Monday, February 2, 2009

The Fantastic Four

It has been a long time since I lighted up my wok and cooked something. Here, I decided to cook Japanese Curry with rice to treat some guests tonight.

It was quick and easy to cook using the ready made Japanese Curry paste with sliced carrots and potatoes stir fried into the gravy with soft minced chicken meat coz some of my guests are toothless tigers.

Try to stir in some Lychee! This is Twilight's copyright and the taste is superb to chew something fruity & tangy sweet. I believe the Japanese never enjoyed this way! Yum! Yum!

Here's the scooped piping hot rice with the curry in take away boxes with oranges and red packets for my guests.

4 lovely & obedient teens came along to make big merits for themselves tonight. 
Let me introduce Calvin Chew who is flanked by 3 angels - Elicia, Xiao Ying and Min Hui.
Ms Cheah drove us around the whole Pudu and Petaling Street looking for our guests.

- Pudu Area -

They got down and presented the bags of goodies to homeless beggars by the 5 foot ways. The female beggar was visibly moved to see the kind hearted kids. She must be missing someone dear in her heart & hugged her goody bag tightly. We drove around the block and she was munching away hungrily while her comrades peeked into Elicia's ang pows.

- Petaling Street -

Yengga Poreng Ngeh??... What to do next? Beggar is asleep and looked terribly sick under thick blanket.

Ms Cheah whispered, "Ah Phor.. Kong Hei Fatt Choy... !! Eat something & keep your money tight"..

I was very sad to see this 80 something frail old lady sleeping on cardboxes with passing cars, stray dogs and pedestrians. Does she has a better choice?
Are you an idiot like me who often complained that my bedroom is small and my bathroom has no rain-showers? After seeing her, I will seal my lips tight!

- Klang Bus Station -

Last bag of goodies, here we come! Calvin dropped off to a gang of beggars camped under the pipes at the Klang bus station. 
It is so easy to spot the beggars and it is so easy to turn blind eyes on them too. The choice is ours!!
It was indeed a truly meaningful night for the 4 teens to have charitable hearts and they are eagerly looking forward to their next rounds to feed the hungry & homeless beggars at midnight. I am very confident that they will become the nation's future philanthropists & leaders!

Well Done Guys!


  1. You guys are so kindhearted!!
    Good job! I should volunteer in future.

  2. That's really good! Sharing the wealth for CNY! :)

  3. well done Twilight Zone! Proud of u!

  4. Great job you've done. Do contact me if you need any help next time. :)

  5. So touching... *Two Thumbs Up*

  6. Wonderful and fantastic job, bro.

    I am so happy to see so many Good Samaritan around us, thanks to become the angels in this dark city!

    You guys will be truly blessed by your kind works!

    Well done!

  7. And to think my latest post is about rebellious teenagers.

    There are good youths around I am sure.

    It had been a meaningful night for the 5 of you, and the homeless.

    Great job!!

  8. OMG! i am so touch~ you guys really did very very meaningful thing this CNY~ i almost cry out loud in the office!

  9. this is just something to be proud of!! yende bulana, you sure will have good returns for all that charitable good deed.. HUAT ah!!

  10. Highly commendable indeed! Humbling to knw there are other generous folks out there and the younger generation as well piping in, bravo! You're turning out to be a good role model for them, I see.

    Thanks for the secret of lychee addition into Jap curry, will try it myself!

  11. Who are those four teens who helped distribute the food to the beggars? Your nephew and nieces ah? Well, it's good to teach them young on sharing and caring for the poor and unfortunate ones. Kids nowadays are just too fortunate with computer, iPod, handphones, mp3, and other material stuff that they always think the world revolves around themselves only.

  12. o, such kind job...
    really good, at lease can let all those beggars feel a bit warm in thier heart...

  13. Thanks for spread the message of love. I'm sure we''ll think twice the next time we tuck into that tiramisu or that rm12 ice-blended.

    We should do a bloggers charity nite. Wanna start one?

  14. Action speaks much louder than words, any day. Very touching (eyes brimming...sorry). May the Big Guy up there shower you guys with His blessings!

  15. twilight... you are sooooooooooooo nice leh ^_^

  16. I know some of them~! I felt so proud of them now!

  17. Good work must be sustainable.

    But u sure yr lips can be sealed?? I remembered yr said u have a curry mouth ;p

  18. Whoa! You are like 慈济 by yourself! Respect!

  19. That is just so nice of guys...
    Not many can do what you did!

  20. Next time got this kind of charity, must ask me to join also...ok?

  21. Count me in the next time you're goin, k!

  22. I am so touched by your support and I see that some blogger volunteers have come forward to offer their kind help. Perhaps I might encourage the 4 well provided kids to organize something too! That will mould them to become future leaders, we never know!

  23. Jason - I am counting you in too. You are a kind soul and thank you.

    Sgboy -I often wondered where the beggars hide in S'pore? Never saw them anywhere.

    Savante - The kids parents need to dispense more but I am starting with their kids first so that they will never forget.

    ET - Next time wire your donations to us so that the kids will have to find beggars again.

    KEENYEE - We would love to bring you along coz you can also camwhore with them! Teach them to smile happily like you.

    TZ - You have more opportunities to help the less privileged in Uganda. Here the beggars are neglected coz they only appear at midnight.

    Daniel - Thank you for the praises and I hope the kids will be motivated to carry on their lives meaningfully.

    A Common S'porean - You are not wrong to write that kinda topic coz most kids are like that today.

    Fable Frog - Please save your tears and go out to reach them poor fellas. Some beggars slept with tears streaming out of their eyes! Not kidding!

    JD Cole - I was amazed too by their bravery and willingness to help against all odds. Some parents were reluctant and worried pula.

    SK Thamby - Next time I will beg from you for cash and kinds!

    Nase - I am sure your whole family are charitable hearted too. Hey, I must try your curry man!

    Calvin - Those kids are not my relatives but study at the same private school. Yes, they are all very well provided and pampered with more than what you have listed out.

    Tom - Some beggars cried coz they were too hungry at midnight. I found that Penang has more beggars than Klang Valley. Something is wrong!

    Anton - Bloggers charity nite is nice idea but how? Non stop blogging marathon and collect sponsors? I think you are very innovative in this and should start it right away. That will be fun.

    Anon - Oh yeah, may the heavens bless the beings with more wisdom so that they suffering beings will be lessened.

    Willy Diary - Hey your BF is so rich lah. Ask him give us donations and we will feed the beggars more often.

    Datin - The joke says there are more Datins in the market than the fishes. LOL You must be Elicia's aunty? No?

    Medie007 - The beggars have more tears to wipe too.

    Plusmy - Aiyo you can remember my curry mouth? (Shy! Shy!) I really will not complain anymore coz the sleeping conditions of the beggars haunt my head every night before I sleep. I even feel guilty to turn on my air con.

    Legolas - Hey come out and teach the kids something too. I am no where near the Tzu Chi gang as I saw them help so greatly in Taiwan.

    Glog - Many can do it and the choice is theirs. I am just a small fish.

    LeuMas & Jamie - Why so coincident that both your names are side by side? LeuMas supposed to pass his friend's unwanted Hamster to Jamie that night. Remember? So next time you both come out together to meet and help the beggars ok. Thank you!

    Joshua - We are no saint but sinners indeed. LOL

  24. well done. i am indeed touched. i have slacked too this yr. you will b a role model for many of us to keep up the good work

    will try the lychee thingy