Friday, March 20, 2009

Twilight Kay Poh Chee

I guess you know the Hokkien meaning of Kay Poh Chee which means a Busybody. I know I am one and I wholeheartedly admit it. I am not sure about yourself, maybe you are worse than me. Like the man who peeped at LeuMas when he pee-pee, that is another Kay Poh Chee wanting to know his dick size. There are so many levels and grade for being a nosey fellow.

Let me show you my recent nosey stint yesterday so that you can rate my Nosey Level.

I went to a shop to buy 2 safety helmets bcos I often visited the construction sites and 1 small brick fell from the sky. It missed my head, else you would have to attend my funeral wake by now. Choi! Choi! .... So I went to buy 2 safety helmets which cost only RM13 each.

When I came out of the shop, I saw a huge crowd loitering and trying to focus on something. I must not miss it and being taller, I stood behind to watch too.

After standing idly for 15 mins, I could not figure out what the crowd was waiting for.

Half hour passed, I was still standing and didn't bother to ask the uncles coz I pretended that I was not so Kay Poh Chee.  Deep inside me, I was hell of a busy body! I know myself lah! Hee! Hee!

It started to drizzle and I still stood there patiently. Now you can rank me as VERY KAY POH CHEE for waiting so long without knowing the cause. Soon, the police truck arrived. 

I thought they would haul up some China girls who came to prostitute themselves. No, maybe someone got murdered inside the shop. Maybe someone hanged himself. So I finally crossed the road to get nearer to them by 2 inches!

Aahhh.... Finally, one by one, they carted out all the computers from the internet shop. The crowd grew bigger and bigger. I told my heart that those fellas are really very Kay Poh Chee! I am not nosey coz I was just a passer-by. That's my excuse to console myself.

They loaded the confiscated goods onto the truck. Maybe they had no license. Maybe they were gambling joints or catered for pornographic clients.

Finally the fat owner stepped out looking worn with deep puffs of cigarette. His heart must be ached to have no more income when times are so bad. All this are my thoughts of playing the Kay Poh Chee role. I think I am just a mild nosey idiot.

Now look at these guys who get higher ranking as Kay Poh Chee plus Hamsap Lou ranking. They could just sit there and stare at the mannequins for 1 hour!!

After seeing, tak cukup, the Arabs went on, to smother the glass and screwed the floor in agony. Do you admit that you also have this Kay Poh Chee trait in you?


  1. Ee...KAY POH CHEE (Pointing finger to you). Hehe, I don't think I'm that busybody lo. At least I won't have the patience to stand there for more than 10 minutes just to know what happens. Might as well go and ask lor...hehe. And those Arabian are not KPC la, they are definitely HAMSUP!!!!

  2. aiyoyoyo Arumugam!! Thamby for sure will never be so KPC lor.. haiz, what is the point to stand there for more than half an hour seeing nothing?? wasting my time~~

  3. where on earth u get the pic of arab ppl staring at those mannequins?

  4. funny that I spill my rice on my computer screen...
    OMG... those Arabian..

  5. My Gosh...can never fathom this sick level of depravity with these Arab dudes - publicly displaying their lust even for headless mannequins!; despite probably already having a harem back home (being allowed 4 wives each by their religion)! Imagine the mayhem these guys could wreak at a lingerie fashion parade! A stark example of religious hypocrisy - religious piety (my arse) & all their big time bullshit teachings & preachings on living the way of Allah ...Anyway, have a good one (weekend)... ;)

  6. aiyo. i got a safety helmet lying in my car no use. cos i was given the helmet during one visit to a building .. lol

  7. LOL... i think the Arabs in your pic really have some weird behaviour... maybe too deprived of such scenes in their country.

  8. oh boy~you does have a lot of encounters!!! so interesting... kekeke

  9. KEENYEE - Yeerrr you point finger at me alone. I thought you are nosey like me. No meh? Yes the Arabs teens are Hamsup lot.

    SK Thamby - In India, yr relatives sit under the trees watching buffalos ploughing rice field. So Arumugam can stand under the sun for hours too. LOL

    Willy's Diary - Oh no, you gonna give me a KPC Diploma cert or not??

    Paul J - Only KPC people have the luck to meet such Arabic KPCs.

    Michi - Hope your computer is still ok. Thanks for laughing.

    Anon - OMG LOL!... Your comments are ticklish and so funny. No wonder they still behead and chop limbs in their native land.

    Takashi - Your helmet got rainbow colours or not? Can we exchange?

