Friday, March 27, 2009

Bio-Twilight Face

I always wanted to be Leng Chai like Takeshi Kaneshiro and get myself upgraded to Willy Diary's Class A list. But it seems impossible coz I never bothered about my face! Then hor.... this Fable Frog once baptized Twilight as Grandma, supported by Anton. Next came LeuMao calling me God Pa. 

Gosh! I had to take a good look at the mirror to see my @#$% face! So Too-Lan with my looks that the mirror dropped itself on the floor. Then Jerry Kiat came along and called me Uncle Twinkle! His buddies also followed suit and I think koay-thau liao!

Wanna see how fugly I am, I won't mind sharing la. Just click on the right bar - My Photo.

So ngam, I received sms from Biotherm Ad in the mobile saying they were giving me a Trial Pack! I just sprang like a Tiger at the offer and flew to MV after work.

They put up a huge booth complete with "Aqua" series of products plus fish tank. I thought my face would look like their ugly fishes. Bluek!

Wasted no time, I got a CB Beautician who bitched so much Bio-language that I hear-no-road. Next she used an alien's weapon to zap my face and suddenly my pores appeared on her lap top screen. I really looked like Yoda!

CB Beautician : Hey your face lacked water lah............
Twilight : My face has oil.... what water??? @#$%!!!!!!
CB Beautician : Only 48% Water coz too much air con.
Twilight : Yeah I carry a portable air con everywhere!!

CB Beautician : Aiyoh! Your face got 87% oil! *faintz*...........
Twilight : I know my face is oily. My mum fry vegies with it.
CB Beautician : Ayo! Ayu! Adoi! That is abnormal la. Aiyo!...
Twilight : WTF! Stop telling me face oily okei! I know it la!
CB Beautician : Please use toner & water based moisturizer.
Twilight : @#$%!! Okay I will buy them, stop nagging bitch.

CB Beautician : Whoa! You got no wrinkles lah compare to others.
Twilight : Hee Hee! Sure lah, oily face how to have wrinkles hor?..
CB Beautician : True! Oily faced tend to prevent wrinkles. Good !!
Twilight : See told you oily faced is good. Can grease baking tins too.

CB Beautician : Oops! Oh dear! Your face got no elastic! Zero %....!!
Twilight : Haaarr? My face no elastic means I'll look like grandma?
CB Beautician : Yeah, your face will sag down like a grandma soon!
Twilight : Sure or not? You say no wrinkles & now gonna sag down.
CB Beautician : Eeer! Oh sorry! The computer spoilt on "Elasticity"
Twilight : Kaneeneh CCB woman, scare the shit out of me! FCUK!

Okay buy this, buy that, use this, use that... this one free, this one discount, this one good, this is No 1 Worldwide in Men's...blah blah blah. Must ask SK Thamby, how his face has transformed into? Wonder why he hides under sunglasses now? LOL.

I ended up buying RM500+ plus freebies thrown in. After 3 months please call me didi okay!


  1. wah!!

    i'm sure u'll be leng chai after 2-3 months of using the products!!

  2. OMG!!! that's a lot of products!! Okay lah, guilty now for calling your granny~ :P

  3. Twinkle I'm sure u'll look younger after 3 months!!!! Then we'll go for a DATE!! ^^

  4. Welcome to the skin care world.. :)

  5. aiyo god-pa~, y so stupid?!? buy so expensive on all these.... u should ask me...i intro 1 brand for u...but cant tell u at here~ coz i'm not promoting products like Jacky zai :P

  6. LOL!

    Rm 500+..I would rather go for travel..

  7. In 3 months time, you'll look 3 months younger!! Hehehe. Jokes jokes. I'm sure the condition of your skin will improve heaps by then.

    Wahsai RM500 on facial products. That's alot!! *imagines all the ice-cream I can buy with RM500* Hohoho.

  8. OMG you bought so much at one go!!! the promoter there sure knows how to psycho you to buy more products.. Thamby hide my face with huge shades, because doesn't want ppl to jealous on how young looking i am~~

    oooh, that is gonna be the Curious Case of Arumugam Twilight!!! :p

  9. Oh we better call u "granny" as much as possible for the next 2-3 months before you transform to Takeshi.
    So many freebies r..not bad wo. But hor, I don't like those sales girl lo..BISING!!

