Saturday, November 28, 2009

My Retirement Plans

Have you ever thought about your retirement plans when you reach 55 or 60 years old? I think I will open a junk shop and sell off all my old Grandma stuffs. It was an accidental hobby that I inherited so much plates, bowls, vases, fabrics, paintings, brick brats and unwanted stuffs since I was a tot. I even had to turn away my Grandpa's Ford Model-T vintage car coz I was only 11 years old then!

Naturally, I grew up to appreciate arts and antiques along the way, picking up some during my travels. I never bothered to evaluate them or thought what I could do with my stuffs until I became a member of the antique collectors' society in Europe.

Every morning, without fail, I would log into the local STAR online newspaper and thereafter to the antique auctioneer's website. Recently, I had the biggest shock with numbed jaws to see this pair of wooden ducks for sale!

OMG! It was so shocking that I have to pinjam their duckling photos to share with you guys!

Yes, a whopping US$ 2 MILLION DOLLARS!
Would you ever buy a pair of royal iteks for 2 million American dollars? I might keep this photo instead and donate the cash to charity instead. I am dead curious to find out the new owner soon!

So Grandma decided to sell off everything someday when the plates and bowls hit RM10,000 a piece! Maybe my fellow wealthy blogger friends KEENYEE the Arabian Prince or TZ the Ugandan Prince will hopefully become my regular clients.

Now take a peek into Grandma's cottage.

My dining table has 2 tier glass where I display some plates and bowls made during the Ming and Qing dynasties on the frosted lower tier.

During the end of Ming Dynasty, the unique crockery was invented where the plate was attached to a bowl below to lay out VERY SPECIAL food. So I placed Gratitude-Anton's Yam cake on my special china and chomped away happily using my finest Lucky 9-Dragon plate!

If Gratitude-Anton cooks his Bear's Paw Ginseng Soup for me, I will happily drink & slurp it from this very special Emperor's tall serving bowl like the above.

This huge Qing Dynasty bowl is Grandma's all time favourite ~ look at its embossed vibrant colours, all meticulously hand painted!

Another Qing yellow bowl which I strongly believe that brings very good feng shui as having many happy flying birds would mean frequent travels and vacation awaits!
The Ming Blue & White bowl below would make good container for my pop corns!

I am praying hard that much of my finest & rarest collections lying at my estranged brother's villa would someday be returned to me. I would be able to open a junk and flea shop by then!

Fellow bloggers, what could we do when we retire? 

Yum Cha every night!!


  1. Aiyo~ Those things ah..... I really don't know how to say... LOL, Granny, I guess we will have a lot of discussion if we meet. :P

    Anyway, take good care of yourself, and it's time to become a vegetarian for better digestion. :)

    Call me up for meal ok. ;)

  2. And it's always fun to see you drag those bloggers to be your laser victims in your blog LOL.

    I am so happy for you.
    I am right now ,kind of retired,since I am a stay at home mother.Honestly, I feel so blessed
    that Hubby let me do that.
    Really do not understand mothers
    who do not enjoy full time with
    their family but again, I am rather weird!

  4. C'est la vie - I don't expect anyone to like old stuffs but when they are passed on to you, just keep lah. There are many collectors out there!

    Eh hello, where I got drag bloggers to be my laser victims?? I am so sweet and won't harm a fly. Why don't you say the bloggers bully me all the time?

    Shakira - You are truly the blessed one enjoying the luxury comfort at home. I have to slave outside to bring the bacon home.

  5. Fishing is a nice actvity after retirement... LOL...

  6. Retire into a nine-dragon urn. :P

  7. the next gathering shall be at grandma's house! :D :D :D

    i saw absolute vodka in the last pic. kekekekekkekeke...

  8. u really have a huge collection kekeee... and u sound like an expert of fengshui wor, another lilian too?
    after retire i dun want to work liao, i hope i still will b able to walk and travel, then mayb can travel around while waiting my BIGDAY to come :P

  9. Twilight, my hubby ( I remarried ) is an International Chef,an Singaporean American. I always tell him that he is so talented that if he does not cook, people will not be able to truly enjoy their meals and now, with a full promotion, he truly understand what I mean.

    I am sure that YOUR CLIENTS do appreciate your talent and inputs. YOU ARE INVALUABLE and CONTRIBUTING to SOCIETY!

    Hey, You know that WE ALL LOVE YOU,right, TWILIGHT???? You know that WE ONLY BULLY THOSE WE LOVE RIGHT??? lol

  10. hahaha... now we have grandma the dowager of China... collected different kind of Chinaware... :)

    Medie007, there not only Absolute Vodka. Looks like plenty of other type of *ahem* alcohol... ;-)

    Grandma, i don't think i wanna to bring Earl Grey to your house for tea... Let's have Long Island Ice Tea instead ... ;p

  11. OMG! That's my dream too! Let's share and open a store now. I can be the buyer.

  12. How come you didn't link my blog in your blog geh? Sob...sob... :(

  13. i never actually thought of retirement..

    cos i dont plan to live till old hahah..

  14. Waaaaah.... so much antics!! I think you can be a millionaire!

    My retirement plans? Havent really thought about it... perhaps open a PLU Old Folks Home.

