Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy Chap Goh Meh

This Chinese New Year was the most eventful one I ever had in my entire life. I had so many invitations to lunches and dinners until I had phobia for "Yee Sang" and food! Last night's dinner at Shang Palace, lunch and barbeque with the orphans tonight was enough to bloat my face with extra inches on my waist! Fat! Fat! Fat!

When I got back to work after a week long break, we invited the Lion Dance troupe to prance around the entire office to scare away all the bad luck. Oh boy, I had never seen such a playful and funny pair of Lions! They were comical, always teasing all the females and chase my colleagues around the office. Gila Singa kan?

The Lion was ogling and flirting with this unmarried 'virgin' female colleague. It was rubbing his nose on her body. So ham sap la! LOL..

Then he came to my table and lazily slept on top of my computer for so long. I was quite horrified and had no idea what it was doing. So I spanked its ass real hard!

Instantly, the Lion jumped off and ran away. He left me a half peeled orange offering! How sweet to offer me luck! I was so touched!

Then his accomplice was confronting my HKG boss in a tyrant manner at his table! It was so comical as if they could communicate. My boss stared at the Lion firmly till it surrendered.

The 2 Lions promptly knelt down so obediently and promised to deliver LUCK to us for whole year! LOL..

A happy ending show, Boss with his favourite 2 Leng Lui in the office.

I must show you this very unique Ang Pow envelope! Have you ever seen this?

Open up and see its unique folding! It has various greetings all over.

Finally open up the full view which shows the "RECYCLE" logo. It has no wastage and you can use the back as a memo or rough paper! So creative kan?

I wish you all a 
Happy Chap Goh Meh 
& please start exercising for all the over eating binge!


  1. Happy Chap Goh Meh to you too... Dude, what is your plan on Chap Goh Meh? ... mine is to go to gym ... gym and gym :p

  2. What a waste of your effort....go spank the 2 leng luis instead ma! :P lolz


  3. happy chap goh meh to u twilight~

    i LUV the environmentally fabulous!

  4. Btw, HAPPY CHAP GOH MEH! Go throw an apple at the esplanade. ^_^


  5. That IS one interesting ang pao wrapper alright! :D

    Happy Chap Goh Meh to you too! You going to throw oranges or something? ;)

  6. Nice! I haven't seen such ang-pow before. Where did you get it from? So how much is it to invite the lion dance troupe? I never see any lion dance at all this year. In fact, I don't think I saw any last year and the year before. It's so rare these days, I wonder why.

  7. wah, twilight was given oranges by the lion, sure huat huat huat all year round already~~

  8. Happy Chap Goh Meh, Twilight~!

    Maybe the lion was surfing the net and reading ur blog thru ur laptop.. LOL.. ^^

  9. Little cheeky lions. But your leng lui colleague looked happy ler being harrasted by those lions. Hehe. Happy Chap Goh Mei to you too. Prosperous, wealthy and healthy year for you.

  10. Dude, you have orange above apple... so Orange + apple = huat huat huat with a apple lifestyle ... kakaka :p

  11. Happy Chap Goh Meh to you Twilight!!

    Eh btw, those lions, are they from the Kun Seng Keng troupe?

  12. OMG! Even the lions were up to no goods huh! Shame! Shame! Ha =) Anyway Happy Chap Goh Meh!

  13. happy chap goh meh to you also twilight...

    and thx for the remind... need to exercise more now LOL

  14. the ang pao is very creative!! i like it....

  15. hapi chap goh meh,although its a day late...

  16. the lion is all the bad spirit away...Happy Chap Goh Meh!!!

  17. come to think of it, the cartoon does indeed look a little like me hhahaha

  18. TZ - Thank you very much for your wishes! Did you throw apples in the PJ Lake the other day? The dude looked like you. I got no luxury time to hit the gym. I am heavy now as you can see my car tilt one side.

    Anton - The 2 Leng Lui are married and one has a gangster hubby. I am scared lah. I wanna watch you spank her lah! LOL

    JD Cole - I like that ang pau too but it is so thick when wrapped up. It belongs to Clearwater Group and I hate their boss' father. Guess who?

    Sam - Thanks for your kind wishes! I rather eat all the oranges or give beggars. I did squeeze them to make delicious cocktails.

    Calvin - Are you not staying in KL? There are non stop Lion Dances everywhere esp my office building lor. The ang pau envelopes were given to me by my colleague. Anyway i have mentioned that Clearwater Group printed them and I hate the lady boss' father. Again, guess who is that Tan Sri?

    SK Thamby Deh - Vanakam thank kiu for your wishes and when i huat, I will belanja you ok.

    Nicholas Rashidee - No wonder how come Lion got boner that day! He surf the porn website! Muahahaha!

    KEENYEE - Many thanks for your kind wishes. I need all the list of goodies and luck you mentioned. So scared boss will pay-cut next month. The lions were crazy and playful, dunno what kinda trend was that?

    TZ - Apple & Orange sounds like am having a Cocktail Mixture Year 2009. That is what my animal signs said too.

    Bengbeng - Thank you for your lovely wishes. Hope the flood meant a wealthy and wet business ahead for Sibu. Too dry season means no crops and no business $$..... LOL

    kao-Lar-Sexy-Press - I wonder how you got this sexy blog name from? Thank you for your best wishes. I wish you a fantabulous year 2009!!

    Perky - Thank you for your sweet wishes. The Lions are from dunno where in KL and we used them 1st time. That Kun Seng Keng from Johor costs easily RM8K for a stint. That is a bomb!

    Teakkaus - Lions are like humans, get hamsap when females arouse them. We had fun trying them out and would engage them again next year.

    Willy's diary - You eat luxury and rich food so often, so better exercise and diet often. Hope your life will always be happy from now with Kham.

    ET - I liked the ang pau too. Next year please send me ang pau ok. I want in Sing dollars! LOL

    TOM - It is never too late and I know you have been busy blogging. Just look at your number of blog visitors! Very amazing laaar! So jeles!

    Jazone - The spirits wont run away. They will stay to watch and enjoy too. Happy Chinese New Year dude!

    Bengbeng - You mean it wasn't your birthday? The cartoon really looked like your school photo, right?