Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grandma Collectibles

What do you think of old Grandmas? My real grandma loved to collect empty moon cake boxes, old flower pots, chipped crockery sets, broken furnitures, dead snakes, hands me down clothes and even old newspapers! I think I inherited much of her traits and ramblings.

See, I used an old zipper bag to store my facial stuffs and left over foreign currencies. I also keep hundreds of nice crispy and colourful shopping bags and matchboxes for my cremation.

If you turn my zipper bag over, you can see where I got them, below! 

I love zippers bags from underwears these days which come in wasteful thick plastics! Oi, time to recycle man! I must tell you that I have serious undies problems coz I have been running around and trekking all over construction sites almost daily under blazing sun & Sahara heat. You know, I perspired profusely around my genitals more than my forehead! I think the head below is more heat prone, thus storing volcanic heat! LOL

As a result all brands of underwears caused me to itch seriously in between legs due to the sweat glands and caused inflamation plus mushrooms to grow!!! 

So I had to change the bikini types to boxer likes for better skin protection. So I would just invest into any brand so long as the cutting and material will be comfortable.

I just discovered that 2nd Skin is so cheap for less than RM15 each and is as good as CK or CJ. Any valuable advice for me guys?


  1. Let em' chestnuts dangle freely! :P


  2. OMG!!! the underwear collection!!! Another underwear collector..

  3. haiyu~ just go commando jer lah! or wear thong! wakakaka jock strap? or perhaps wear tampon~ really good for absorbing sweat! :P i also uses undie's zipper bag to store things geh~ but sometimes too small lah [the bag]

  4. I always tend to get the ones in boxes, so there's really no bag at all to utilize. :3

  5. hahaha... Twilight Dude is a environmental list ... reuse the zipper beg ... unfortunately mine came with the box... so i throw to the paper box recycling bin... blek!

    Twilight Dude have so many different brand underwear... what's the best so far ... i only use Levi's and Nike Pro... blek!

  6. If it works for you then stay with that underwear brand. BTW do you collect underwears as well? xP

  7. hear yee hear yee. Anton has spoken. Let em' chestnuts dangle freely! :P

  8. Oooer, I switched from briefs to boxer briefs then to boxers. I only wear boxers now! Less restriction around and lots more comfortable! :)

    I wear marks and sparks boxers; without the brand bands. Absolutely lovely without those pesky labels. Why should I pay to help advertise a brand anyway. Eee yuck yuck yuck. Blek!

    P/s: I see a shrinking trend in the sizes of your underwear. Someone's waist is getting trim huh! Well done! :)

  9. I dun wear underwear, cant give u advice

  10. Emporio Armani Bro.

    Ex but very good material and lasting.

    And the vanity factor will supplement those Biotherm. LOL :P

    Seriously, very comfy, but costly lah..

  11. wah bro...u working in middle east is it?

    wah...i love this kind of undies...come with the zipper bag...reusable bag somemore...yeah, time for recycle..

  12. Anton - It's too sensitive you know for dangling chestnuts, a boner prevails instantly.

    Lifebook - What you mean 'another' underwear collector? I don't collect like you but wear them as a must lo.... Ha ha ha!

    Fable Frog - Wakakaka! I did put tissues sometimes coz it was soaking wet! Tampons in my anus? OMG you crazee boy. I dunno how on earth I have to work both in air con and hot sun always!

    Sam - I used to buy those in boxes too but lately the advertising packing is gearing towards Calvin Klein look alikes.

    TZ - Nike pro? Something new to me! I think Charles Jourdan is good enough only RM20 each.

  13. JL - I collect money, Coca Cola and match boxes, but not underwear coz I need to wear them la. Sometimes I had to change up to 2-3 undies per day. Shy! Shy! LOL

    Bengbeng - I cannot let chestnuts dangle nanti branches sprout under my pants! LOL

    Evann - I cannot wear boxers, too loose and rubbing will give me all day boner! So many ladies in my office will notice aaaarrr..

    Plusmy - I realised some guys don't wear underwear! So your dick must be wearing some safety helmet? LMAO!!!!!! Muahahaha!

    A Common S'porean - Walau eh, under wear also kiasu! LOL. Me ill afford to wear Emporio Armani. Please present me EA for my next birthday next year!! LOL. In US, I saw my college mates bought EA and thought it was too costly then. Must try! My love my brother!

    Willy's Diary - Renoma??? You so bloody rich kid, should be wearing Emporio Armani like the blogger above this! Anyway, I will buy Renoma next time.

    Queen B - Hey your Majesty, I can't wear thongs coz I am not Romans! LOL. I never tried and I fear loose 'feelings' at work. I guess I need to fix a fan in my pants. LOL

    Medie007 - You commando? LMAO! Let's go to war together!

    Vialentino - Yeah I work in Klang Valley's middle east! The weather and temp has been so hot lately until I developed severe rashes around ".........." I dunno how to describe! LOL

  14. Granny...cannot give comment la cause I just wear pasar malam undies. Not afford to buy CK wo..hehe. And wear L size huh....haha

  15. Let thy eagle soar high... Hahaha.. Think metaphoric, creative director! LOL!!!

  16. what do u mean by mushroom?! haha!
    anyway what a unique hobby, collect underwear hehe xD

  17. Hahaha wth!? Storing stuff in undies boxes haha! But yeah, personally i like the skin wear brand... might be too pricey though! Think it's like RM25 each!? But I don't remember now... been so long since i bought them!

  18. Skinxwear is good to try.

  19. I also sweat a lot down there, and I'm just wondering, are boxers better than the ordinary undies?

  20. where got 2nd skin??? looks comfortable....wanna buy it