  10. keenyee, it's ok if he transforms into takeshi kaneshiro. Just make sure he doesn't transform into takeshi kanena. xD

  11. wow! dude.... you have free up some space on toilet to cater for all the products... kakaka:p

    Three Month later, Twilight dude ask " Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the greatest of all" The mirror has to answer, "You my master... you are the greatest of all..."


  12. for biotherm, the best is the Aquapower, which i think is MUST buy/use product. but how come i never see it in your pic??

  13. SUCKER! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    But if it does work...I'll be only too pleased to change your title to Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Didi Twilight. ^_^


  14. $500 RM!! that a lot! Hope it works for you.

  15. wakao!!!!
    u spent so much on those~~~~

    i don think u look old lah~~~

    and why so many bad word in ur conversation...
    macam one of my best friends...

    always gt bad word when he talks to me @@ he likes to begin his conversation with many bad words :S

  16. RM 500...

    Better start using them often! xD

  17. Holy shit man! I was so shocked to see you splurge so much on so many products? Do you REALLY need all those shown in the pic? My gosh! Can the skin on your face take it? After got complications then you know because too much stuff being applied onto it. Better be careful.

  18. my fren, my fren.. male menopause starting oledi huh? poor Twilight Zone. Notice i didnt use the word Uncle or grandma at all coz i know u will shoot it back at me :)

  19. Hope it works for you !! And there's a really a huge investment u spent there, kekeke.

    I'm using Dermalogica for now.

  20. JD Cole - Thanks for your encouragement. You will get the first private peek of me after 2-3 months!

    Fable Frog - Hee hee, now guilty? No worries, I love your humour always!

    Jerry - You sure wanna go on a date with an Uncle har?

    Lifebook - Bcos of you, I am broke now!

    LeuMao - Yeah I forgot to ask you first, what brand you use to maintain your Leng Chai skin. The US brand you told me is not even on the website. Sure it was not made in the backlane Cheras factory? LOL

    Daniel Ng - My pocket burnt, so I have to cut down my trips too. I think looking good is essential since I do a lot of selling too in my job.

    Evann - I also love ice cream like crazy! I think RM500 is reasonable coz it will last me over 3 months! No need sign up beauty package like those Leng Lui. I like your joke that I will only look 3 months younger.

  21. SK - LOL ha ha ha Curious Case of Arumugam Twilight? I believe you are so handsome Thamby under big shades. How it off lar!

    KEENYEE - It has been just 1 week and my Takeshi face is appearing now. So you know why I never camwhore so much like you? Grandma got nothing to show off mah.

    Evann - Takeshi Kaneenah? So vulgar la you. @#$%!

    TZ - The mirror would still drop after 3 months! LOL... My bathroom is just 6' X 3', how to put things when I cannot even shower in comfort.

    E.T - The CB Beautician told me that I don't need to buy this higher end Aquapower cos my face only needs minimal treatment.

    Anton - Yeerrrrrrr! You so sure it won't work on me? You bloody sucker too. :)

    LEon - RM500 for 2-3 months usage is okay lah. The results are showing after 1 week. Stay tuned for my Takeshi new look posting.

    Vincent - I didn't say I looked old. I just wanna hear the bloggers call me Leng Chai instead of Grandma and Uncle. You will sure faint if we start calling you Uncle Vincent! LOL

    JL - I have been cleaning my face so many times like never before. Now got results liao and soon my posters would be all over Mid Valley. Har har har!

    Calvin - Wah you so shocked? I was shocked by myself too coz I never buy more than RM20 for a cleanser but they don't work. No magic inside. This one suits me well and my face is less oily now. More Leng chai sikit liao.

    Bengbeng - You made me laugh! LOL... What menopause? My hear still younger than Vincent lor.

    Pikey - I think Dermalogica is good coz my friend's face is flawless! Maybe good sex and protein keeps face young. LOL This Biotherm keeps my gross oily face at bay.

