Monday, April 13, 2009

UnAmazing Thailand

April 13th is supposed to be the start of the auspicious Songkran Day in Thailand or the popularly known "Water Festival"..  I was so disturbed to see the front news in the Star showing fresh clashes in Bangkok with the State Of Emergency being declared again! I am so damn fed up and foresee another coup, judging from the protestors' ugly mobs in Pattaya.

The foreign media's favourite PM Khun Abhisit Vejjajiva who studied in the elite Eton School and graduated from Oxford, which was a rare achievement for the Thais then. However, he became a PM not by democracy elections yet the Red Protestors are not giving him the chance to prove himself since he came into office just end of 2008! That was after the Suvarnabhumi Airport was closed by protestors, remember? I thought I could breathe well for a year while making plans to visit Bangkok again. 

The PM's motorcade was attacked even before the Asian Summit was held at Pattaya. I am sick to the core on the ugly behaviour of those Thai street protestors whether they wear Red, Yellow or Blue! For many decades, Thais have earned the image as the well mannered population with their polite "Wai" greetings to the world. When I was in US, I even felt better and proud to tell the whites I am a Thai rather than a Malaysian, coz they didn't know where the hell Malaysia was! LMAO!

I'm posting these unseen fresh photos from Thai bloggers showing the taxis blocking the streets leading to the Victory Monument today. I guess that must be Petchburi Road area.

Look at the mammoth crowd of Reds staging mass protests at Victory Monument for PM Abhisit Vejjajiva to step down. I am glad we don't fight and protest anymore like this in KL. It has been badly hurting the economy of Thailand and scaring millions of tourists away. No wonder the tourist arrivals to Malaysia has increased many folds.

I have been posed the questions many times by friends about the Buddhism in Thailand which is in contrast with the frequent ugly street protests and power greedy politicians! I retorted that some just don't practice the Buddhism way of life. The Thai population stands at 62 million people and it's only less than 5% are devils if assuming the Red and Yellow gangs total over a couple of hundred thousands. So I believe there are still many good Thais who stay at home to watch the protests live on TV. I hear that none of my relatives take to the streets and that doesn't mean they are good! I do have cousins who are greedy and womanizers too. Oh, that is Thailand and Mai Pen Rai! (Never Mind)

How many more days they wanna clash? I won't be surprised they will sleep and close the airport again! Then I suggest you take a flight to Krabi and board a bus to Bangkok, vice versa.

You know what? The majority Thais are so used to all this circus and my Thai buddy actually went to relax when the Airport was closed last year! His sms replied me - "WHAT'S THE WORRY DUDE? I AM ENJOYING MY GOLF RIGHT NOW!"

Pecah! Pecah! Pecah! BODOH! Gila Babi!

The unruly mobs yanked the hotel's staff off from barricading the door in Pattaya.

THIS IS LATEST NEWS! The tanks have rolled into the streets of Bangkok and this one parked outside Siam Paragon.

Thailand had many military coups since 1932 and my own uncle (above) the late General Chatichai Choonhavan was Thailand's most flamboyant ex Premier was also overthrown in the 1991 coup. I was living in the States when mum told me that uncle's entire siblings & families who all reside in the Bangkok's swanky Soi Rajkroo had their bank accounts frozen for investigations and had to borrow cash from everyone to have their simple daily meals. That was a terrible price to pay for survival. I will never want to enter politics as I could be a nasty one with my curry mouthed. LOL!

I hope that peace will be restored in Thailand again! 
Pray harder Leng Chai.


  1. Run for parliament and give BN a run for their money. I'll switch polling area and vote for you!


  2. If the corruption in Malaysia does not cease,it will be the same as Thailand. Only the people know how life is being treated. Of course, those on the street are the people out of jobs and 'disturb' the peace employed by the middle classes.

  3. honestly, i feel sad for my relative in thai. i guess my uncle is wearing red shirt and was in the red mammoth crowd. sigh~~~

    i was lucky last year before the airport was closed down as i left suvarnabhumi 2 days earlier!

  4. I'm tired and sick of seeing the Thais in their street protest which not only disrupt the traffic but also a threat to the other people including tourists.

    Like you, I am actually planning to visit Bangkok this year too but with the situation like that, who dare to go?

  5. Thaksin is trying to topple the government through paying the money to Thai people to demonstrate and they are getting paid more than their salaries. It is not democracy or the people's benefit but all about money, money, money!

    Thaksin is just another evil!

  6. Oh my~ please let Thailand has its peaceful moment again... coz i'm going there soon :(

  7. I'm worried of my friends who went there for the Songkran festival. Hope they are all doing good.

  8. the world is coming to an end.

  9. Planning to go Bangkok this year, but now don't know when.

  10. lol. nice, but i guess u know the insider story which led to the fracas and the mess now? anyway, if u hv followed thai politics, it's really about the crown bureau and the privy council. but that's another story.

    btw, pom ja pai krungthep diun july nie, khun pai mai? emm, mai ruusatanakarn weylar nan dee rer yang hor???

  11. i was shocked about it when it first happenned~ 3 years ago~ but now... am not too shocked liao~ I like Thailand's Islands more... so i will still visit thailand~ won't change anything for me :P

  12. Anton DK - Why don't you run for elections and I vote for you coz you are so full of LOVE! All the twinks will vote too.

    gardenofadam - It has never ceased but the Malaysians are not so rowdy and nuts to take on the streets! Thais and Indon protestors have similarities. Could it be the food & sambal they eat? LOL

    Willy's Diary - Oh was that your uncle who smashed the glass? I want his autograph for brilliant stunt job! I plan to visit BKK when they have future protests! I will wear a Red T shirt with "Twilight" print.

