Monday, January 12, 2009

My Sunday @ KLCC

It was so rare that I got up so early on a Sunday again and had a quick Chee Cheong Fun breakfast before dashing like Speedy Gonzale to KLCC. I had bought tickets many moons ago and almost forgot about it. 

The convention hall was packed to the brim and I sat down behind this young family. I couldn't believe that they had no choice but to tag their kid along. Her silly parents brought homework for her to do while they could enjoy themselves. Poor daughter, she had to scribble Chinese writings while being sandwiched in between her mom & skinny dad. I think her dad was skinnier than a joss stick.

Yes, it is Twilight having a date to hear this world famous Feng Shui Grandma talk again after 1 year. Lillian Too's books have been published in over 20 languages to date and holds talk worldwide from Hawaii to Amsterdam and Manila. I am not her fan okay but I enjoy her ramblings and loud words. So similar to me! Hey, she is a Harvard graduate and is also from Penang hometown like me with a fire lava mouth. She sells her Feng Shui ornaments like a top sales girl, so convincing that sent the gullible audience out to buy huge boxes of her stuffs home!

I observe many famous Feng Shui Masters with an open mind and make my own silent judgement. I had attended talks by Joey Yap and will never listen to him again coz he said colours do not influence Feng Shui. My jaw dropped open in disbelief for 15 minutes till flies laid eggs beneath my tongue. I also have online teaching by Singapore's Feng Shui Queen - Master Lynn Yap who is a very unique and different teacher. I tend to agree to much of her theories as she emphasizes on merits and karma as well.

Recently there was a debate by World Masters on whether Feng Shui is a Science or Superstition? I don't know the verdict but if you ask me, I would say that some divine spirits had told me that Feng Shui is a very important matter for humans to observe and they are Science and Physics as well.

Look at the radiant Lillian Too in her stunning low cut dress with sparkling sequins that dazzled my eyes. Here she was chuckling and finally shrieked out at the male Singaporean photographer who snapped her non stop. I guessed he was her old flame who held her up on the steps.

Lillian Too - Aiyo! Aiyo! Kau liao lah loo. Loo Singapore lang aneh Kiasu hip wai photo beh stop aaaaarrrr!!!!!!
Old Flame - Hanah! Hanah! Wah Singapore lang kiasu land lah.. Kekekeh!

Lillian Too was not well, I guess she is suffering from some undisclosed illness coz she has shrunk down her size and looked weak & pale. She was so frank, didn't hide and revealed that her friends had just conducted a Tibetan Medicine Buddha's prayer ceremony for her the day before. I was trying hard to guess what kinda sickness could it be till her friends had to conduct big prayers!!! Gosh...Oh.....Well, I wish her a speedy recovery!

Oops, so many ladies groped and jostled till Lillian Too lost her balance! That lady grabbed her on nick of time otherwise Twilight would have been 'pancaked' by Lillian Too on top! Do you think she weighs 90 kilos?

During break intervals, I spotted this hunky guy who wore his own face printed on the back of his shirt carrying a raccoon animal bag! Guess who? He is Kee Hua Chee - Malaysia's most flamboyant freelance writer who has interviewed all the famous celebrities like Jimmy Choo, Shah Rukh Khan, Nicole Kidman, tens of International Royalties including novel writer Dame Barbara Cartland!
I first met Kee Hua Chee some years back during a private luncheon hosted by Sheila Majid at the Marriot Hotel. I was stunned to see a sashaying male wearing so much studded jewelries on his wrists and neck with frills shirt and pleated silk pants! OMG!!!.... He really outshone Sheila Majid that afternoon!
During lunch break I had to sit and warm myself in the park under the trees as the air con in the hall was fucking cold. On my left, this Ang Mor Lau Eee was roasting under the blazing sun to turn herself into Kenny Rogers Grilled Chicken! 

In front of me, there was a live soap drama with so much tears flowing from the actress. She was sobbing and raining tears non stop... woohoo hoo hooo hoo.... while the nerd was begging her like hell. He felt so bloody shy coz I was staring at him. Twilight is so Kay Po Chee ... kan?
After 15 minutes, they got up and walked into the Educational Fair's hall below. Maybe she failed her exams I guess! Aiyo, just quit studying and work in supermarket lah.

There was a long long beeline of Lillian Too's die hard fans anxiously wanting her autograph on their Feng Shui books.
Twilight - Hi hi! Grandma Lillian!
Lillian Too - Whooa! You ka Twilight? Aiyo loo hor boh! Long time no see laar!
Happily, she shook her front assets in excitement!

The show has ended and Lillian Too bade farewell but so many ladies still thronged to the stage to snap her photos, shook hands and still asked the most stupid questions! She lost her patience and roared back at them like a monster!! Ha ha ha! I was taken aback that some audiences were so %$#@ stupid morons for posing silliest questions.

Last year on January 2008, she predicted precisely what would happen to the world's economy and natural calamities in 2008. 

I am not sure if you guys would love to hear what Lillian Too has predicted for 2009?


