Monday, February 23, 2009

My Own Superlatives

The economy has been so scarily tough yet I was working like a crazy cow for the past week. I often went home after midnight but I managed to squeeze in some exercises in between plus cutting down binge eating. That should hopefully lead me to good shape. I have many horror stories yet to blog but I don't wanna scare the many faint hearted readers tonight.

Maybe I should share some tips to enhance your popularity and love life which I heard from Feng Shui masters. Along the way, I realized many 5-Star hotels heeded this advice too, by using fresh floral arrangements at their lobby.

Fresh floral arrangement at the lobby of Oriental Hotel Bangkok which often clinched awards for being the World's Best Hotel

I am sure you have seen many big hotels displayed these big floral arrangement on round tables at the entrance. The flowers are pretty and are believed to emit some frequency to enhance its popularity. I have been displaying miniature fresh flowers every week by my bedside and I think I am always in love or being loved.

Until I spoke to blogger Anton who enlightened me that the ancient Indian Feng Shui also practiced this way plus adding limau parut and sireh leaves, I decided to try. So I thought no harm-lah and bought them at the market this morning. I hope my dreams would be sweeter and good since they believe the limau parut would neutralize the negative frequency on me while I am asleep. Will I get popular with money and friends pouring in from now onwards?

Then I thought over about my life and its directions after meeting a gang of old classmates at a gathering last night. We came from a bunch of extremist students of a Christian Brothers school which blogger Joshua loathes so much, much to my curiosity.

My mind drifted further after reading Yahoo news about the world's friendliest countries being Canada, Germany and Australia judging from expatriates' polls. Sadly China, India and UAE are bottoms for cultural reasons that make them look unfriendly.

This is Twilight's own personal rating polls at random on a lazy Sunday. I am sure you have objections and better versions. Speak up then pleaseeeeee to correct me.

The Best Penang Food Outside Penang - Little Penang Restaurant ( MV & Curve)
The Best Curry Chee Cheong Fun - Madras Lane Restaurant (3rd Mile Old Klang Road)
The Best Roti Canai - Off Jalan Gasing, beside school.
The Worst Motorists & Motorcyclists - Penang (oops!)
The Prettiest Ladies - Perak (Limestone Skin Complexion)
The Best Metrosexuals - Klang Valley's Hotties (In my gym, there's 1 guy who masks his face daily in the changing room)
The Most Hardworking Blogger - SK Thamby (2 languages & almost daily. Thumbs Up)
The Most Extreme Workaholic - My Own Boss
Most Kiasu Beings - Not Singaoreans but Hongkies! Agree or not??
The Most Crank Callers - Kelantan Folks (2004 polls by Bomba Dept)
The Most Expensive & Bluek Thai Food - Ayutthaya Restaurant with POOR service - Medan D'sara
The Most Curry Mouthed Folks - Penang (Didn't Anton tell me this?)
The Best Housing Loan - CIMB (Own Personal Relieved Experience)
The Vampire Bank - HL (Own bad experience)
Best Soya Bean Milk - TTDI Market
My Wealthiest Chinese Friend - In Perth, his father owns MUI plus @#@$% companies
My Wealthiest Thai Cousin - In Ha'adyai, his father left him Rubber Plantations, Hotel, Apartment, Cinema, Houses, Shops and hard cash. Nothing for me! Sob!
My Poorest Friends - All The Beggars Who Sleep On The 5 Foot Ways
Most Dangerous Streets - JB (Look at how Willy Diary's darling got clobbered! I was shocked!)
My Best Invisible Good Friends - All You Bloggers & Readers Who Read My Blog.

Aiyah, I dunno where are the best Wantan Mee, Nasi Kandar & Bah Kut Teh in KL (not Klang)


  1. *Clap Clap*... agreed agreed the most friendliest country CANADA... :)

    I also wanna to put up one vase with flower, limau parut and sireh leaves besides my bed... :p

  2. Wah hebat. That was a quite a list!

    I know a few places as well: like best Thai food, best Hainanese chicken rice, best ikan bakar, etc. etc. which I can so write down - but I am so anal about it I even have to write directions down. See how lah, maybe I'll be hardworking and then I'll list it up as a blog post next. :P

  3. wat a very informative list u have here~ ;)

  4. You got a very interesting blog in here Twilight Zone. I am so glad to be here. :)

  5. You mean by putting fresh flowers by your bedside will make you in love and being loved by many people? Must it be fresh flowers? Must it be placed next to the bed? Can it be anywhere in the room? Is there any particular flowers to get or to avoid?