    Calvin - I thought you had planned and gone to BKK! Not yet go ka? The best time to go is when the protests is over and all prices will be cheap including hotels for walk-in customers! Don't book online, so that can bargain with the cash hungry hotels.

    Daniel Ng - Thaksin is power greedy icon. They reported that he was the old King of Siam in his past life. What goes around comes around!

    LeuMas - Go after the protests. Read my reply above to Calvin.

  13. KEENYEE - Your friends should be safe so long as they avoid the troubled streets where the Reds are splashing in blood baths. Songkran is the best time to visit Thailand but not this year unfortunately!

    Medie007 - Yeah I also thought the world is coming to an end. So enjoy yourself & don't be so emo laaa. LOL

    Legolas - Wah another BKK planner in the making. Maybe you should organize a blogger's tour with you as the leader.

    k.t.x - Oh you also know much in depths of the Thaksin and Crown Bureau etc. He was also accused of plans to topple the monarch. Like a coin, he has 2 sides while I would think his goodness was more. BKK trips often come last minute for me when my mom says "Let's Go". You have fun dude!

    Fable Frog - I would love to hear from you about the islands you have visited as I had never been to any in Thailand. Malu only Twilight.

  14. Never been to Thailand before.. Heard there's alot of naked guys and girl dancing in those transparent room where u can see from outside... Its Pa La Dise..

    But I definitely never heard of all these mess... Have to think twice now before going..

  15. u want me to vote for u, u got to bribe is the M'sian culture :)

    Anton...cos he is so full of love, i need no need for bribe... :)

    The world is not coming an end anytime soon. I think. I hope. Is it? aduh....

  16. Send Tony Jaa from "Ongbak" to bodyguard Abhisit, then order hordes of elephant to disperse the crowd!! That could work.

    When Nicolas Cage was filming "Bangkok Dangerous", he had to fly in and out of Thailand avoiding the coup. He quoted: hence the film title.

  17. It's sad to see what Bangkok has become over recent times. I really love the city and was even planning to go there again sometime in May.

    But from the looks of things, it doesn't look like things are going to be better for a while more huh...

  18. the crisis will be never endless
    what to do?just like Thai handsome PM to pray and bless for it


  19. 99.99% of the world don't practice what they believe.

    It show how dangerous a billionaire politician monger can be, now he is outside of this chaotic, and majority is blinded by politician and short term $$$.

  20. Jerry - Fear nothing, just visit Thailand when the turmoil cools down. The country is lovely for the tourist spots, shopping havens and not just naked dancing!

    Bengbeng - I won't enter politics, so save my money to nominate Anton. He is full of love and patience to lift every friend's spirit up. That is the real wakil rakyat we are looking for!

    A Common S'porean - Oh I love your sense of humour & you are definitely a well updated dude, even with your heavy schedule as a dotting papa! My hats off for you. I used to watch Tony Jaa too & thought it was too fictious. Well that is Amazing Thailand.

    Perky - I think you can visit in May which i believe peace will be restored by then & Air Asia will have Zero fares with cheapest hotels.

    Ryan - Thanks for coming! The Thais have been having coups since 1932 & it's like their crazy culture now.

    Plusmy - Money can be evil when wrongly used like how the billionaire is instigating the peace. He is definitely a power crazy monster!

  21. Hmmm, I sure don't like riot stuff but as a foreigner, I gotta admit I don't understand the real situation in Thailand that caused this to happen. So I cross my fingers and just pray that real peace return soon, and the right people be in power.

  22. Poor THailand. If only they knew how they are hurting themselves.

  23. i think they like to have it(coup) as their way for celebrate the new year!haha...coup now during songkran, and there was coup when last year december, too.

  24. Can't imagine if tiba2 the red shirt protesters sing the Manchester United song. LOL. Or or or the red protesters collide with blue protesters then become purple and everyone promote celcom. OMFG. LOLZ. I think I want to quit my job and start a glass/window making business in Thailand. Sure laku one :P

  25. am emo that our life's ending so soon. i'm barely half a decade!

  26. it is finally over. the red shirts have dispersed before the might of the powerful army

  27. JL - You can uncross your fingers now, PEACE is back to Bangkok for now. They will always freak out again on the streets. Some ppl never grow up.

    Savante - Poor them for those having no brains! Doctor is there something wrong with those genes.

    kenlin - What the hell, I should ask your TV Station? You guys hardly broadcast so much!

    ryan - Some Thais love coups, so they can like in coops! LOL

    Nicholas - OMG you got fever! LOL... Go rent a stall at Jatujak Market to sell your glass.

    Medie007 - Whose life ending soon? We should have fun everyday and stack our Sushi King's plates!

    Bengbeng - Now is best time to visit BKK, everything cheap from Air Asia to hotels.

  28. stack more huh? i think maybe 31 not enough lar
    must eat till 33... or 39... :P

  29. Medie007 - Alamak you so blardy glutton aiming for 39 plates? Whoaalau eh kaneeneh si tua pooi! LOL...

    You will be the hansemest & fattest doctor named Dr. Boing!

  30. la...its thai ppl like bloody....that why their horror movie so successfully! :P

  31. I think Dr Boing wears trousers size 27 at most unless he was sucking in his tummy all the time at that time :)

  32. thailand....aihhh...forever trouble country .... new PM .... meaning .... new riot ....

  33. the main casue of problem in Thailand right now is Thaksin. If he disappears from this earth, then peace will be in Thailand. That man is too greedy and cunning. Just have a good look at his pics... so evil looking.