Thursday, July 2, 2009

So Sad & So Cruel (Part 1)


I was sick with flu due the haze and blazing sun which was understandable. 
Just when I am almost fully recovered, I fell sick again today due to 2 emails forwarded to me.

I wanna be a vegetarian after reading them in utter shock and disbelief. I have visited China several times and look forward to visit Silk Road this year end. Now I may cancel it.

I often heard tales of mainlanders eating human flesh cooked in exotic gourmet dishes and the famous Siew Pau dumpling. I heard those who cut the thighs of the corpses in the morgue had been shot dead in the firing squad.

Now this story is another new one which took me so many hours to brave myself to post the photos one by one. My colleague scolded the HELL out of me for forwarding it to his email with the title - URGENT NEW BUSINESS! Your attention appreciated.

I have no guts to type the captions but I will give the summary in case you have not received this circulated email.
There is a village in the remotest part of China that often kidnapped female backpackers and locked them up. In the village where meat is scarce, they call the imprisoned gals as their "PIGs". Come Chinese New Year, they would bring her out to prepare for their reunion feast. 

They would make sure that she is a virgin girl as the flesh is smooth and tender. A reporter who was travelling to visit a hot tourist spot, made a stopover to this village and made this unexpected gruesome discovery!

I skipped the photos till here to continue typing cos all my guts are almost gone. Why are humans worst than beasts? Even such photos could make me sick and haunted my head the whole day.

I wanna be a vegetarian after seeing all this horrendous acts. Before sunrise tomorrow, I will be flying off for the weekend to rest and rejuvenate my poor soul. What can we do to stop all the cruelty in this world?

Have a good weekend guys!


  1. I cannot believe that! Horrendous acts of barbarian! Crazy villagers!

  2. I believe the pics were doctored. Pic no. 7 seems to have had some "cut&paste".

    Juz received some gruesome pics via email recently too about the cutting up of a baby to serve as food. The explanation was fake coz I recognised the lady to be the famous Thai mortician who had led the identification of the many bodies in Phuket post-tsunami.

    Fret not, just take a well-deserved break and come home FRESH and continue kissin' your bosses fragrant arse! LOLZ


  3. human blood doesn't gush out like that.

  4. saw that before.
    gruesome indeed...

  5. i thought human blood does gush out like that.

  6. it's so heavily photoshoped la. super fake.

  7. Oh yeah. Thanks for pointing out. I saw the color of the blood too. It's too fake to be red like that. It looks more like tomato juice than human blood. Human blood is redder and deeper red than this orangish red one.

  8. The pictures are fake. But I wonder if they really kidnap female backpackers - that may be true! : )

  9. I'm waiting for part 2.... :D

  10. Hopefully this is not real...
    And enjoy your holiday ya, don't forget to bring your tongkat along.

  11. I don't want to believe this is true. It must be fake.

    Whoever doctored this pics is damn bloody skilled in photoshop!

    Its fake right? huh?

  12. *@#%#@&!!! Was frozen in disbelief & rage, swearing words in my mind for these evil, barbaric cannibals; for the first few moments after seeing these photos. Upon closer inspection, I think they are just cleverly doctored photos. It was a relief. It they actually carried out this indescribable evil, they themselves would been shot dead and rotting in ditches by now. In China, justice against murderers are swift. Btw, do you do consultation on fengshui and/or fortune telling on the side? Enjoy your trip :)

  13. This is so poor and sad !! How can humans do this to humans...This is in human act..Do check my another blog also i.e.Unseen Rajasthan

  14. OMG~ this is so sick !!!

    where is this village located?

  15. Mannpriedo d'Saintner - Of course they are barbarians! So be careful when traveling to remote villages!

    Anton - Eh harlow! So many photoshop experts saw this and clarified that it was too tough to fake the angles and lightning mode but the blood could have been increased with photo shop tools, hence it looked silly. Why don't you go watch the chicken being slaughtered in the market, banyak darah wor! Anyway, I hope it was really faked and to hell with them who faked too, for scaring me for many hours. LOL

    Anon - Good idea of wax! Madame Tussaud's Museum should exhibit her corpse too.

    Medie007 - You are a doc in better position to determine how blood gushes out. Shall we ask Anton to visit wet market and watch chickens being slaughtered? LOL

    Silly Little Prince - Adoi you finally visit my blog after many moons! Welcome! I do hope they faked coz I felt too sick and sad for the girl.... Hmmmmm!

    Mannpriedo d'Saintner - Tomato Juice? Muahahaha!

    foongpc - Well I hope they are faked and kidnapping backpackers are equally bad in US, not just China. Are you a female or male backpacker?

  16. William - I hope it is doctored too!

    Jerry - I will email the part 2 which is male victim and you post it, okay?

    K|E|E|N|Y|E|E - I hope it is fake and I am enjoying my weekend with my tongkat running on the treadmill for the coming run.

    A Common Singaporean - i should be asking a photoshop expert like you whether it is faked or not? My staff said real but they smeared the blood a bit only.

    vincent s- Well take care of your future girl friend!

    IcyFire - Mainlanders are weird and sick in many ways as reported in the past. Whether faked or real, they managed to turn my stomach upside down. LOL I am still learning feng shui and fortune telling for fun but my personal friends look at me like a free bomoh.

    Unseen Rajasthan - Oh yeah, the mainlanders are weird and sick in remote areas! Are there such cannibals in your country? LOL

    Leu - Yeah very sick lo. I heard the village is near Taman Yuelig!!! LOL

    Just kidding man.

  17. Looking closely at pic 7 like what Ant suggested. It really look a little doctored. The muscle bulge from the carried leg looks like a leg standing instead of being carried...

    geez... I am going crazy finding fault in these pics.

  18. Oh Lord! I prefer believing that those pics are fake to believing that they are real... well, one of them looks a bit fake, indeed.

    I hope they're really fake... I hate those pics!

  19. agree with anton that the pics have been 'doctored' or 'photoshoped'. i can see the difference in colour

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  23. This is fake one


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