Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making Merits Before 2012

So many fellas have blogged about 2012! Some got worried and some like Foong Pak Choi looks forward to experience the last day of the world. I was tickled by many such retarded comments! 

Everyday, since my intestine got ruptured and me being wheeled into SJMC's operating theatre for operasi cantum usus balik, my life had changed the minute I woke up. The intense pain had been a grim reminder for life and I blamed it on my bad karma. I was being accused for slitting open a live animal and tore out its intestine! OMFG how barbaric Grandma could be!!!

Remember this!
Everyday we human beings are trading with each other using our merits and karma. So my @#$% boss must have got more merits, that's why I have to slave at work and get clobbered verbally. Wait till my merits grow and I will abuse him back! Maybe in my past life, I had abused him terribly till he had to haunt me back this life! Oh dear, I better do my work well.

I had one Leng Chai friend whose parents own the Jalan Imbi's Weng Heong Daging Salai shop. I often brainwashed this 17 year old cos he was spending tons of money as if it flowed from the water tap.
I was surprised that he was listening attentively over the months and offered to follow me on my rounds.

He followed me to fetch the Hospice patient who has terminal cancer. This Kamala-chee needed oxygen in my car otherwise she would not arrive Pantai Medical Centre alive. So I taught this boy to operate the oxygen tank. Fucking Hell! I was shocked to find out the tank was empty! Why the hell did the nurse pass me an empty tank? What if Kamala-Chee pengsan in my car? I have to give her mouth-to-mouth? EEEEeeeeeeeeee!

We settled this matter quick! I am a veteran in handling such unexpected woes inside my car with the patients. So Kamala-Chee arrived PMC on time.

We had to wait for Kamala-Chee till 2 hours later. 

So, I decide to bring this Leng Chai to visit the shop that sells all types of Buddhism and Sutra books. He was excited and browsed one by one before deciding his pick.

We spent over RM400 on the hundreds of books which we will place them in the temples around Klang Valley, hoping that some worshippers might get awakened and ferried to better realms after reading them. Hopefully this could help replace this fella's bad karma with good merits too.

It has been over 10 years since the day the Hell Officer spoke to me and I have no doubts that hell is a real thing. Just another dimension beside us!

Now I am asking this Leng Chai to find 1 run-down orphanage to adopt, so that we could hopefully help and provide their needs in long run. He's too busy cos his SPM is about to start soon! Well I passed the ball to KeenYee but he too is busy till he forgot laah. Anyone knows any orphanage that is in dire straits and need HELP, tell Grandma ok. I will round up Leumas, SK Thamby, Anton, TZ, Bong, KY, Michi, William, Happy Go Lucky and whoever is interested. Maybe Foong Pak Choy might want to donate some spammed Egg Tarts? LMAO!

2012 is coming soon!


  1. aiyoh arumugam, what's wrong mouth to mouth with kamala-chee?? isn't her your own family from the same descendant?? :p

  2. not bad what, you tore out the intestine from that living animal, but now you have your usus cantum balik.. hahaha!! what happened?? ate too much chapati and naan??

  3. yes, you must let your @#$% boss make you slave and clobber you more, so that all his merits will transfer to you.. then you will later become his boss!!! :D

  4. oh, i don't know any run-down orphanage.. i got lots of clothes to donate anyway, last time i was still slim and bet they can fit in those..

  5. Grandma wanna to find an orphanage that needed help... hmmm... let me ask around :) No promise coz not easy to find a real and true orphanage that needed help.

  6. Oh, a hospice volunteer! Palliative patient? You have a good heart. Good karma is rolling towards you in abundance. ^_^

  7. Ooo... such a coincidence. The bible readings for a few weeks have been about this too...

    "... he will come like a thief in the night..."

    Anyway, I agree with you... no need to worry about 2012 or what not... our personal "end of the world" could happen at any time.

    I have seen posh orphanages in PJ!

  8. SK Thamby - Deh! I give you Kamala-Chee's mouth to kiss la! Eeeeeeeeeeee! LMAO!!
    Oh wise one, maybe I might become the BOSS someday. I will wait for that day to come. You dreaming ka?? Okay keep all your old sarees until I find the run-down orphanages okay? I will rope you in to help!

    TZ - Hey you are quite free, so make merits and find one poor orphanage for us to take care! We will help the kids to shape their future.
    TZ teach them photography, Bong teach them to peel prawns and line the bowls. LOL Muahahaha!

    Little Dove - Thanks for the compliments! I am just learning to be kind each day. Everyone says Grandma's mouth is a terror! Got meh?

    William - Agree! Agree! I too have seen posh orphanages where their kids are so emo and wild!

    Ichimaru - Adopt you? OMG you are so costly to maintain! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  9. didn know abt the intestine incident, luckily good hearted ppl like u survived kekeee...
    an orphanage? hmm no idea wor, i know theres one in cheras, under government care if im not mistaken lah...
    and ur hospice volunteer like michi ah, so good heart of u couple hor, really salute u guys :)
    its very good for u to bring positive influence to young ppl kekeee :)
    i have old clothes but not sure suitable lah, but i guess i also can contribute in other way lah kekekeee... sorry im not good in spamming, so cant spam like fpc or sk lah kekeeee

  10. Hey Grandma, I didn't forget this even T'm being busy la. Been asking around but no positive response received. Let me know if you have any contact, mayb I can go and check2.
    And if you have any such activities next time, let me know la. I'm pretty interested (Not because I have many bad karma la..hehe).

  11. Oi Granny Twilight, dun tunggu tunggu anymore, everything is impermanent. We can't afford to go on being merry whislt waiting for an orphanage to work on. I remembered mentioning that Klang has an orphanage that is worth helping, since the young pastor is struggling to make ends meet.

    Wot say you?

  12. Since when my name became Foong pak choi?!

  13. What? Your intestine ruptured? Is this just a joke or are you serious? Why would anything like that happen? Don't tell me about karma, I want to know why your intestine ruptured!

  14. Wait till your merits grow and then you abuse your boss back? Hello, you want to lose merits again and go back to the start again ah?

  15. So bad brainwash an innocent 17 year old boy! I wonder what else you brainwash him?

  16. 2012 is not going to be the end of the world. What a sad day for doomsday fan like me : (

  17. cool~ :)

    but hopefully let's not just limit to orphanage only. old folks home also can ma~

  18. hey.. i enjoy reading your blg ahaha..
    so which temple you're going to put those buddhism books to?

  19. apala they don't need ppl to teach them how to peel prawns lor okeh. i'm sure they are more pro in peeling prawns dy.

    we visited a malay orphanage somewhere before. but not really an orphanage, just a normal lady adopt sooooo many children as her own till she had to buy 2 houses next door to accomodate all the children. but other than that i also haven't heard of any.

    what about the spastic centre behind crystal crown?

    oooh, maybe can ask little prince since he celebrated his birhtday at one a while ago.

  20. Hey, why you didn't ask me along? Am I not leng chai enough compare with the boy?

  21. You're doing so much great work :) Hope you're doing well after the operation earlier.

  22. Anton, set a date to pay a visit to that orphanage someday?

  23. Its good to have people like twilight who brighten up their life...

  24. wow... adopt me pls... godmother to give money to spend here in germany =p j/k

  25. adopt benghui too. he is a good boy.. well not so goodlah but not badlah.

    jokes aside, 10 yrs? how u manage it?

  26. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.