  6. TZ - When I posted this, I knew you gonna be over the moon. My friend in Vancouver said the same thing & asked me to migrate to Canada. I was once deported from Canada for illegally entering tru wrong lanes at Niagara Falls without passport. The authorities interrogated me & Korean friends for hours before signing deportation papers as criminals. Kaneeneh leh!
    Have a nice day TZ!

    Sam - I have made KL my home since 1993 but I still dunno many food havens. So pls blog about it okay. Thanks dude! Have a nice day Sam!

    GaGa West - What an exotic & erotic name you have. LOL. Please drop by again. Have a nice day GaGa!

    Hi Grace - Please drop by again. Have a nice day Grace!

    Calvin - I was told can place anywhere in the room but I am kiasu & wanna be closer to it. In fact I wanna hold the vase to sleep, if possible. Any nice flowers will do. The Indian gurus advised sweet smelling flowers like Jasmine but I put the pink rose. I swear the flowers worked but with limau parut and sireh leaves added, I should stand for next elections. Have a nice day Calvin!

  7. The best Wantan mee, to me, is still the stall beside the Seremban Highway going towards Salak South one...only open at night...

    Especially their Char-Xiu, super yummy, I can finish one whole plate (= RM10) by myself... muahahaha...... student told me Wantan mee is the heaviest mee, cause "one tonne" mee... kakakakka

  8. The best wanton mee for me is the small store next to Maybank, Klang, you need to wait at lease 30 minutes and the portion is damn small, so normally I will order two plates and still can ta pao back for supper!

    Of course the best bah-kut teh also in Klang, with so many difference variety, I can have bah kut teh everyday and not feel boring, gosh..

  9. worst bank not BSN meh

    so happy to be living in the best metrosexual zone *drool


  10. Thanks for sharing. I shall start putting fresh flowers by my bedside. Limau parut? Can use to make limau juice after few days? Hehe.
    Best wantan mee: The one beside Jln Sg Besi? Just a guess la since I never ate there. Hehe.
    Best Nasi Kandar: No idea.
    Best BKT: My coll said the 1 at Sg Way is nice. I've yet tried it. :)

  11. OMG!! i am in your superlatives list!! pai seh lah, i am not qualified at all for that leh, hahaha!!

  12. Aiyuuuu I'd better watch whatever I say in future, otherwise you'll regurgitate all my gossips Ish! :P


  13. Dude... you should do some drama.... tell them if they sign the deport paper ... u will jump from the bridge into the falls and mark a dot in Canada history... the one that jump into the falls due to being force by the immigration department ... maybe they will just let you go ... kakaka ;p

  14. I agree that Canada and Australia are the friendlist countries (can't say about Germany though, coz I don't have any German friends to testify to that... hehehe).

    Apart from being friendly, Canadians and Australians are really the coolest ppl to hang out with (well, at least the all the ones that I do know).

  15. i really looking forward yr horror story...i m a fan of that hk movie "有線怪談"

  16. MiChi - That stall has so many cockroaches running from the car workshop. I agree their Char Siew is tasty.

    Daniel Ng - Why everything in Klang? You live in Klang? The journey to reach there for a meal will take me ages. Got KL/PJ food haven to share?

    Nicholas Rashidee - BSN got give housing loan meh?? I will check it out... Dude, you will definitely become a catwalk diva in KL soon. I'm taking fashion lessons for free from JD Cole's blog.

    KEENYEE - You are so homely and hardly know eatery places man. Time to treat us all and we bring you to explore ok.

    SK Thamby - Well it is fact that no one blogs so frequent in 2 languages like you. Maybe I should blog in Eng/BM too.

    Anton - I promise I won't reveal your darkest secrets if you have any. LOL

    TZ - How I wished that I knew you earlier! You are so clever to tipu huh. Canadians are so kiasu compared to Americans. Right?

    Perky - Sadly I never had Canadian friends but my brother who once studied in Canada claimed that the Canadians trust everyone so easily. Australians are over friendly and very wild when drunk. The older Penang folks had a hard time when RAAF base was in Butterworth eons ago. So many brawls and fights after the Aussies got drunk.

