Friday, February 27, 2009

MORE Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

So much has been blogged about this blockbuster movie with so many versions of reviews. Many had watched and many were just lazy to watch it, never mind take your time coz you will get younger each day.

I love this show so much coz it was different, unique and made me think a lot in a reversed manner. It was close to 3 hours long and luckily the pop corns kept me awake till 3 am.

I wished that I could get younger on every birthday and die in the cradle as a baby too.

So when Benjamin Button had a wife and a baby gal, he disappeared for some years before returning back. He sailed on the boat and guess where he went to? I think you guys missed this part which was censored.

His boat sailed to Florida.

He became a Drag Queen!

I am just kidding guys!

Have a Fun Weekend!


  1. what! XD i've yet to catch benjamin button. the trailer looks good, your introduction looks even better. :D

  2. hey...dun simply simply spoil bradd pitt like tat :(

  3. That made a whole twist to the movie! I'm loving it more now with the drag queen scene!

  4. ^_^III... i think i really miss the drag queen part! haahhaha!

  5. argh. just when i was about to buy the DVD with editors cut. haiz.. LOL ^^~ eh the sensored one got nude scene anot? of coz when brad pitt look young one la. LOL

  6. Benjamin Button should have won more Oscars!

    Now I also understand why Benjamin Button won the Oscars for Best Achievement in Visual Effects because of this censored part that we missed - Drag Queen:)P

    Good one! have a nice weekend!

  7. Wah got drag queen scene lagi. :P

  8. hmmm, Arumugam Twilight Borrenge wants to drag like him also?? hahahaha :p

  9. We need to get GSC to have our money back... they censored so much ... Twilight Dude, can u send me the full version of Benjamin Button... need to catch up what we had missed ...

  10. Oops... I watch it @ Cineleisure not GSC ... :p

  11. levian - Don't wait any longer, it's best to watch on big screens than pirated DVDs at home. Happy watching!

    LeuMas - Sorry lah, didn't know that he is your idol.

    Legolas - I was kidding dude. Anyway still love it , yeah.

    E.T - You missed it coz you were asleep? I was just kidding and I was asking you to guess what he did during his MIA years.

    Nicholas - Go watch on the big screen lah.

    Daniel Ng - Nothing missing, just a guessing game where he want to.

    Sam - Hee hee hee no drags.

    SK - I think SK Thamby makes a better drag queen today (Pass crown to your head)

    TZ - Woi, don't go ask for refunds, they will sue my jokes. LOL

  12. what??! if you were kidding then where you got those pictures from? at least the pictures were real!

    I'll have to check out the movie too!

    Thanks for the spoiler! =p

  13. Twilight, you are certainly qualified enough to produce a sequel.


  14. I've watched the movie dy :)

    Oh btw, did you know that it was his own daughter Shiloh in the movie? (when he & Cate Blanchett had a baby girl... that scene loh)

    Macho man or drag queen, I still love Brad ;)

  15. I want to watch it too. Aiyo! Why lah you always change your blog's template background?

  16. I like this movie though. I saw this collection of brad pitt photos few years back le. very funny and cheeky.

  17. To think Brad Pitt started his career as a graphic designer and have now become a heavy weight superstar. I was also a graphic designer more than a decade ago but where am I today? huh? He is so handsome lah.

  18. HAHAHAHA, i thought i really miss that part in the cinema...

  19. u made me curious. i have to go look for the trailer

  20. He did use Botox right? I noticed those zombie smile... lol

  21. I'm just watched it this sunday... I have so complicated emotion after watched it... the day before this movie was Street Fighter The Legend of Chun Li.. however, this really different.. and it makes me think deeper about "life"... appreciate when we have it, dun regret when we missed it... good nite^^

  22. HAHAHAHHA...
    But I think Brad doing drag is such a waste...
    Perhaps he can do something less clothed!

  23. Rad Sujanto - Quick go watch the movie! You so lambat lah, soon the Benjamin Butang Part 2 coming out. Rumours said Brad is gay la that is why ta kahwin Angelina.

    Anton - If I can direct a film, you will be the Star for sure! Pandai acting you.

    Perky - I thought Benjamin made her pregnant? Was I asleep in the cinema?

    Calvin - I am a designer, so always change everything including this boring templates la. You wanna design a banner for me?

    KEENYEE - I didn't know that Brad had so many naughty pictures in the past. You seem so updated (Malu twilight)

    A Common S'porean - You should call up jack Neo and I am sure you are a undiscovered talent star. Brad is not handsome to me but he has the big merits that make him charming and popular.

    Pikey - Seems like my joke went awry. I just felt his disappearance was something to ponder hence my drag queen idea pop up.

    Bengbeng - I wonder when will this show reach Sibu? You want pirated DVD?

    Plusmy - I think most stars use botox nowadays. I will use them someday too.

    Jammy aka Panda - Sure I expect you to have sentimental feelings after watching this show because the actress was just in your shoes, being away from the loved ones.

    Glog - When I watched that movie I would look deeper and analyze. Nah, he went to war but flirted everywhere like a sailor.

  24. I love this movie! I wish I can get younger too! Imagine getting more and more healthy and stronger as the years pass, it's a dream come true!

    haha! I miss that censored part in the cinema : )