  1. She also predicted that Hillary would beat Obama to be the Democrat front-runner based on their "ba zi". What happened la? LOLZ


  2. Sorry ya Twilight, forgot to wish you a wonderful week ahead. ^_^


  3. i believed in feng shui and would love to gain more insight on the matter...

    but i dunno....never liked lilian too's style....too much of crystals we have to buy from her store or others

    and on the subject of color, i do believed that colors are part of feng shui but not necessarily dependent on what the chinese traditionally considered to be a good color for wealth or prosperity or auspicious...

    just select ur favorite colors and work it out harmoniously...b'coz if u do not like the color coordination of ur living room for example....when u go home, tired...u're feel more stressful

    anyway, hv a good week ahead of ya~


  4. what she has predicted for 2009? share with us leh!!

  5. I think it would be great if you can share some of her prediction for 2009. It's always nice to know a little, isn't it?

  6. Hi T.Z. quite enjoy reading this post especially you mentioned about the silly parents, kee Hua Chee, Ang Moy and the soap are quite "busy" man...reading your post is like watching movie!

    I always love to look back what's the so called expert's prediction and see how accurate or silly their predictions come out.

    Maybe u can share with us what's Lilian predicted for 2009...America bankrupt and Obama become the short tenure President for USA???-:)P.

    btw, I am so impressed you are the Harvard!

  7. aiyoh, lilian has shrunk in size leh.. thot her Feng Shui would help her in health too??

    the young lady and the old uncle.. OMG, that is such a "weird" combination.. :p what has the guy done to the lady??

  8. What ever the economy will be for this year, i will buy more wealth ship with overloaded gold ingots and jewls.... im sure the ship will bring me good fortune as it did before the last ship $$$$$$$$...lots of it.
    thankssssss TWILIGHT. IT WORKS

  9. To be frank, I never like her. To me, she's a real business woman trying to tell you to buy this, buy that, and everything is from her shop. Just like those zodiac yearly book for every animal sign which I used to buy just for fun. Inside, they will tell you to get this object for this month, another ornament for the next month. She's really making money.

    Sorry if you're her fan. Hehehe... That's my opinion. Don't bomb me ah!

  10. Anton - I also read about Hillary supposed to win and I even emailed Hillary Clinton that she would win! Well, I was in their emailing list asking for donations you know. I don't know why fate changed. Once I was supposed to succeed in something as per my "Bazi" but someone charmed me teruk until....
    You have a good week too Anton! :)

    JD Cole - I agree that she sells too much stuffs and stones supposedly to work wonders. I don't believe them all but merely listened to her theory & analysis to make comparisons with other Masters. So far the best I heard was from a Rinpoche based in US. So chun 100%.

    ET - Hey nanti I have time, I will type bit by bit & kongsi with you ok.

    KEENYEE - I don't mind tell all what I heard. Just worried some might think I am nuts and fanatic. I am not her fan at all. Am I?

    Daniel Ng - I've cleared my name in your blog that I am not Harvard grad. I was posting the blog at past 1.00am & sure my Inggeris kaput along. Hey I am a busy body all the time since a kid. Yeah, on january 2008 she did say US would fall into financial woes & sure it happened. Let me look over my notes and will post them soon.

    SK - LOL. Feng Shui can assist in slimming meh? I wanna learn that too. Her mouth is louder than mine hence she is warm to everyone. I never met a champion saleswoman like her.

    Weejino - Yeah add more nuggets onto your boat! The economy will slide but your career sector is not so badly affected as thought earlier. That is what the Fei Phor said.

    Calvin - I am not her fan too and she could not convince me to buy her ornaments and stuffs. So you can blab anything about her. I am happy yo! Have a good day!

  11. Someone once told me that Lilian isn't quite the feng shui master she portrays in public. The actual master is her sifu who advices her from behind the scenes (so to speak lah).

    I don't know how true that is though. Probably just some nasty rumor.

  12. wow u enjoy yr weekend loh. my prediction for 2009 is everyone must work very very hard......hahaha pls listen to my prediction, u will be saved!!!

  13. Dude, what have you learned from Lilian Too on the prediction of year 2009... mind to share?

  14. 2009 is a year of crisis and opportunity. grab what we can and avoid what we cannot tahan...

  15. i never believe in feng shui, i believe myself more LOL

  16. 3 things strucked me.

    1)Wow Twilight!! U r from Harvard!!
    2)The guy with his own portrait on his shirt. (
    3)I hope I don't have to go through a pathetic parenthood. (the family of 3 with the kid doing homework)

    Lastly 2009 is full of opportunities.

    HUAT ah!!!

  17. i dont take fenghsui too is jus another matter to be considered in making a decision but yes, i want to know her 2009 revelations

  18. Perky - She learnt from Yap Cheng Hai and went on to make millions. She's smarter than the sifu.

    TZ - Will share! Will share! Akan datang!

    Seefei - Yeah we grab and run in the rat race today. Will you save for me?

    Willy's Diary - Too bad you believe in yourself. feng shui can make your hubby love ya better!

    A Common S'porean - Typo error, she graduated from Harvard & not me dude. I am stupider than her. Yeah it is stupid to carry our own face on the shirt.... You leave your kids at home while having good time with your honey ok.

    Bengbeng - feng Shui is important science and physic essentials. Too bad if you don't believe them.