    Plusmy - Akan Datang....Cerita Pontianak & Rumah Puaka!.... LOL

  17. I can't say much for the venues in Malaysia coz I am such a homestay kid in Singapore, I haven't been travelling much lately. I have to disgree that the most kiasu is HongKongers. Come on lah, Singapore Lang Sibeh Kiasu Lah. Biggest Ferris Wheel Biggest everything, wah lao. But last in the list is true. heehee

  18. Great post! I think the best Bak Kut Teh (not in Klang) is the shop next to Dynasty Hotel in KL. I also agree with MiChi that the best wanton mee is the one beside the Seremban Highway.

  19. I've been to hotels where they displayed flowers at the lobby but they made it look even odd.

  20. there used to have a very good bak kut teh stall at maluri...but closed down dy

  21. agree with you that CIMB provides best housing loan, at least better than HLB LOL

    and wonder what happened if your boss read this

    The Most Extreme Workaholic - My Own Boss


  22. i agree about sk.. he is very productive on his blog. i dont know how he manages it. great blogger

  23. I guess I know which person you were talking about. Yea, same party! But I don't really know him.

  24. hey...wat do u for living? thanks for ur comment on the talipon buffet....the place is not so nice and i prefer yuen steamboat instead....

  25. the wanton mee at Jalan Loke Yew which i eat before is nice lah , this is my taste lol , although everyone's taste also different lol ... haha ... u may try it also lol ... the Bah Kut Teh at Kelana Jaya also not bad de oh ... the soup is nice and the pork also very juicy oh ... try it on lol ... Nasi Kandar is at Restaurant Banana Leaf which located at Bangsar lol ... wahaha ... nice but very damm expensive oh ... try it on oh ... wahahahahaha ...

  26. of course lah! we aussies dang friendly wan..just like me!

  27. The worst motorists is in Penang? I thought KL has the worst motorists!

    I agree SK is the most hardworking blogger. Where else can you find a blog in 2 languages and updated daily? How come he has so much time? LOL!

    Let me add more to this list.

    Best Cinema - GSC Signature @ The Gardens

    Best Karaoke - RedBox Plus @ Pavilion

    Best Japanese Buffet - Jogoya @ Starhill

    Shopping Mall with the Cleanest Toilet - The Curve @ Mutiara Damansara

    Best Egg Tart - a certain shop in Ipoh (told to me by blogger Eiling - haven't eaten before) Personally for me, it's either Canton-i or Tong Kee.

    Best jogging shoes - New Balance

    Best gui ling gao - Koong Woh Tong

    Gosh, this list can never end! So up to here first. : )

  28. A Common S'porean - What a surprise to hear that you're homely guy when you look like a wild street cat like me. LOL.. I still think that Hongkies are more kiasu coz my big bosses are Hongkies.

    Charlene & Kevin - I will definitely go and try that stall next to Dynasty Hotel. If not good, you pay haar. I didn't know that Indian area has this stall.

    Rad Sujanto - Next time you pay attention to the hotel's lobby. Good fresh flowers would bring good business.

    LeuMas - Apa la you? Closed down still wanna tell me.

    Willy's Diary - Oh you also pinjam from CIMB before? Only recently they rebranded themselves and offered many benefits. I do worry always that my boss will read my blog. Die la. Die la. Die la.

    Bengbeng - I wonder which blogger is most hardworking besides SK?

    JC - I thought you know LeuMas. He is very funny guy you know....

    Vialentino - In my profile it says that i work in the advertising industry. Very long hours and very stressful job indeed. I thought you actually look familiar to me.

    Shelly - Are you sure Kelana jaya got Bah Kut Teh? Got so many Malays live there wor. I agree that Banana Leaf is expensive since Bangsar is only meant for high class ppl like you.

    Wuching - You are definitely friendly and funny too. I love your blog.

    Foongpc - Whooa! I love your ratings and would go to try out. Thanks for sharing and I want more lah...

  29. yup ... Kelana Jaya really got Bah Kut Teh oh ... I eat there for mauy times le ... juz oppisite the Dataran Prima le ... try it oh ... haha ...

  30. where exactly is that madras lane at old klang road?