Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pigs Can Fly

It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I was driving into Federal Highway!
I had a blardy shock with my jaws dropped open. 

Guess what?

The traffic was so fucking JAMMED on both sides. Grandma was scratching his sarong contents and cursing as the cars could not move at all. It was a strange thing to happen on a Sunday wor.

So Grandma just drove 0.05kph and the snail beside could move faster than me. I was still wondering whether there was a drastic accident or the flyover collapsed!

Then suddenly hor, I saw something in the sky! UFO?

Strain your blardy eyes! Look closer! What izzit har?

I saw several parachutes coming down!! Whooaaa! A plane must have crashed and all the penumpangs jumped out for their lives!

So I took out my cheapo mobile from in-between my sarong!

One by one, they came down and below almost kissing the roofs of the cars! No wonder lah, all so kay-po-chee watched and screamed!!!!

The gals screamed cos the guy must be a dig dicked Matt Salleh lor.

I was amazed that they all landed on the same spot of TM building! Did they jump off from the plane or tried to commit suicide from the roof top of TM? I wonder anyone knew what happened. You guys must be sleeping, I guess as Bong, Anton and TZ normally only wake up after 12:00 noon on Sundays! KY wakes up at 4:00am not to pray but to hike or run like a monkey! LOL

I bet the traffic in the whole country would be JAMMED if the nude guys jumped down like this. Dunno lah, must ask FuFu whether he jumped BOGEL like this before?


  1. They caused the jam!? Bloody hell!

  2. hahahahha. ei, last weekend i woke up at 8 ler. but not in kl lor. hahahaha

  3. i saw that thing as well.. they really shouldn't do it next to the highway la.. so dangerous ...:(
    but would really like to try geh.. cos i believe that everyone can hardsell..hahaha

  4. Hi Twilight Zone. Long time didn't read your blog already. Did you have a makeover? I mean your blog. Haha!

  5. I don't care whether there are naked people parachuting down but if they cause the traffic jam, I will just hate them! I hate traffic jam!

  6. You wearing sarong on a Sunday morning while driving your car? Yikes! And your mobile is in your sarong? Disgusting! : )

  7. i wake up at 8.30 on sunday mornings to go gym! :)

  8. So no parachuters crash down on your car? Too bad! Haha!

  9. Wow! So nice get to spam your blog once again. Wonder if SK has a new post, want to go over and spam him too. Hehe

  10. it's all the kay-poh-chee who caused the traffic congestion.. and see?? our Arumugam Grandma was watching too!! no wonder it's congestion upon congestion!!

  11. LOL, you never fail to make me laugh eh? Your writing is so hilarious and I guess you must be a laser king of the kings in person. :P Tak berani nak jumpa grandma.

  12. oh, BTW, of course they are all well trained professional parachuters!! they must land on the same spot.. you think like Arumugam running around the bush singing his melodies?? those are talent and no need to train up..

  13. and also, please lah, you can never see BOGEL here.. you can't even see shoulders or hips or cleavage in closed door concerts!! what do you expect in open space??

  14. Twilight,thank you for your post.Hhhmmmm if those guys fly
    without hubby of course!

  15. Actually hor, I REALLY thought you saw PIGS....maybe GHOST PIGS can really fly hor????

  16. wow~ wats the event actually?

  17. I alwiz wondered what Granma's contents wld look like if she ever did that nude jump too, whether a mini-TM tower, a briar bush or juz plain barren?! :P lolz

  18. Sometimes the highway can be jam for no reasons... anticipating a broken car or accidents but sometimes none... not sure if drivers can be driving too slow.

  19. savante - Your new address is jam free! Long live to Mirians!

    Medie007 - That was bcos you were not in KL otherwise you might sleep till tea time!

    Danny - Eh you oso nampak kan? Do they do it every Sunday?

  20. Foong Pak Choy - Welcome! Welcome! We miss your virus!

    Grandma will try to have a make over every fortnight! Will use anti-aging cream for my blogs! LOL

    No one likes traffic jams but KL-hantus dunno how to drive! Are you a hantu or EGG TART? LOL

    Sarong is light, easy and QUICK! just drop it!!!!!

  21. Takashi - What a health freak you are! Anyways i wake up before 7:00am 24/7. Old Grandma need shorter sleep guar.

    SK Thamby - i don't dance round the trees anymore! We do group dance using rain, trains and no brains!

    Ya Ya Ya! I caused more jams coz I stopped to snap photo. Some more I made U-turn and came back to snap again! See the photo directions & you would believe Grandma!

  22. C'est La Vie - What an AYAM you are, so fearful of Grandma! I am toothless and useless oledi. Come and belanja me dinner ok.

    Shakira Choong - There are ghost flying everywhere all the time! That day the ghosts who came down in parachutes had 2 legs, 2 eyes and NO BRAINS!

    Eh so fast you learnt to spam liao. Kena FOONGPC virus kah?

    L2 - What event? Just a stupid Sunday jam session by some idiotic morons! Wish they will land inside the rubbish incinerator next time!

  23. Gratitude - OMG you fucking retarded! Of course you see smooth porcelain piece! Muahahahaha! LOL...

    Pikey - Luckily you extracted your tooth otherwise your gums might bleed in the jams! I @#%$ hate the jams! Which country got no jams?

  24. good heavens. those flying things caused a traffic jam just cuz the driver slowed down to watch? WTFFF LOR REALLY!! KPC to the max!

  25. Aiyo... the jumper is in full clothing... all the people already huha and so excited...

    what if the jumper without clothes... I couldn't imagine... maybe Grandma will stop by and take a picture... then the post title might be NUDE JUMPER or Now Everyone Fly Nude. :p

  26. jump if they must but notlah cause traffic jam

  27. err...... even if you're old, senile, toothless, I guess with the Granny's spirit, you'll still laser people with your last breath - your ass. LOL.

  28. hahahaaaa it seems like u got lots attention from many parties :P
    but seriously i havent have chance to see parachute in real lor kekeee...

  29. yo bro....i am back from krabi...thanks for ur support and visit to my site.

    hahaha.....i think fufu does everything include jump bogel.

    u work at taiwan for how long?

  30. I didn't wake up at 4am for hike last Sunday, but I slept at 4am..hehe.
    BTW, I always think Malaysian is over KPC. Whatever rubbish also can cause trafiic jam.

  31. But if ade nude parachuters, then I don't mind take a look ger. LOL

  32. William - I had to ask Anton what's the meaning of jakunz! LOL.... I think I am one for asking!

    Evann - Malaysian drivers are busy body and I am one! LMAO!! I think I saw accidents in China and the whoke street would be crowded like a betting session going on.

    TZ - Now everyone can fly nude? That must be Air Asia X-RATED booking. LOL

    BengBeng - I think there are no retarded jumpers in Sibu. Otherwise the Ibans would spear them on landing on their long houses!

    C'est la vie - I am so lovely and kind! Come smell my ass and you will be impressed!!!!!!!!!! Pooooooooot!!

    Happy Go Lucky - I sound like a big flirt with untoward attentions ka?? You never seen a parachute? So many Malay weddings used parachutes!

    vialentino - I always support your nuffnang and rants but I seldom see you here. BOYCOTT! hear that?

    KY - You're like a sleeping beauty, always cukup tidur and cukup jamu. Amboi!

  33. bro, the 1st pic shows that u are holding up the traffic driving so slow ... way off from the vehicle in front of u