Wednesday, November 25, 2009

50% @ 5:00PM

I often meet my clients at their developer's office inside a hotel which is located in KL's worst traffic hub! Somehow, my 1 client is a chain smoker, so have to smoke outside his office which is at the coffee house below.

Naturally, I would be entertained to cakes and coffees, always making my belt tighter.

I swear that their Blueberry Cheese cake is better than Hilton's or Secret Recipe's ~ not too sweet and just nice!

If I have meetings after 5:00pm, all the cakes would be sold at 

50% OFF!

They have little choices but they are freshly baked each morning. By 5:00pm, they will lelong at half price without putting any signboard or notice.

You just need to go there and open your big mouth to confirm that it's 50% off after 5:00pm daily.

You save a lot by buying them to celebrate any occasion with your loved ones!

Please do not ask me where, just look closer at the cakes and you will see the hotel's name there!

Happy Eating!


  1. Hey YAB Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. El' Cheapo Granma, let's get cheaper and go attack Yuen steamboat buffet again! :P

  2. Wow 50% off? That's a great bargain! : )

  3. But so lazy to go all the way to KL just for a cake! LOL!

  4. Really? Their blueberry cheesecake is better than Hilton and SR? Oh must try then! : )

  5. Still undecided if I should go for second round of that RM25 choc cake from PJ Hilton! Don't want to expand my waistline! hmmm, yummy : )

  6. Gratitude - Yeah we are all ready to attack Yuen on Thursday at 8:00pm. KY didn't tell you meh? Why call me so panjang names? So geli and tak layak!

    Wanna call FoongPC to be the hostess? LOL

  7. FoongPC - Just avoid the 5:00pm jam and you are safe! The cake is worth the trip la. If lazy then order me to pick up for you la since I go there sooooo often!
    How come you knew about the Hilton cake?

  8. FoongPC - oh you stalked TZ's blog about the cake nia!

    You still head over heels on TZ? LOL

    TZ is adorable and cuuuute you know. Better meet him up and you will salivate! LOL

  9. oh!! great deal!! I have to keep note of that if i'm ever around that area during those hours.

    But it's an odd hour for them to do 50%

  10. So am I supposed to buy you this cake for my 25th birthday? :P

  11. OMG!!! That Blueberry cheese looks so yummy!(saliva dripping all over liao...) 50% summore... this is great!!

  12. My dear Twilight!
    Please check this out soonest.

  13. swissgarden?!? i thought u r suppose to meet me up for lunch >.<

  14. wowww thats good deal, and yess their blueberry cheese looks so appetizing lor kekeee...
    thanks for the info, i will keep it in my mind, and will make a trip if my crazy craving for cake attack me kekee...
    and dun blame others for ur tight belt lah, its u, and ur mouth's fault :P

  15. i dont see any hotel name on the cake leh... u sure or not?

    dont boycott me lah, been busy with my new job. no time to online leh! what to do.... need to earn a living here! :p

  16. Pikey - They have no choice but to choose 5:00pm daily in order to clear stock. Even Seecret Recipee does not make attempts to clear their unsold cakes! Many are days old but this hotel's gwai lou chef insists on daily freshly baked ones.

    William - I wanna ask what brand of cumm cream that keeps you youthful, evergreen and wrinkle-free? Grandma demands to know!

    Bravebear - Make a date with our Party Hostess KEENYEE and he will organize a cake party cum tete-a-tete...okay?

  17. SHAKIRAAAAA - Thankssss again for the award. I am still wondering who was that urchin in your blog.....?

    L2 - You still wanna lunch with me when you have got a new beau?

    Happy Go Lucky - Make a date with our Party Hostess and belanja all of us on your pay day ~ thanksss in advance!

    ET - You are making tons of money, partying and all day shopping guar.... forgotten about me! Sniff! Sob! Sob!

  18. errr.. what's the 'cum tits a tits party'?

  19. tete-a-tete? @.@

    I dont get it... hahaha... a one on 1 conversation still call party meh?

  20. OMG Pikey - Grandma thought you looked so innocent geh! Need to change my glasses! LO

    Bravebear - Adoi come and makan then have tit-a-tit or whatever you fancy! U another innocent actor?

  21. I have no idea. Is he Paul's fan??? Kind of scary right??? I was kind of worry when he made an uncalled for remark like that but again, "knowing" you, you have a truly big heart. I am glad that you mentioned it for I really did not read his remark as I was really busy with my girls.Anyways, I really did not put you guys in any order. Lol. I made a change though just to make that point.

    I am not offended. He apologized to you right? I am going to see if he made any remarks on Paul's blog when I feel that I want to be NOSY! Ha ha ha.


    We all love you, Grandma!!!

  22. I love cake!! Fatty me.
    Since when I've become Party Hostess? Paiseh...

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