  15. never thought of that, writing books b4 dying?

    PS: next time wanna rob ur house LOLz

  16. Chewah chewah bear paw ginseng soup? I'll substitue the bear with rats paws, can or not? :P

    Last pic urns......eeeeeee looks creepy!

  17. Well written and memorised lists.. twilight zone, very smart you!!!
    at least not idiot in my mind!

  18. Wuhoo...wealthy Arabian Prince I am..
    I will consider the Qing yellow bowl with flying colorful.
    Now I know someone who can fight with my dad on keeping those old stuff.

  19. you are still a long way from retiring right? :)

  20. Wah Twilight!! Looks like u r a very rich fella, hw much can those antiques fetch?? Wahhhhh I am mesmerised.

    Eh by the way how come I see Volka behind those vases in the last pic. U guys drink volka from antique vase n cups issit?!!! U guys r dirt rich!!! Just like people who rinse their mouth with shark's fin soup. Kekekekekekeke!!!!! Hahahahahah.

    Nice collection!! Thumbs up.

  21. only those chinaware?? where are all your brass container from your homeland?? sure they are worth lots of money too~~

  22. whatever you do, make sure you don't steamboat and eat prawns and oysters everyday will do.. maybe chapatti will be healthier~~

  23. Interesting posts you have here ... I can see that you put a lot of hard work on your blog. I'm sure I'd visit here more often.
    from ginseng root prices.

  24. i love this post.. talking about retirement, i m in... most of my colleagues around my age do not want to retire as much as i do... only thing holding me back is the pay..once i retire, means no steady income.. and i have to spend within my meagre savings...

  25. oh by the way, i hail from ipoh and my blog is

  26. i think i will be the farmer =p

    if i have those money...i can open my own shops ad.....@.@

  28. good can earn a fortune selling these stuffs! try ebay too!

  29. Bravebear - I used to fish every wknd but stopped after realizing how the fish suffered in my hooks! Maybe rear gold fish for retirement.

    William - LOL... Reminds me of the Nirvana Colambarium at Semenyih where they hold laser shows for the dragon urns. You won't know what I am rambling geh.

    Medie - What Vodka? I have lotsa tonic for you to gulp!

    Happy Go Lucky - Better Walk now and travel now. Dunno how many people could reach retirement age!

  30. Shakira - I look like a boxing bag, so gets bullied online and offline. Sob! Sob!

    TZ - I will serve you Oolong cha and Chinese tonic when you come! Vodka is for me to rinse mouth or spit flames!

    Savante - Now you got me curious to see what you might have in your collection. Come let's open an antique cafe when retired!

    Calvin - Gosh! Don't cry boy, I have linked you again but your name falls to the bottom lah!... I thought you don't read my blogssss anymore geh.

    Takashi - So you wanna die while you still look hard and beautiful? LOL.... Good concept you have!

  31. Pikey - PLU ones? OMG! LOL.... The beds can fill the stadium! Kekekekeke!....

    Vincent - Better rob TZ's house. He is the Prince of Uganda worrrr!... Lots of looted cash, gold and skulls!

    Gratitude - You rats!!! I won't drink you soup!

    Choi! The last urn is ginger pot lah... You can put your ash if you wish.

    Loretta - Me or you idiot?

    KY- I wanna meet your dad! Ask him gimme all his stuffs since you loathe them!

  32. manglish - What long way? I am already a Grandma!! I know you have not graduated yet, so you gotta long way.

    L2 - You want old stuffs? I thought you collect twinks only... Ha ha ha.

    Common S'porean - Come buy my antiques and your currency will get all prices halved! So creative, use vodka to rinse my teeth. LOL..
    I love some and hate some ~ of the antiques. I even threw away many! How silly, regrets now!

    SK Thamby - You bet, I do have much pots and pans too! Come over and let's dance around the pots! Put TZ inside the pot over bonfire and do a'la Ugandan rituals! Whoooaaaa! LOL.

    I don't eat prawns and oysters like our friends do cos Michi will pull my EARS!

  33. George - Thanks for coming over to sell your ginseng links! Hey, how about giving Anton some roots to double boil his Bear's Paw soup!!! Anton, hear that??

    Reanaclaire - Thanks for coming and I have linked your 3 blogs! So free ka, can have luxury time to keep 3 blogs! I wish I can do that too. Grandma will peddle old wares upon retirement!

    fufu - Hire me!!! I wanna be a farmer too! Fresh cow's milk, greens and roots!

    Keo - Yeah come join me and Savante to open shops!

    chrisau - I dare not peddle my wares at eBay! they will break.

  34. haha~ funny!.thank .you for .your ..share.....

  35. looks like i must source for some treasure at my adopted faraway country ........ comment by the sudanese tall dark handsome prince

  36. Wow! That's a nice plan for retirement. Planning on what you will do upon retirement is not very easy. I have to admit, I'm also curious of what will the new owner of the $2 Million Dollar Ducks do?

  37. Haha! LoL! Well, up to this very moment, I still don't any plans laid out for my retirement yet. All I know is that, when I've reached 60 or 70, I just want to relax, think nothing but happy thoughts, or just go senior living and have a great time.