing ships. Heavenly isn't it? Well, we had to sell off our previous home as my mum could no longer climb the 3 storey house which had almost 40 steps to reach her bedroom.

Penang commands the most expensively priced land in Malaysia today as the little island has very limited areas left for development with its many untouchable hills scattered around. A 50 year old pint sized single storey terrace house in a very shitty area could fetch over RM500K. That is daylight robbery! I am actually referring to my buddy's house lah. The costliest areas are even selling higher than KLCC and Bukit Tunku's price tag.

When economy slides, it become the buyer's market. It's ripe time to buy properties at bargain prices!


  1. Wow! Nice new place ur parents have there. Me likey the infinity pool very much. ^_^


  2. I can dream....wow sucha nice place for your parents! So when are you gonna buy me one? *wink!

  3. ya Allah~ why kept mentioning me? I've only been to Penang 3 times jer. Don't think can find my children and grandchildren there lor... ISH! But so cool hor that condo~ have private forest! i would love to stay there~ and do bird watching in the forest~!! *after dinner dreaming*

  4. wah!!! really nice home with a feng shui view!!! i wanna make myself a house that close to nature!!! can really feel the peace...

  5. The private jungle and pool are so charming. Such a great condo with nice views around. And yeah, I do missed the asam laksa and chau kuey tiew there as well.

  6. OMG.. i'm just drooling thinking abt Penang food. Everything is so yummy there!

    Although I love penang, I can't imagine myself living there (n don't get me started with the Penang drivers :P). It's a great holiday destination but it's just too cramp for me.

  7. Oh my God! What a nice view and place to have your house near the nature and Penang has such a wide variety of food.

  8. dude, the weather is not much different when i was in Penang... :p
    Anyway, the view from your room is so nice...

  9. what a nice home your parents have there and the view from room is spectacular. maybe you can invite me have a swim wt you in the heavily guarded compound.

  10. Anton - I love the pool too and they have 2 huge gyms with seaview.

    nase - I'm so poor to afford one myself. I should ask when are you gonna buy me one doc? *wink!

    Fable Frog -I didn't realize that I'm so addicted that I even call your names in my sleep! Got plenty of bird watching in the forest and pool.

    Jazone - I thought you are now living in the Keningau pure forest? This one at the condo is just a mini.

    KEENYEE - You can get better Penang food at Mid Valley's Little Penang. A little over priced but who cares? I just remembered you eat at Ah Yat....!

    Perky - Penang is also famous for their Rojak. They drive cars like making Rojak, yeah? I surrender too.

    Calvin - The whole condo is very excellent and didn't dare to post all photos for fear that I'm boasting. In less than 6 months, the condo price jumped almost 100K.

    TZ - Yeah it rained and shined too, better than KL. You seem to know Penang so well from your blogs.

    sbanboy - I will buy a binoculars soon to view the planes and ships.

    Stephanie - You are always welcome to strip all and swim in the pool. It's safely guarded from paparazzi's flash bulbs!

  11. Wow, Mid Valley has better Penang food. I should go for a try then. Hehe, just been to Ah Yat twice in 30 years.

  12. jus post when Stephanie is going to strip and swim in the pool. we will all b there n waiting hahahahah

  13. KEENYEE - I pointed that you're Ah Yat's client, so any over-priced menu will not bat your eyelids. I guarantee that everything in Little Penang is superb & Tun Mahathir used to dine there often. His photo is on their walls.

    Bengbeng - This Stephanie is blushing now. She has to buy a new swimsuit.

  14. nice view ... i like condominium very much ... but really hard to find a good requirements' condo lol ... haha ... too congested nowadays living highrise building lol ... too many developments in everywhere lol ... haha ... no more nature feel lol ...


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