  22. Are you ready for your close-up, Mr Kaneshiro?

  23. LMAO! Siaw lang!

    Well, at least you won't have to worry about doing botox in the next 5 years lah kan ;)

    But if your face does transform into Takeshi's face in the next 3 months, pls give me a call k! ;)

  24. uncle vincent ah, good lah!
    nt naive kid anymore lol

  25. haha... yo yo yo... quite funny conversations with the beautician ya... haha... three days later u will find ur face become more healthy as well lol... more healthy skin looks ya... haha... gambateh oh... prove to outsider that u can make it de... wahahahahahahahaha... GAMBATEH oh...

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. oww you regularly have your face checked just like most of the girls do? guess you're a photo model, huh? ;)

  28. anyway my blog url has changed. it's no longer:

    it's now, so you may need to change the url in your blog list. :)

    I have several new posts already

  29. Can 3 months make the miricle ? huh, i also wan if it is like that.

    i told my frinds, the wrinkles are the lines of wisdom, so , u have no wrnkles and u have no wisdom la, hehehe

  30. i thot u were insulted by the pro beautician in reading yr blog posting but u ended up buying rm500 worth of goods ....... u got hynotized???????

  31. William - My face is turning more Leng Chai each day. I will engage a professional photographer to shoot me okei. Watch out for my faces on the newspapers. LOL

    Perky - I will definitely put Takeshi to shame. Please make advance bookings now!! LOL..

    Uncle Vincent - Dunno whether you will ever grow up coz I will always be older than you lah.

    Shelly - I wonder what brand you use coz your face is like porcelain!

    Medie007 - Okay I will show you my baby photo and latest to make comparisons. Why you always hid your own face?

    Rad Sujanto - You pandai teka la. I was a TV star not model.... Why are you always changing your blog links more often than I change underwears??? LOL

    gardenofadam - Yeah I guess I have no wisdom. I rather be dumb and wrinkle free! LOL

    Johnny Ong - I think my sub conscious wanted to splurge on facial investment, so the beautician hit jackpot that night when I went there! My face is improving now.

  32. I have come to the conclusion you are a natural born funny man. Makes me laugh each time I drop by. If i were a lady, would most likely start stalking you. (Hahaha!). I can imagine you must have loads of lady friends! ;D. Btw, how young are you?

  33. haha... do my face look porcellin ya... ? haha... em... actually i am using SK-II oh... u may try too oh... actually my face is quite dry as well... i have a lot pimples on my face before as well, then my mum saw it very serious so she brought to the skin specialist lol... actually is not good for our health as well because need to eat a lot of pills to cure the pimples... although had a best result le... haha...

  34. Anon - I am terkejut that you have been reading my blog quietly! If you wanna hear my age and gory details, kindly email me! Thanks for coming by.

    Shelly - There you go! using SK-II at such young age! Rich people's anak pompuan. LOL...
    Did you read my earlier post about my niece being the SK-II of Thailand's celebrity?

  35. Sorry I am so late into the party.

    But this is a fucking funny post!! ahahahahahahah

    But I swear by Biotherm, their pdt is quite good. I have been using it for quite some time already.

    And no, I still don't look like Kaneshiro.

  36. A Common S'porean - No wonder you still look leng chai and young. So, I can believe you that I would look young and good. At least worth my investment. Do you think it is cheaper in Singapore?

  37. Oh really? Leng Chai, me?

    Photo is very tricky, especially low res photo on the internet.

    No, its still very ex here. Close to SGD $50 for a regular eye serum and 70-80 bucks for moisturiser isnt cheap.

    Every time i squeezed the damn pdt onto my hand, i feel very pain.

  38. when r u gonna update? ;P

  39. actually the product of SK-II is suitable for all kind of skin type as well oh... u may try also lol... i like this product because it will not makes my face too oily lol... i really love this very much oh... haha...

    by the way, may i know what is going on for the SK-II that happens in Thailand ya...? can u tell me the story about ya...?(roughly will do le)... thank you so much, Twilight...

  40. Shelly .... I dunno how many times I have been promoting my niece in this blog. So malu lah... check this out...

  41. A Common S'porean - If you swear that you didnt photoshop your face pixs, then you are so youthful looking!! Better buy in KL and you can get all in my photo for less than S$250. Farking cheap leh...

    Queen B - I don't think I can ever post my series of fugly photos in my blog. It will send virus out to all readers! LOL... You might roll on the lantai, laughing hysterically at me.

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