Friday, March 6, 2009

Akan Datang! Twilight News

Everyday when I turn on my computer, I must check online all newspapers first. Aiyoh! Aiyoh! Whooa! Chehh! Chiibaiiii! That is my typical expressions. The news is full of craps and sickening news of political shit, gory murders and facking ah longs. Today politicians assembled under Pokok Hujan and tomorrow they might assemble under Pokok Pisang.

I am really tired of reading newspapers recently, makes my mood gloomy. Many moons ago, I worked for Cambodia Times and that was a hell place to be coz there were 28 Indians and 8 Chinese & Malays. So many back stabbers and bomb shellings apart from delayed news from Cambodia reaching us. Sometimes reporter kena bombed, sometimes wrong photos sent to us and all shit people made working life puked. So I quit in 30 days! I bade them all Chi-Bye!

Can you spot Twilight in the pix? 
Of course not idiot, coz I took the photos!!

Last week I was invited to join the last batch of colleagues to visit the printing plant of Suratkhabar Bintang, our most femes & popular paper. You know what? That kilang is out of bound to orang-orang awam, so heavily guarded that I was being sandwiched by so many walkie-talkie guards! Aiyo, so mah-fan lo.

I entered the lobby and saw a big comic wall, quite funny with their daily ramblings. Then hor, I spotted several familiar funny faces in it.

Dato Seri Wong Chun Wai.... need to say more?

Dato Ng Poh Tip

Some briefings about their printing process to roll out over 300,00 copies per day!

We were all given ear plugs before entering the printing area fully barricaded by guards around us. No cameras allowed coz I looked like a terrorist and OMG! It was so bloody huge like a monster!

Since I cannot snap photos, I asked them to allow me to shoot the model replica to show you. Look, it is 3 storey high single machine which starts from one end and comes out cut and folded on the other end.

It looked a bit like this one and it was SO NOISY that any lizard or cockroach that entered there would become instantly deaf. Enough of newspapers lah. I think I will publish my own Twilight News with grandma stories in my blog. Wanna read?

Happy Weekend!


  1. So what's the prime news on Twilight? :P

  2. If not allowed how did you take take picture of those machines then??

    I thought when you said you were given the ear-plugs it was before the briefing (speech) time! Hahahaha...

    So you're thinking of making you're own television channel with you and grandma in it? ;) Invite me to your show lah! hehehe

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  4. omg Sam and I posted the comments at the same time! haha


  5. Twilight Newspaper???

    Whoa, we'll have to address you as Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Granma Twilight then.

    Hail CB!

  6. twilight, i will be your first supporter when you publish your twilight news ^_^

  7. Very insightful.

    I don't do alot of prints and color proofing stuff coz I'm in multimedia design. Printing is another big knowledge.

    Twilight News sounds good. I will be all ears!!

    And yar, screw the newspapers, its f**king demoralising lah.

  8. Sam - Hey bradder, prime grandma news like what Fable & Anton have christened me. So bad lah they!

    Rad Sujanto - You mabok kah, I said no snapping photos and that gambar is a model replica! It means a fake toy factory. Tengok baik-baik tuan. I am just toying with my own juicy newspaper since the papers here borek and rintek everyday. Adoi Rad.

    Anton - Oh tankieu for adding titles to a grandma. Now I'm more shy to surface in public! (blush! blush!)

    Plusmy - I really fedaaaaaaap with the papers that I read them from behind to the front staring with my TOTO results, all the obituaries and then advertisements.

    Willy's Diary - Khob Khun Mak Nong Chai Willy!

    A Common S'porean - That is the reason I always loved reading Singaporean papers. The craps written there are honest and interesting. We Malaysians like to browse the computer and electrical ads in S'pore. So murah!

  9. Twilight News?? available in spore??

  10. i thot you have all the while been doing that in your blog?? arumugam too old to remember huh?? hehehe.. :p

  11. Guess what? Since I come to Japan, I have forgotten all about Malaysia already! I even did not bother to check out the Malaysian online news. Am I a "frog under the coconut shell"? Well, not, coz I have a rich experience here.

  12. I have tried to stay away from the disgusting malaysian politics, it will pissed you off with no end. Our politicians are setting a very bad example to our young ones, you will feel more disgusting and sickening when you read Malaysian news!

    Yup! I would rather read Twilight news, at lease can have some good laugh!

  13. Lotsa news on shirtless hunks?

  14. Strange I too have a habit of reading obituary (may be by surprised, one day I read one of my fren's obituary - whom his death without me knowing)

  15. oh, i have not been following protocol. Sorry.Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Granma Twilight.

    Hey, I miss chatting with you on msn.

  16. I'll support that idea but put a lot of pics of hunks,k

  17. E.T - What available in Singapore? I was just kidding whether I should publish my grandma stories online. Don't you know how the others address me?

    SK Thamby - You mean Arumugam has been reporting and not blogging? That is bad lah. So you gotta teach me okei. Sigh! Me reporting... sigh!

    Mannpriedo D'Saintner - What katak under shell? You are the Frog Prince having the best time in Japan. I am so jeles!

    Daniel Ng - Oh I am glad you felt the same and I am so fedaaaaaap with the local news. Bluek!
    Read Twilight news would be good remedy.

    Jerry - Oh thank you! You are funny blogger too and should work for Star someday!

    William - I would love to feature you in shirtless and bottomless. Boleh tolong?

    Plusmy - Many people read obituary ads nowadays as it has become necessity. Good to find out out our enemies have died at last. LOL

    Bengbeng - You miss chatting with Grandma Twilight on msn? Coz you never online lah!

    ichimaru akira - You and William be my models okay. I like your Japanese name, so kelas!

  18. Lol your news is more entertaining than the gloomy stuff out there.