    Pikey - They are definitely hungry. I heard they love mannequins coz playing a real thing gets stoned!

    Fable Frog - A grandma has lots of tales and you gave me that name which is stucked to me now. LOL

  10. See you finally admit yourself is kay poh chee.. wahahaha

  11. what would be next ... Kay Poh Chee in the toilet ... kakaka :p

    I don't even bother to know what happen.. usually lots of Malaysian driver slow down and see what happen... I just gave them a extremely big and long "HONK!"... shoot shoot get out from my way...

  12. twinkle oh twinkle.. later u get drag down into the crowd how oh haha... Really be careful abit la..

  13. OMG!!! I can't believe seeing those Arab guys sitting on the floor just to ogle at a patung! Gosh!

    Well, I'm not kay poh chee at all because whenever I see a crowd, I will quickly walk away. I don't know why, but that's what I'll do. That is why I dislike those drivers who purposely slow down just to see the accident when the injured really help, no one offered. This is a sad world. Sigh...

  14. Twinkle,Ur so kay poh.

    Anyway,I will stop and stare if there are leng cais

  15. You are officially a KPC! Haha!

    I'm definitely not a KPC since I won't want to know what happen at that shop and I think that's their bloody business, anyway.

    But since becoming a blogger, I realised I'm getting more and more KPC nowadays, cos I always have my ears and eyes open for some good stories/gossips/events.

    I really must check myself and try not to be KPC. I hope I won't ever reach your level of KPC! haha!

  16. We will vote you, the Honourary Life President of the KPC Association of Malaysia. I'll be your treasurer. :P


  17. i second anton's motion to elect twilight~ ;P

  18. Okay the last two pics were CREEPY. Like eeewesque level of creepiness.

    But like Anton says: you should definitely be the president. I will be the videographer to help take pictures and videos for the club. ;)

  19. I also seconded Anton motion! I can be your financial advisor!

  20. You r so kay poh lah... sigh.

    But i m oso a kay poh chee...hahaha.

    Those Arabian really #%^&*&(*&%...

  21. Desperate-nyer those middle-eastern men...

  22. Lifebook - I thought I learnt this KPC from YOU?? LOL

    TZ - You cool buddy, how can you not be a KPC before snapping so many photos? You need to look see and ponder like KPC before shooting, right?

    Jerry - Oh boy, if I am in danger, I could scream for Jerry's help! heh heh.

    Calvin - Sure you have some Kay Poh virus too. No meh? You asked us question in your blog many times. At least yours is mild ones. The Arabs are just humans too.

    Ichimaru Akira - Yeah you should hang out at Pavillion to look out. So you call me Kay Poh? I am!

    foongpc - You are so humble to admit that bloggers have this kay poh trait too for wanting to know what other ppl wrote. They dont see it wor.

    Anton - Me as Hon. Life President? Oh, I am flattered. So I must only rope in KPC bloggers, rite?

    JD Cole - Eerrr thanks. Are you an ordinary committee member or KPC advisor?

    Sam - Now with your comments, it's scary to believe that my joke is turning into a reality KPC Club with a videographer some more! Sweat! sweat!....

    Daniel Ng - Aarrrrrgh! Now I have Financial advisor pula. By the time I finish scrolling, the KPC Club has been legally registered. Walau eh!

    Melvin - Of course i know you got this Kay Ph heart with zipped mouth. Must share share mah. When are you coming back to KL?

    William - Before that I didn't think they were so desperate ppl. Anyway that was taken in Dubai.

  23. i do have a cert in kpc but i didnt graduate my diploma in kpc. aiyoyo in this world got anybody zero kpc meh?

  24. u lah kay poh chee... toook the pics ~~~~

  25. K poh chee=curiosity. They said curiosity kill the cat, but u r not pussy cat right? so dun worry. I read a lot great scientists also kpc, but in different way lol

  26. haha... you are not kay poh chee as well much oh... you only feel curious to know more story details on what you had been seen and what had been learn as well lol... no big deal as well lah... haha... you are just more caring something that you feel to care so lol... i will forgive your kay poh chee de... haha... keep it on...

  27. It is necessary to be kay poh chee at times.

    Life is more interesting like that.

  28. It is necessary to be kay poh chee at times.

    Life is more interesting like that.

  29. where did u get the last 2 pics hahahahhahahhaha

    and u dare to take those shots during the police consfication??

  30. OMG those Arabs really did that? :O