Friday, October 23, 2009

Grandma Went To Europe

I have been busy lately, so my blogs says it. After grueling and nerve wrecking project for my client in Chengdu, I went into another hellish dimension. My client in another country is gonna be a long term stress for me. They are a big kiasu and 
kiasi corporation that demands nothing but flawless perfections.

I arrived at this hazy place after much confusion at the airport hunting for my chauffeur who waited at McDonalds as agreed. I found no McDonalds at the whole international airport! It has closed down due to poor business! Can you believe that? No free Coke  glasses for TZ here!

Security is always tight around here where expatriates live. Kinda s
wanky and better class suburban area.
This is the entrance to the latest shopping mall. A bit like Mid Valley to me.

Even their Chinese restaurant looked so merah and 

This is where my client's office is located in this European designed building. Aha! You can now guess where I went to!
Bukan Europe, but the photos looked so Matt 
Salleh la.

Of course I had to try the best Padang food at their Garuda chain. A
t night I suffered flatulence! Too much chilly and curries la! My head was smoking like Gunung Berapi!

After a long tiring day, I tucked into a nice huge suite! I checked in alone to the hotel but my room already had visitors walking all over inside! So eerie!


  1. Your kiasukiasi client must hv been happy to hv found you then, since you have flawless complexion too. A BIG THANKS TO BIOTHERM!


  2. Ghosts in your room? Did they peep at you when you showered?

  3. wahh... so niceeee! so they've got the "Bund" thingy there too. :P

  4. hehehe... one person two single bed in the hotel room... when i travel i never wanna two bed unless two person. Otherwise i wanna one bed. Coz i always didn't feel good if the bed beside left untaken... :p

  5. am I suppose to see something in the picture?

  6. ET - This is place is in Jakarta's Gading Kelapa area. The whole block of buildings had so many Roman Statues, French boulevards and other European themes.

    Legolas - What holiday? I came back with severe food poisoning, burping shit gas in the plane! Last night I lau sai 7 times! Pain! Pain!

    Gratitude - You joking, me flawless? My mouth is filthy and no thanks to Biotherm. Wanna try another brand now cos cannot afford like KY using serums meant for over 60+ aunties. LOL

    William - You bet! They showered with me!

  7. Medie - They got samseng bunds all over! LOL... Looks like I have to go there so often now... Blek!

    TZ - Yeerrrr now only tell me!. It makes sense cos the next morning the other bed looked creased @#$%!

    sgboy - Yup can you see anything?

  8. You were burping shit gas in the plane on your flight back? Lol. Glad you didn't take the plane down with stinky gas ;)

  9. Great looking buildings! Enjoy your stay there.. make sure you at least sneak out for a holiday :)

  10. Haha, thought you really went to Europe. But still, very nice architectures they have there. And your hotel room has visitors? Ee.. so damn scary la, and you still slept there for nights?

  11. from d lady's dressing, it wasnt look europe

  12. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post "No teme" in your blog with the link to you?